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Professional Gaming: An Emerging Opportunities for Young India




India has world’s largest youth population currently as more than 50% of its population are below the age of 25. This feat has also contributed in growing gaming market across India. The innovations which are taking place every day by leading gaming brands elevating the ongoing craze. Some of the innovations like Augment Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality have given a magical touch to the traditional gaming. More and more youngsters are taking this as a profession because there is huge opportunity in this Industry. Furthermore, the leading brands organizing the gaming tournaments and camps to motivate such young talent. There are lots of highly paid gaming tournaments for hardcore gamers who are into various games such as counter strike, street fight etc. DT recently interacted with few well-known gamers across India to know more about their opinion and expectations from this industry.

Moving Towards # 1  

There is no doubt about the potential of gaming market in India as the mindset has changed in recent years. As per the current trend, we may see India at top in the gaming industry in years to come. “I think that is a very ambitious statement, but at the same time very possible. In the earlier years this was not possible due to the lack of support and infrastructure, but now it! I would be stoked if that statement actually becomes a reality down the line” commented, Bhavin Kotwani from Entity Gaming.

“It’s about time that India became the #1 gaming nation. I grew up in an orthodox era where gaming was considered a waste of time, energy and effort. To see India rising to be a number 1 gaming nation is nothing short of a surprise to say the very least” added, Sudhanshu from The Fighting Game Community.

“In India, gaming is in a steady growth phase and it will still be a while before it becomes a rage for the whole nation. Nonetheless, the growth is what’s positive and I, as a gamer, couldn’t be happier with this. The exposure that the budding gamers are subjected to nowadays and will receive going forward is something that is very much needed as I know how tough it is to cut it without the aforementioned” said, Sabyasachi Bose from Optic Gaming India.

In a very short note but in an optimistic way, KJ Vignesh from Team LXG eSports Bangalore says, “This makes me very happy. I look forward to the growth of Esports in India.”

Significance of Gaming Bootcamp

“A gaming bootcamp is a place where a team stays together to practice. In other words, it’s a place where the entire team sits together and practices in order to enhance their skillset and at the same time it also creates a bonding between the teammates” says Bhavin Kotwani from Entity Gaming. “It is very important to get the right setup as it hampers your performance a lot. If you don’t have the correct setup you can’t perform to your complete potential. Yes, Brands sometimes do support us with the same, although the support can be much more, they are doing a great job in supporting us events wise.”

“A gaming boot-camp is held for players where they can brainstorm, devise strategies, get match up knowledge and experience while playing a few of their counter-parts. The setup is an integral part of the boot-camp coz it enables the player to get used to tournament pressure and the environment. Proving Grounds had the support of Zowie where they provided their high-end monitors for the tournament while Hyper X provided us with state of the art headsets so we would be focused while playing the game” commented Sudhanshu from The Fighting Game Community.

According to Sabyasachi Bose from Optic Gaming India, “A Gaming bootcamp is a place where all the members of a squad come together to discuss strategies, play out scenarios and strengthen their basics of the game, which in turn helps in building a great camaraderie. It is of utmost importance to provide the players with the adequate setup so as to ensure that they compete at their best possible level. Yes, I have been lucky to be part of teams that have support from premier brands like HyperX, Nvidia and others.”

“A gaming bootcamp is basically a gaming house where an Esports team practices and trains to be a better as a team .It is very important to get the specs right. The refresh rate and the fps matter. Yes, but the number of brands that support us are very few in number right now” concluded KJ Vignesh from Team LXG eSports Bangalore.

Downsides of Today’s Gaming Cafes

Gaming cafes are trending these days and coming up in all areas. This is the first and basic reach of all aspiring gamers. But these cafes need to do lot more to offer great gaming experience to gamers.  “Today many gaming cafes have high end rigs and setups so that is one thing they have worked on, but compared to the gaming cafes outside, there is a lot of difference. Outside gaming cafes are a one stop shop, everything from food to resting areas are available inside the cafes itself, there are sound proof booths to let teams practice in isolation, all of this is missing in India. Sound is the key issue in any gaming café in India that has to be solved by both the gamers and the café owners, apart from that all the above I mentioned can be implemented” added Bhavin Kotwani from Entity Gaming.

“I think the only thing missing in Gaming Cafe’s is the promotion of other genre of video games. I only see gamers playing FPS’s, MOBA which is saddening coz there are untapped games with huge potential present in the market. Boot-camps, different community meets, weekly tournaments to encourage new participation are few of the improvements” said Sudhanshu from The Fighting Game Community.

“Comparing the gaming cafes of nowadays to the ones of the yesteryears when I started playing, change is evident. Any customer now does not have to go with their own peripherals and gaming kit in order to play. However, there are some roads that need to traveled further. One such aspect I’d like to throw light on is security of the peripherals and the presence of CCTVs. I know CCTVs are already prevalent in majority of cafes, but there still are many fully functional gaming parlous without CCTVs, number of which cannot be simply ignored” commented Sabyasachi Bose from Optic Gaming India.

KJ Vignesh from Team LXG eSports Bangalore says, “There is not enough variety of games and most cafes in India are not well equipped with right gear for professional gaming.”

Brand’s Support for Gamers

Brand support is very crucial when it comes to the recognition of the gamers and spreading awareness about connecting new gamers. Gaming brands are very good at providing support to professional gamers as they encourage them to do well and they organize several gaming events for gamers and lots of such things to support them. “Yes, brands to sometimes help, but there is no monetary support till now. Brands help a lot in hosting events which indirectly helps us, but monetary support is something lacking and which would be of great help” said, Bhavin Kotwani from Entity Gaming.

“Off late I’ve seen quite a few brands showing interest in the genre of Fighting Games. HyperX, Zowie, Gigabyte, Red Bull are some of them that want us spread awareness and encourage new members to pick up the game. Resources are a key in getting good at a game. If the aforementioned brands provide adequate resources including sponsorship, it will not only boost the morale of the player, it will also boost his performance to do well at the game” added Sudhanshu from The Fighting Game Community.

“Brands coming in will always help the scene as financial backing, just like in any other walk of life, is extremely necessary. But I take it as an added advantage to improve reach. My primary focus has been to improve my gameplay and develop skills to one day compete globally” commented, Sabyasachi Bose from Optic Gaming India.

“Hardware support and also financial support which helps teams hire a support staff so that we as players can concentrate on getting better at the game alone” stated KJ Vignesh from Team LXG eSports Bangalore.

Advice for Well Being of Gamer’s Community

Professional gaming teams are not growing at a pace as they should grow. The support that should be provided by gaming brands is not enough, only sponsoring the gamers team is not that enough. “Except sponsoring I think the gaming brands should create awareness among the Indian parents. Most of the people still think gaming is gambling or wasting time, that mindset has to be changed and gaming brands can play a crucial role in that. This will help upcoming players to play the game freely and help more professional teams to come forward,” added Bhavin Kotwani from Entity Gaming.

“The Fighting Games genre in India was nearly non-existent a decade ago. Indian Gaming Carnival brought the best in the business when it came to Fighting Games. I personally didn’t even know there was a community called Indian FGC. Slowly and gradually over the last decade or so we’ve built a strong community that has quality players who are passionate about putting India on the map. It’s still a growing community and we’re hoping that by 2019, Capcom ends up noticing us to do CPT tournaments here. Gaming brands in India can support games that are still unexplored like Fighting Games for example. The global community has existed since the early 90’s but in India, it only came into existence post 2008. So, the brands should help upcoming community leaders make a name and mark for themselves and their game said,” Sudhanshu from The Fighting Game Community.

“Off the top of my head, Practice is the key. Workshops are a thing prevalent in almost every industry, but that practice is drab when it comes to gaming. In my view, workshops give budding gamers exposure and allows the newbies to meet with the already established pros. Learning from them and maybe even just talking to those vastly experienced players will motivate them to strive hard to be like them in the future,” stated Sabyasachi Bose from Optic Gaming India.

According to KJ Vignesh from Team LXG eSports Bangalore, “We should get access to global events through Indian qualifiers for some tournaments. We should also get all opportunity to learn new skills from a professional player/ coach.”

Boost Product Quality & Service Support 

“My advice to them in terms of Service would to be open more service centers (There are very few of them), provide a service where they can pick up the component needed to be exchanged/ repaired and drop it off again, for a certain cost. I also think they can improve in terms of pricing certain goods to target audience, because it should not be necessary to pay a premium to get the best quality goods, everyone cannot afford that,” stated Bhavin Kotwani from Entity Gaming.

“Not to compromise with the quality of the product. Be it a mouse pad or a headset, companies should strive to provide comfort without compromising on the quality aspect of it. Budget and Enthusiast gamers look for the eye candy appeal as well as performance of the product. They don’t mind paying extra if the overall feel of the product is superior. Having paid a premium, they expect premium service as well which at times is denied or leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth. Companies should really focus on after sales support bcoz a happy customer is a repeated customer and his word of mouth can either make it or break it for that brand,” added Sudhanshu from The Fighting Game Community.

“We gamers like things done fast and are used to speed. My only advice would be to establish a quicker flow of customer support. It takes a week or a fortnight to sometimes get the problems remedied despite the warranty, thereby bringing the entire process and flow to an abrupt and unwanted halt,” said Sabyasachi Bose from Optic Gaming India.

KJ Vignesh from Team LXG eSports Bangalore commented “I wish brands could educate the customer/gamer for making the right decision about their PC configuration based on their requirement. They should not look to just make quick profit by selling products only.”

Dream Machine for Gaming

Talking about the dream machine that he wants for playing heavy games, Bhavin Kotwani from Entity Gaming tells, “Well my dream gaming Machine would be any machine which would give me 500+ fps constantly with a 240hz Monitor with the cabinet having an Iron Man theme!”

“An i7 extreme edition processor with G Skill Trident RGB 128 Gb RAM, Asus Maximus Motherboard, Asus Xonar Sound Card, Samsung EVO 1Tb NVME drive with 10TB of additional storage provided by Western Digital or Seagate, custom water cooled by Swiftech, in a Cooler Master MasterCase with side panel made of tempered glass that can house 2 GTX 1080Ti’s in SLI. For peripherals, I’d like two 28″ Acer Predator XB1’s. Don’t really care about keyboards and mice. Any combo from CM or Corsair should be ideal. Not to mention, Hyper X Cloud II headset with a Logitech Z906 5.1 system,” added Sudhanshu from The Fighting Game Community.

“I want my dream machine to be a powerful beast to play any games that release even after 10 years. That would mean a 1080ti card with a DDR4 system and maybe subtle RGB lights and premium peripherals,” commented Sabyasachi Bose from Optic Gaming India.

HyperX Boosting the Professional Gamers Through its  Initiatives Towards Growth of Indian Gaming Market

Gaming is an Art of winning, studied by Science for improvements and supported by Commerce for stability. Even if this is a good looking statement, not many brands are able to implement what they understand from it. Away from the crowded marketing hype, HyperX has been the brand known for its high impact engagements with the gaming communities globally. The icing on the cake are their high quality gaming products that most professional eSports atheletes prefer.

Over the years, HyperX has grown to encompass multiple product lines including headsets, mechanical keyboards and high quality mice for gaming. From setting memory world records to achieving the most stringent product certifications, HyperX is still committed to delivering reliable products with the highest performance standards. Apart from producing exceptional hardware, the brand has taken conscious efforts to improve the eSports environment in India. What we know of is their 3 tier approach to Indian gaming, where they touch base with Gamers directly, help build Professional Platforms for them to compete on and help an array of Avenues (gaming cafes) for them Practice their skills. Such a dedicated approach definitely brings a smile to gamers as HyperX also runs campaigns to educate parents about the future in eSports. They motivate initiatives that lead to a better gaming culture in the country.

Indian gaming, like many have published already, may not be big enough to motivate business decisions. But it will be interesting to see how effective HyperX is with its plans with ecosystem brands to develop this under developed industry. They believe in the potential that this rapidly growing youngest economy has in store. Being one of the top gaming peripheral manufacturers in the country, the brand bolsters multiple projects and campaigns which are aimed at building a comprehensive ecosystem to facilitate growth of the gamers in India.

One of the key factors is impacting the growth of the gaming industry in India is support. This is a rare element that can be from brands and the community itself to motivate, to compete and to grow. Therefore, with an aim of integrating the fragmented communities, HyperX took conscious efforts and made focused investments to provide a direction to the potential that India has to offer. Since earlier investments were diverse, since 2014 they started building a strong gaming community in India by working with gaming cafes.

HyperX has been instrumental in popularizing competitive gaming in the country through its exclusive license partnerships with ESL and has played pivotal role in changing the E-sports gaming scenario in India. They are working with not just gaming brands but also the non-endemic brands to conduct various initiatives and improve the gaming culture in our country. HyperX takes immense pride in supporting emerging gamers and continue to empower gaming communities in every possible way. They believe that other endemic brands should also come forward and join hands in reinforcing the gaming culture in the country which will eventually help gaming industry to grow and sustain over a long time.

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COROS Wearables Appointed OSS Infocom as Its Authorized Distributor for India





OSS Infocom partnered with COROS Wearables. OSS has been appointed as the exclusive importer and authorized distributor of COROS GPS watches and accessories nationwide. With this partnership, OSS Infocom will represent the brand in India. Recently, COROS watches have received a number of awards including Gear of the Year from Runner’s World 2020.   

A”​s someone who is personally passionate about both climbing and trail running and who aspires to train for big mountain expeditions, I could not be more excited to bring COROS sports watches to those in India who share my love for the outdoors. COROS watches are the longest lasting, most powerful and incredible GPS watches ever built and will make adventures more efficient and enjoyable for all explorers​.” said ​Lewis Wu, CEO of COROS Wearables​.

The COROS GPS watch line-up includes the COROS PACE 2 – the lightest GPS watch ever made,

2019 Runner’s World Gear of the Year award winner COROS APEX, and the flagship COROS VERTIX GPS Adventure watch all of which include wrist based optical Heart Rate sensors. COROS Wearables is the first brand of GPS watches to include native and complete integration with Stryd running power meters.       

The COROS App and training platform extension includes full daily / weekly / monthly training

plans, including verified training programs and workouts from elite athletes and coaches which can be downloaded from and synced to your COROS GPS watch.             

COROS boasts an incredible group of professional athletes including World Marathon Record Holder Eliud Kipchoge. In addition to the individual sponsorship of Kipchoge, COROS is also the official GPS Watch partner of the NN Running team which includes some of the top track and road runners in the world.

“We are extremely happy and delighted to bring COROS premium GPS sports watches to the adventure and sports enthusiasts of India. With this exclusive partnership, COROS is now able to provide its line-up of award winning GPS watches to users throughout India. With the addition of COROS smart watches, OSS Infocom will reinforce its commitment to helping its active customers accurately monitor t​heir running, cycling, track and swimming workouts as well as many more outdoor ​adventure sports​” ​said ​Mr. Amit Sinsinwal, Director of OSS Infocom

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Celebrate This Valentine’s Day with ‘Valentine’s Day Store’ on Amazon





As the season of love of sets in, express your love and care with thoughtful gifting options from’s ‘Valentine’s Day Store’. The specially curated store brings a wide selection of products ranging from fresh flowers, gifting essentials, electronics, home décor, kitchen appliances, fashion and beauty essentials, large appliances, smartphones, accessories, Amazon Devices and much more. 

Whether shopping for  traditional gift options like fresh flowers, cards and chocolates or planning to setup the perfect date night at home, the ‘Valentine’s Day Store’  on is designed to address all your unique gifting needs to make your celebrations extra special. Customers can choose products from a host of leading brands such as Bombay Shaving Company, Cadbury, Floralbay, Xiaomi, Fossil, Raymond, Vero Moda, Lavie, Max Fashion, RIVER, HP, OnePlus, Samsung, Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials, Maybelline, Lakme, Plum Goodness, Revlon, Lenovo, Sony, TCL, LG, Amazfit, Fujifilm, boAt, JBL, eCraft, Home Centre, Yonex and more.

As Valentine’s Day celebrations may be different this year, there are still many great options to surprise your loved ones this season from the comfort of your home, especially with Prime’s fast delivery options. 18 to 24 year old customers can get 50% off on their Prime membership through choice of two plans this Valentine’s Day. Customers can avail this offer by signing up for Prime and verify their age to instantly receive 50% cashback.

Look your best this Valentine’s Day and celebrate ‘Super Valentines’ by shopping from a range of gift boxes featuring personal care products for men & women from Bombay Shaving Company on Choose from a variety of products that are non-toxic, dermatologically tested, made with premium Indian superfoods & super beneficial ingredients. Enjoy up to 35% off on the amazing range of gifts for him & her from the Bombay Shaving Company here.

Here are some products customers can choose from on’s Valentine’s Day Store with offers and deals from sellers.

Make that first impression with these great gift ideas 

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Valentines Heart Shaped Gift Box: Surprise your valentine with smooth and creamy silk treats packed in a beautifully designed pack. The classic taste of tiny silk treats offers you a reason to express your love. Indulge in the premium chocolate delicacy, available for INR 617.
  • Floralbay Special Basket Arrangement Mix Roses Fresh Flowers: You can never go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers to gift to your partner. The basket arrangement comes with 15 Mix Fresh Roses, get it for INR 588. 
  • Crack of Dawn Crafts 3 Layered Loving Explosion Box with Couples Truth or Dare: A romantic explosion box is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s with your loved one. Get to know your partner better with the explosion box. It is available for INR 399. 
  • EMUTZ Polyester Very Soft Lovable/Huggable Teddy Bear with Neck Bow: Gift this soft, smooth and cuddly teddy bear to your loved one. It is made of non-toxic polyester and fur fabrics and you can never go wrong with soft toy as gifting option. It is available for INR 399.

Choose these amazing gifts to celebrate being in love

  • Chocozone Couple Hug Resin Showpiece Couple Miniatures Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend: Gift these couple miniatures to your partner to express your love more affectionately. It comes in super quality and is made of resin, get it for INR 349.
  • Decor Production Valentine Theme Printed Coffee Mug 330 ml: Enjoy your beverages together with this smooth glossy finish quality mug. These Mugs are specially designed to make a perfect gift for your loved one and will add special element to your décor as well. It is available for INR 249.
  • Indigifts Valentine Day Gift I Love You Forever Quote Red Cushion Filler 12×12 inches with Cover: The cute valentine themed designed cushion filler with cover is a great gift to give and will surely bring a wide smile to your lover’s face. It is compact, convenient and easy to use, get it for INR 299.

Stay connected and capture your favorite memories with these latest Smartphones 

  • Redmi 9 Power: The Redmi Note 9 comes with an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor. It hosts a 6000mAH battery and 18W charging support that will allow you to consume your favorite content for hours. It comes with 48 MP Quad Rear camera setup along with 8 MP front camera. Gift your loved ones the Redmi 9 Power from available at INR 10,999. 
  • OnePlus 8T 5G: OnePlus 8T 5G comes loaded with 2.86GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Octa-core processor with Adreno 650GPU, 5G connectivity, 120Hz fluid AMOLED display and much more. With the popular Oxygen OS based Android v11 operating system, the 4500 mAH lithium-polymer battery is designed to go all day. 8GB and 12GB RAM variants makes sure the smartphones never compromise on anything. Get this beast on for INR 45,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy M02s: Samsung Galaxy M02s Infinity display provides truly immersive viewing experience by maximized screen size. It is ideal for gaming, watching videos, multi-tasking/browsing and more as it comes with massive 5000 mAh battery to conquer all activities non-stop. It is available for INR 9,999.

Gift your loved ones these amazing gadgets 

  • HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX 15.6-inch Laptop: With up to 4 cores of pure processing power, the intel i5 – 9300H processor coupled with 8GB DDR4 RAM, the HP Pavilion gaming is pure power which brings you the ultimate gaming experience. Get an amazon gaming experience for INR 59,990.
  • New Apple Watch SE (GPS, 44mm) – Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band: Get the premium experience with Apple Watch that comes with an expansive Retina display. It will help you remain connected with your partner when you are on the go and will track your daily activities to help you stay fit. Gift this watch to make your partner feel good and is available for INR 32,900.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 comes with Immersive Display and with symmetric bezel for an uninterrupted visual experience for gaming, watching videos, multi-tasking and more. Engineered for long-lasting performance with 7,040 mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 delivers, powerful, smooth processing in a stylish, light design. Get this beauty for INR 17,999.
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Dazzle up your wardrobe with Amazon Fashion

  • Fossil Stella Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch: This analog rose gold dial watch by Fossil is a stylish and elegant timepiece for everyday use. Add a touch of elegance to your everyday wear with this accessory for INR 7,995 available on Amazon Fashion. 
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Must have Make-up and Beauty essentials 

  • Bombay Shaving Company 5-in-1 Skincare Valentine’s Day Gift Pack: Get the best of all-round grooming with the Bombay Shaving grooming combo. The activated charcoal is enhanced by ingredients like papaya, pomegranate, tea tree & aloe vera to give you a wholesome, deep cleansing experience. Use our face wash, face scrub, face pack, peel-off mask & face sheet mask for the ideal festival of lights glow. It is available for INR 549.
  • Forest Essentials Gift Box: For the season of love, get your hands on this elegantly packed Forest Essentials gift box for your partner. This box contains a honey lemon rosewater facial cleanser, aloe vera and sandalwood sunscreen lotion, Kashmiri walnut gel facial scrub, narangi glaze luscious lip balm. It is available for INR 1,625 on Amazon Beauty.
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  • SERY Makeup Pouch:Get your hands on this easy to carry makeup essentials kit from SERY, it is perfect for your last moment make-up fixes while you are on the go. The pouch consists of an intense black kajal, a voluminous mascara and a golden eyeshadow stick. This kit is available on Amazon Beauty for INR 987.
  • Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick: The Maybelline SuperStay matte ink liquid lipstick gives you a flawless matte finish and stays on for up to 16 hours. The formula is intensely pigmented and does not dry your lips. It is available on Amazon Beauty for INR 455.

Express your love with these Amazon Devices

  • Echo Dot (4th Gen): Our most popular smart speaker now comes in a refreshed, spherical compact design that fits perfectly into any room. You can stream millions of songs, get news, trivia, weather, kids stories and more by just asking Alexa. You can also get started with smart home- just use your voice to control lights, ACs, TVs, geysers, and more. Get this smart speaker with improved bass and Alexa from for INR 4,499.
  • All-new Fire TV Stick Lite: Spend quality time together by watching tens of thousands of movies and shows on the All-new Fire TV Stick Lite which is available for INR 2,999. With our most affordable Fire TV Stick, enjoy fast streaming in Full HD and Alexa Voice Remote Lite.  
  • Kindle (10th Gen): Perfect gift for all the bookworms, the All-new Kindle comes with a built-in adjustable front light so you can read indoors and outdoors and at more times of the day. With a glare-free touchscreen display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight, you can now discover great reads and Kindle exclusives at just INR 7,999. 

Perfect Gifts for Him & Her

  • IKONIC BLAZE BLACK HAIR DRYER: A girl is always in need of a hairdryer. Get the IKONIC Blaze hair dryer as it comes with a comfortable long lengthened cord. It provides the hair with daily shine and luster, you cannot go wrong in gifting this to your partner. It is available for INR 1,950.
  • Philips BT3211/15 corded & cordless Beard Trimmer with Fast Charge: The Philips trimmer captures low lying hair for efficient, even trimming results, so you can easily achieve the 3-day stubble, short beard or long beard look you want, making it the perfect look for date night. Easy to use and built to last and with its innovative Lift and Trim system, the new trimmers last longer. It is available for INR 1,705. 

Make the perfect date night at the comfort of your home with these party essentials

  • Pop the Party Heart Hanging Garland Party Decoration 4 Pack: Red color Heart garland banners are the perfect way to decorate any Valentine’s party. They add the romantic essence to your intimidate dinner with your loved ones. Get it for INR 499. 
  • SOI ® (Pack of 31) Love Letter Red Foil with HD Metallic Balloons: The love balloons are a must for your valentine’s day décor. They add fun element to the décor and is available for INR 275. 
  • Borosil – Glass Mixing Bowl with lid – Set of 2, 500 ML, Oven and Microwave Safe: These Borosil Mixing Bowl with Lid set is an ideal solution for storing food items in a clean and hygienic way. It adds the right amount of style to your kitchen and dining table, whether used as a storage container or for serving your favourite recipes. Use it for mixing salads, stirring batter and countless other tasks. 
  • Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill: Bake the perfect cake for your partner this Valentine’s Day. With its Optic Temp Technology for healthy homemade cooking, Philips OTG is enabled with 10 customized one touch present menus and programmed with Optic Temp technology for healthy and joyful cooking. It is available for INR 7,650.

Buy unique products from Indian Small Businesses

  • Rage I Love You to The Moon Signature Chocolate Bar, 0.90 Grams: Made from the finest imported ingredients this bar is sure to appease. This delicious bar is sure to guarantee happiness and the premium luxury chocolate is ideal for gifting. It is available for INR 299.
  • MC SID RAZZ Harry Potter Hogwarts 9 3/4 Daily Planner, Schedule Your Day: Help your partner achieve his goals and visisons with this daily planner that features a gratitude list column that lets you write gratitude’s for the day to help elevate your state of mind and promote a positive mood. It is available for INR 299.

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Xiaomi Sees Record-breaking Sale of Its Mi 10i 5G in India





Mi India announced that recently launched Mi 10i 5G crossed gross sale worth over INR 400 crores*. The bestselling smartphone Mi 10i 5G went on sale for the first time exclusively on 7th January 2021 and has registered blockbuster sales within three weeks of its launch. Mi10i 5G is also one of the most searched smartphones in January 2021 as per Google Report. 

Completing the Mi 10 series portfolio, Mi 10i 5G offers the revolutionary 108MP camera, 120Hz Intelligent AdaptiveSync display,  Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 750G 5G processor, 4,820mAh long-lasting battery and a refreshing new design. The device is the perfect amalgamation of latest technology and premium finesse. 

Commenting on the milestone, Mr. Manu Kumar Jain, mentioned, “With the launch of Mi 10i 5G, our aim was to deliver future proof technology and a perfect flagship experience. The response received during the first few weeks is a testimony to customers appreciating a 10 on 10 smartphone which combines a stellar camera setup featuring the 108MP primary camera along with class leading performance through  Snapdragon™ 750G. As we continue to build the Mi Brand in India, we will focus on offering the latest and the best technology to our Mi Fans.”

Launched as the first device of this decade, Mi 10i 5G integrates the best of both hardware and software giving a seamless user experience. Within the first few weeks of the launch, the device was listed as the best seller on Amazon.  Mi 10i 5G brings all the essentials together for the power users. It reads as a perfect package in the mid-premium segment with features such as:

  • ISOCELL HM2 108MP primary camera sensor with 9-in-1pixel binning technology
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 750G processor 
  • ISRO’s indigenous navigation system, NavIC integrated 
  • Hands free experience to multiple voice assistants simultaneously (OTA update to be out soon).

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Every year, consumers across India wait for Amazon Prime Day sale. This year also Amazon prime day sale is set...

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Top 5 Smartphones to Buy During Amazon Prime Day Sale

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Best Smartphones to Buy on Flipkart Big Savings Days

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Grab The Best 5G Smartphones Under 15K on Amazon Prime Day

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Best 5 Wireless Earphones to Buy Under 5000

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Top 5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers to Buy Under Rs. 2000

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Top 5 5G Smartphones Under 20K

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