Honor Slashes Price of Tablets and Wearables

Honor Slashes Price of Tablets and Wearables

HONOR announced exciting new prices for its top selling Tablets and Wearables in India. For those who have been looking forward to get their hands on to the popular HONOR Tablets and Wearables, the products will be sold at a more affordable price now. Available on Amazon and Flipkart, the price of HONOR Tablets (MediaPad T3 10 and Pad 5 series) and the latest HONOR MagicWatch 2 will start from INR 10,999, while the HONOR Band 5 will be sold at INR 2,199 and the HONOR Band 5i at INR 1,799 for the consumers.

Spending time indoors is the new normal these days. Everyone is managing WFH (Work from Home) alongside taking care of their children's SFH (Study from Home), focus on Family's Health, In-House Entertainment amongst other tasks. Taking a cue from this and further to cater to the evolving needs of the consumers, HONOR India decided to revise the prices of their Tablets and Wearables making them more affordable for the Indian customers. These HONOR Tablets are immensely popular amongst parents and children, primarily as their intelligent study-mate and source of quality entertainment, while the Wearables are known for providing top class health and fitness tracking to its users.

The HONOR Pad 5 series is the perfect and intelligent companion for parents and children alike, as the schools are going digital and the children are attending online classrooms these days. Video conferencing, downloading homework and assignments, browsing through information on the internet, etc. and even their entertainment would become simpler and seamless for the children while using the HONOR Tablets. The HONOR Pad 5 with 25.6 cm (10.1-in) and 20.3 cm (8-in) FHD display offers the best viewing experience. Coming to the audio experience, the HONOR Pad 5 in 25.6 cm (10.1-in) variant boasts of Dual Stereo Speakers with Harman Kardon Tuning and, the 20.3 cm (8-in) variant features Dual Stereo Speakers with Dolby Atmos Sound.

Featuring dedicated Children Friendly Content, Fingerprint Access (on the 10.1-in variant) and Enhanced Eye Care Modes (Blue Ray Filter, Distance Control Notifications, Posture Guidance, Usage Time Management), the HONOR Pad 5 ensures that kids get safe and uninterrupted learning experience. The 5,100mAh battery in the HONOR Pad 5 and 4,800mAh in the HONOR MediaPad T3, further improves the deal for the parents, while promising an uninterrupted study sessions for their kids, without having to rush for charging the device in every few hours.

When staying at home, it's essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle including proper diet, sleep and exercise to stay active throughout the day. The popular HONOR Wearables – HONOR MagicWatch 2, HONOR Band 5 and HONOR Band 5i are reliable health and fitness tracking companions, designed keeping in mind the varied health and fitness needs of the consumers. These Wearables can closely monitor your health and workout performance, and even provide recommendations on how to meet your goals and improve your performance.

HONOR Wearables help track sleep quality and can diagnose six different sleep disorders, which helps us to stay fit and healthy along with the SpO2 feature, which helps in monitoring the oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream while assessing how your body is adapting during workouts or at high altitudes. Additionally, these smartwatches and bands bring 24×7 Heart Rate Monitoring, tracking various indoor and outdoor fitness/ exercises, 5ATM Water Resistance, Multiple Watch Faces Store and other smart features such as Call Notifications and Rejection, Find My Phone, Push Notifications, Weather, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer and a lot more. HONOR MagicWatch 2, additionally, features Stress Monitor, Wireless Music Playback and Built-In Storage, Personalized Watch Faces, Bluetooth Calling (only available on 46mm variant) and supports longer battery Life.

HONOR Tablets & Wearable Revised Price Chart

HONOR MediaPad T3 1024.3 cm


Luxurious Gold2GB + 16GB15,99910,999
3GB + 32GB17,99911,999
HONOR Pad 520.3 cm


Glacial Blue3GB + 32GB19,99913,999
4GB + 64GB20,99915,999
25.6 cm (10.1-in)Glacial Blue3GB + 32GB20,99915,999
4GB + 64GB22,99918,999
HONOR Band 52.4 cm


Meteorite Black2,9992,199
Midnight Navy
Olive Green
Coral Pink
HONOR Band 5i2.4cm


Meteorite Black2,9991,799
Olive Green
Coral Pink
HONOR MagicWatch 24.2cm (42mm)Agate Black4GB13,99910,999
4.6cm (46mm)Charcoal Black4GB14,99911,999
Flax Brown4GB15,99913,999
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