MSI Sponsors Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP eSport Team

MSI Sponsors Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP eSport Team

MSI announced the partnership with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP eSport Team!MSI's innovative products with high performance in the eSport industry are unanimously endorsed by gamers, which makes MSI become a world leading gaming brand; Yamaha motorcycles' high speed and extreme performance on the race track inspire people, which creates a position for Yamaha, the most valuable motorcycle brand in the world. On the basis of similar core values and principles within their own fields, MSI and Yamaha decided to establish this partnership.

MSI sponsored the eSport team a full range of high-end gaming products and accessories to provide their eSport riders with tougher and suitable equipment for their daily training, and then sought more opportunities for cooperation and brand exposure in various activities and race tracks.

"MSI and Yamaha's common pursuit of performance, speed, and experience derives from passion and craftsmanship, which creates a driving force to lead the eSports riders to victory between the virtual and real world. The partnership between MSI and Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP eSport Team is an unprecedented occasion, and it's also the best chance to boost brand awareness to a new level following our brand recognized by gamers in the eSports industry," said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

William Favero, Marketing & Communications Manager at Yamaha Motor Racing & Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, says, "We are thrilled to be in a partnership with MSI Gaming, a world-leading gaming brand who's passion for high-tech innovation in developing top-level gaming hardware has been in evidence for over more than three decades." 

"Though MotoGP eSport is still relatively new, Yamaha Motor Racing is playing a leading role. We were the first team to sign a dedicated eSports rider and are the most active MotoGP team when it comes to MotoGP eSport. However, even the most skilled gamers will be hindered by lacking technology, so the importance of good hardware was underlined even further," he said.

"MSI's desktops and laptops are the perfect gear to provide our riders the best chance to fight for the MotoGP eSport title honours in the Global Series and Rising Star Championship respectively," Favero said.

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