Ant Play Launches its Professional Services Launched, Check Details

Ant Play Launches its Professional Services Launched, Check Details

Last year Ant Play launched a cloud based gaming platform that turns any smart device into a gaming PC has also revealed its AntPlay Professional services which is the most affordable vGPU Compute service in the existing Graphics Compute market in India. 

This service will provide high end workstation grade experience via leveraging cloud services. Ant Play Professional provides the infrastructure to carry out AI Inferencing Solutions for Industrial Environments, Harness the full potential of your GPU infrastructure for AI workloads, and offering high performance desktop PCs and laptops for creative professionals.  

Ant Play Professional provides state of the art infrastructure offering dedicated NVDIA RTX and NVIDIA Ampere Architecture GPU with VRAM up to 48 GB.

"We know that due to COVID & Silicon Fabrication Shortage the price of GPUs have sky rocketed. Hence, Our mission is to make Costly GPU Compute available to the Masses. AntPlay Profession brings new Disruption in GPU Compute Market, while tremendously lowing down Cost of Ownership. said Himanshu Jain, Founder, Ant Play. 

Ant Play Professional is live and one can buy a plan of their choice from their official website. Once a purchase is made a unique user ID and password would be sent to the registered email address within 24 hours post which they can start using their cloud workstation.

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