ViewSonic Brings Two New Lamp Free LED Projectors with Excellent Features

ViewSonic Brings Two New Lamp Free LED Projectors with Excellent Features

ViewSonic Corp launched its Lamp Free LED Projectors LS500WHP and LS550WHE. Introducing 3rd generation LED technology in the industry, the projectors are endorsed with high brightness and vibrant colour offering upto 3500 ANSI Lumens and 125% Rec.709 wide color gamut.  

Pioneering LED technology for projection, ViewSonic is adopting Lamp free LED projectors. A shift toward this technology is becoming widely prevalent in visual products and solutions. Powered with better brightness, the LED technology possesses more efficiency, reliability, durability, and long-lasting. Additionally, the lifespan becomes 4-10 times more compared to the traditional lamp projector offering 30,000 hours, eliminating the need for lamp replacement and further reducing ongoing maintenance requirements. It also possesses low power consumption, which makes them more energy efficient. Hence, together it brings products cost-effectively, and the cost of ownership remains low. LED technology has been beneficial and promotes a greener and safe environment.

Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India, said, "We at ViewSonic have reached a new milestone by becoming the number one LED projector brand in India and the world's number two LED projector brand. Developing our products based on consumer preference, advanced technology and industry trends, we enrich ourselves to create innovative and user-friendly products. The newly launched projectors are affordable, offer minimal maintenance, are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, and have less power consumption. Being environment friendly, our latest projectors are embedded with high brightness and contrast performance, giving true-to-life visuals with no compromise in the quality. Adopting industry-leading 3rd generation LED technology, we aim to provide comprehensive LED projector solutions to our customers across all segments."

The newly launched Lamp Free LED Projectors LS500WHP and LS550WHE offer 3500 and 3000 ANSI Lumens, respectively, leveraging high brightness and vibrant colour gamut. To get rid of toxic mercury and frequent lamp replacements, the projectors are equipped with advanced 3rd generation LED technology, offering a 30,000-hour long lifespan with consistent brightness over time. Being a lamp-free WXGA projector, both the products benefit the business and education sector. With efficient instant power on/off, the newly launched projectors effortlessly give light to your presentations. Embedded with 360° tilt angle projection, it enhances flexible setup in small-to-medium-sized meeting rooms/classrooms. Adopting ams OSRAM's Ostar Projection Power LED technology, the projectors save nearly 50% more energy than competing lamp-based projectors.

Keeping its efficiency at par with the latest technology, the newly launched products are equipped with 125% Rec.709 color coverage, delivering true-to-life visuals with high contrast performance. It also produces jaw-dropping, cinematic colour similar to a movie theatre with Cinema SuperColor+ Technology. In addition, one of the unique features of the projectors is the Sealed Optical Engine with IP5X, which helps maintain crystal-clear image quality and product longevity, preventing dust from entering and affecting the thermal system.

The LS550WHE projector has a 0.49 short throw projection giving users 100" from only 1.06m distance when positioning the projector. Additionally, it will allow presenters to stay clear of the projector beam, eliminating eye glare and shadows on the projection screen. Enhancing the viewing experience, the newly launched product is equipped with Horizontal and Vertical Keystone correction. Also, its four corner adjustment features give a perfectly proportioned picture every time.

Mr. Ahmad also added, "The commercial and education sector is observing high demand for efficient and quality projectors. We are expanding our LED projector line-up into business and education sectors. Catering to these sectors, we evolved our newly launched projectors, making both compatible with the requirement of hi-tech classes. Additionally, with a vivid gamut of colours and pictures, the visual appearance will excite students and build quick engagement. In the corporate sector, it brings a feel to the presentation, with quality and efficiency at the core. Moreover, the newly launched projectors LS500WHP and LS550WHE come with a three-year warranty."  

The company also offers LED technology in their X and M series projectors, which the consumers have widely appreciated and are used for home theatre setup. Similarly, being a game-changer for the commercial projector market, the recently launched projectors also offer greener and safer solutions. These user-friendly, Lamp Free LED Projectors LS500WHP and LS550WHE are available for INR 72000 and INR 85000, respectively.

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