Sonodyne Launches Antara: Experience True Sound Anywhere

Sonodyne Launches Antara: Experience True Sound Anywhere

Started by IITian Ashoke Mukherjee in 1970, Sonodyne has been passionate about innovation for over 50 years. With R&D and manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and Kolkata, we offer premium solutions for professional and residential audio. Our sonic signature has been critically acclaimed by sound engineers, globally. 

The new Antara has maintained this sonic signature in an enclosure that delivers impressive SPL and low frequency and yet is compact. To make it portable, a hefty battery has been packed to provide 12 hours of play time. The battery level can be checked on your smartphone when paired to the Antara via Bluetooth. The Antara-1 delivers big sound out of a small box. To achieve this, special drivers have been designed and DSP technology has been used to get the acoustic performance right. 

Using two 2 ½” subwoofers and two dome tweeters, Antara provides true stereo reproduction. To assist the woofers in reproducing lows, two 2 ½” high-compliance passive radiators on either side of the enclosure have been employed. A powerful high efficiency 40 watt Class D amplifier drives the transducers. To charge the built-in battery, a high current USB charger is required. So as not to compromise the charging time, a suitable charger has been included along with a high current USB cable with the product. Since the charger is 5V USB type, you can also use a suitable power bank when you do not have access to mains power.

Antara uses the latest Bluetooth 5.4 version. In addition to Bluetooth input, the Antara also has an analogue line input via a 3.5mm phone socket and a USB port where you can plug in a USB drive to play audio files, making it a versatile music player. There is even an audio output that can be connected to a powered subwoofer to get the extra lows. You can also pair one Antara to another Antara in Duet mode for a louder and more expansive sound.

Whether you are at home or on the go, Antara promises a true sonic adventure unmatched in its class. 

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