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Realme Unveils New Full HD Smart TV and TWS Earbuds

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Realme showcased its bold foresight of ‘Dare to Leap’ with the launch of new realme Smart TV Full HD 32” and realme Buds Q2, strengthening realme’s positioning in the Tech-Lifestyle segment. realme Smart TV Full HD 32” will provide users an ultimate viewing experience, where they will be able to feel the amazing impact of each frame and will be able to watch a more detailed picture with richer colours. The all new realme Buds Q2 supports Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a function that’s only seen in high-end flagship earbuds and headphones through which users will be able to immerse themselves in music or work without being disturbed.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Madhav Sheth, Vice President, realme and Chief Executive Officer, realme India and Europe said, “Today, users demand the best technology experience, whether it’s smart hearables, or Smart TVs, an experience that comes without any compromise. With the launch of the new Smart TV Full HD 32” users can appreciate a true flagship cinematic experience with best-in-class audio and visual quality. The first range of realme Smart TV 32” was a huge success and we are hoping our customers will show the same affection to the new Smart TV Full HD 32”. Also, with the launch of realme Buds Q2, users will be able to experience Active Noise Cancellation, a function that’s only seen in high-end flagship earbuds and headphones. These products reiterate realme’s commitment of providing our users with the high-performing tech lifestyles product that they seek, as well as best-in-class technology to create smart, free, trendsetting, and connected lifestyles.”

Key highlights: realme Smart TV Full HD 32”

Ultra Bright FHD Display

realme Smart TV FHD has an ultra-bright FHD display and a resolution of 1920*1080. HD standard definition resolution is 1366*768, FHD is the upgraded edition of HD. This gives an ultimate viewing experience that can offer 16.7 million colors and has an ultra-wide gamut, up to 85% NTSC. The richer color display can give consumers an advanced viewing experience with more details and colours. realme Smart TV FHD 32” continues the powerful Chroma Boost function on realme images, which restores real details, brightness and colours close to the human eye and polishes them through the algorithm engine’s unique human vision model.

Chroma Boost makes the picture more layered, more vibrant and the visual experience more vivid, realistic and natural. realme Smart TV FHD 32” is equipped with a premium bezel-less design with bezels as thin as 8.7mm, giving the users an immersive viewing experience. This kind of design is seldom used in this price range.  realme Smart TV 32” FHD has 7 display modes: Standard, Vivid, Sport, Movie, Game, Energy Saving and User-defined. Standard mode is the best balance of picture quality, brightness, and energy consumption. 

24W Quad Stereo Speakers with Dolby Atmos® immersive audio

Realme Smart TV FHD 32” features a total of 4 (2 sets) of speaker units with a total power of upto 24W. Each set of speaker units (size: 120 x 47 x 42.5mm) includes a full frequency speaker, using rubber edge plus composite paper vertebrae, dynamic ring-driven speaker structure design, can fully expand the bass frequency, highlighting the natural vocals, a separate high-pitched unit, high-pitched unit using the ball top silk film and piezoelectric drive speaker structure design, and can fully expand the high-frequency width. And the use of two-tone road assembly, guide box design, to further enhance the potential of low-frequency. The realme Smart TV FHD has a wider frequency response range and has absolute advantages in low and high-frequency bands. In conjunction with the actual hearing test, realme Smart TV speakers have a clearer, layered, and richer sense of sound at high frequencies. At low frequencies, the dive is deeper, more dynamic, and the overall sense of hearing is better.

Powerful Quad-core Processor

Realme Smart TV FHD 32” is equipped with the MediaTek quad-core processor with its built-in ARM Cortex A53 CPU and Mali-470 MP3 GPU, which boost the performance of the Chroma Boost Picture Engine. The TVs’ picture processor comes with HDR10 which is rarely found in this price range and it also comes with HLG which is another high-quality format for exceptionally good picture quality. The realme Smart TV FHD uses 1GB DDR3 RAM with 8GB Flash ROM on the memory scheme. This set of memory schemes meets the performance standards of the Android TV platform and can provide users with a super smooth daily experience.  

Key highlights: realme Buds Q2

Noise Cancellation

Realme Buds Q2 supports Active Noise Cancellation — a function that’s only seen in high-end flagship earbuds and headphones. Realme is determined to bring noise cancellation to the masses, making what was originally a high-end feature made more affordable for the average user. With active noise cancellation of up to 25dB, the realme Buds Q2 monitors external noise through a feed-forward microphone, allowing the earbuds to send out a reverse anti-noise sound to cancel it out. It can filter out most low-frequency noises, including the rumble of airplanes, the subway, and other transportation tools. It also cancels out the noise of home appliances so that you can immerse yourself in music or work without being disturbed.

Audio Experience

The battery has also been boosted significantly on the realme Buds Q2 and can last around 20 hours with ANC turned on the same length like most other buds on the market in normal operation. With ANC turned off, the buds can last up to 28 hours, representing a 40% increase from the 20 hours provided by the previous generation. realme Buds Q2 also supports fast charging and with just 10 minutes of charging time, one can get 180 minutes of playback.

The 10mm Bass Boost Driver along with a realme bass enhancement algorithm, new bass boost + makes the bass deeper and richer. Updated from PU+Graphene diaphragm to Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Diaphragm, it enables a deeper bass of the super large driver unit and gives users a clearer stereo sense with an astonishingly wonderful listening experience. Also, it comes with AAC High-Quality Audio technology, which is an encoding algorithm with a high compression rate, provided by Dolby Laboratories for the music community, offers the users higher fidelity and a better listening experience.

In order to meet the needs of young people who play games while wearing headphones, realme has upgraded Game Mode with latency as low as 88ms, the industry’s lowest. That’s a reduction of 35% compared to the previous generation. Now, when the user plays games, his performance won’t be impacted by sound and picture not syncing.

Intelligent Touch Controls

Realme Buds Q2 comes with various Intelligent Touch Controls that include Double-tap: Play/Pause music or Answer a call; Triple-tap: Go to next song; Press and hold one side: Reject call and Press and hold both sides: Switch between Noise Cancelling mode and Transparency mode. One can customize the touch controls in the realme Link App.

The TV runs on Android 9 and viewers have access to unlimited content like Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Live TV and Google Play. Priced at INR 18999 , the first sale of the latest realme Smart TV Full HD 32” is scheduled for 29th June, 12 noon onwards on, Flipkart and mainline channels. The realme Smart TV FHD 32” comes with a one-year warranty, and an additional one year of warranty on screen.

Realme Buds Q2 will be available in two amazing colours- Active Black & Calm Grey and is priced at INR 2499 . The first sale is scheduled to live from 30th june 12 noon onwards on, Amazon & mainline channels.


Get Rid of Slow Charging, Mi Brings New HyperSonic PowerBank

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Mi India announced the launch of Mi HyperSonic PowerBank, the most powerful and feature-rich powerbank from the house of Mi. Designed to meet the needs of the modern consumer, the device is equipped with hyper-fast 50W fast-charging capabilities and comes with triple ports, enabling users to charge multiple products at the same time.

Hyper-Fast 50W charging 

With a triple port design including the USB-C + Dual USB-A ports, Mi Hypersonic power bank can fast-charge compatible smartphones at 50W and is also capable of fast charging a laptop at 45W (PD 3.0). The 50W fast charging can power up a typical 4500mAh smartphone battery in just ~1 hour 5mins of time. With up to 45W charging, the USB-C not only reduces the time needed to charge devices, but it also allows users to fully recharge the power bank in just 3 hours 50 mins.

It features a premium matte black design that is made from high quality PC + ABS material making it lightweight yet strong and durable for all types of usage. The triple ports are designed in a way that it is comfortable to hold the device at all times, thereby completing the overall  exquisite and clear look of the power bank.

Quality and Safety

Mi Hypersonic power bank is designed to provide consumers not just faster charging but enhanced safety and protection as well. It comes with high density 20,000mAh Li-poly batteries that ensure fast and safe charging with every use. Equipped with 16-layers of advanced chip protection, the power bank safeguards itself and the devices from short circuit protection, temperature protection, input over-voltage protection, electrostatic protection, battery over-current protection, over discharge protection and much more, making it perfect for everyday usage. It is a must have accessory that is safe and powerful for the devices’ required charging needs.

Mi Hypersonic power bank also features a low power charging mode that can be activated by simply double tapping the power button, to allow safe charging of devices with low-power output such as Bluetooth headsets, fitness bands, smartwatches etc. 

Price and Availability Mi HyperSonic Power Bank 20000mAh is available at a crowdfunding price of INR 3,499 on starting today (30 July’2021) 

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ViewSonic Unveils PX748-4K and PX728-4K Home Cinema Projectors

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ViewSonic Corp. launched the new-generation PX748-4K and PX728-4K home cinema 4K projector. The successor of PX747-4K and PX748-4K are an upgraded version featuring bigger, pixel-perfect visuals in true 4K clarity and richer colors delivering unbelievable home cinema experience. Complementing to this, the projectors also offers ultimate gaming experience with 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input & 240Hz high refresh rate, the microsecond-level response time, you can game with low delay and seamless viewing of fast-moving objects.

“ViewSonic is driven towards developing new products as well as upgrading the existing line of our products. After becoming No.1 brand in Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors globally, we are introducing our first DLP projectors which are upgraded and improvised version of PX748-4K and PX728-4K projectors. Observing an overwhelmed feedback for our PX series earlier, we have developed the newly launched product with innovative and cutting-edge 4K technologies,” said Mr. Muneer Ahmad, AV Head, ViewSonic India.

ViewSonic PX748-4K Home Projector

The PX748-4K is a 4,000 ANSI Lumens 4K home projector best known for its 4K Ultra HD features and striking brightness. This HDR-compatible projector is the world’s first high brightness DLP home theatre projector that can consistently offer clear and vibrant images under any setting. The immersive features and realistic images will drown you into deep endearment, be it a cinema, video streaming, console gaming, or big screen broadcasting. Effortless image adjustment with comprehensive H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustment capabilities, equipped with a 1.3x optical zoom lens, perfect projection even on curved surfaces, LAN control capability that is compatible with a variety of home automation systems, the latest SuperEco+ mode technology makes it a perfect addition to your smart home.

ViewSonic PX728-4K Home Cinema Projector

Available with 2,000 ANSI Lumens, the newly launched PX728-4K home cinema projector offers excellent value for upgrading to 4K home entertainment. Enjoy bigger, better visuals in true 4K clarity with HDR/HLG support and richer colors through Cinema SuperColor™ Technology that covers 100% Rec.709. Gaming also gets an upgrade with 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input, a 240Hz refresh rate, and a USB Type-C connectivity for direct streaming from Nintendo® Switch. Powerful warping, auto V keystone, H/V keystone, and 1.3x optical zoom make setting up a big screen of up to 300” on any surface easier than ever. Additionally, it offers the LAN control capability compatible with home automation systems and 12V trigger output gives a satisfying performance right out of the box.

“Being a leader in the 4K ultra-high-definition home cinema market, we are expecting that the industry will be observing a huge growth in the coming four to five years. The current pandemic has shifted the consumer preferences towards home entertainment products. Understanding the needs of our end-consumers we are introducing new features which are embedded with high-end technologies giving cinema-like experiences at home at affordable prices”

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Get Rewards and Enjoy New Game Mode This Weekend on Free Fire

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The Free Fire collaboration with McLaren hits its peak this weekend, with login rewards, exclusive collection items, as well as a new game mode release.

Log in this weekend to receive rewards & enjoy the new time-limited game mode: Convoy Crunch

There’s no better time to log in to Free Fire than this weekend! From 31 July to 1 August, players who log in to the game will be entitled to receive Free Fire and McLaren rewards, which includes the collection backpack.

That’s not all! Players who complete the playtime mission over the weekend will also receive the McLaren Racing Overalls Bundle.

Players will also be able to enjoy the new time-limited game mode: Convoy Crunch. There will be two rounds per game in this new mode. Players will either be tasked to be Invaders or Defenders at the start of each round. The Invaders have to escort the vehicle to a specific destination while the Defenders need to prevent this from happening. 

Teams will take turns to play the roles of Invaders and Defenders. The vehicle only moves forward when the Invaders are around, within a set radius, and will move backwards when the Defenders are within proximity. The vehicle stops moving when both the Invaders and Defenders are within range. The team that (1) uses the least amount of time to get the vehicle to the destination or (2) advances the vehicle the furthest distance wins. Enjoy this all-new Convoy Crunch game mode until 3 August 2021!

Gear up in Free Fire and McLaren exclusives

Keep a lookout for  Free Fire and McLaren items that will both dress your character up and give your McLaren P1™ – the world’s first hybrid hypercar – a new look with boosted stats.

Available now are the Free Fire and McLaren Male Costume – Winning Spirit and Surfboard – Turbo Ace.

From 31 Jul to 13 Aug, 2 brand new McLaren P1™ skins will be released for players looking to change up the look of their cars and give them a boost. The McLaren P1™ – Kyanos and McLaren P1™ – Gold Spark will be introduced to the game. Both looks will only be available for a limited time period, so be sure to log in from next week to check the collections out.

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