RAEGR Launches New MagFix Arc M500, A MagSafe Charger for iPhone

RAEGR Launches New MagFix Arc M500, A MagSafe Charger for iPhone

Having a wireless charger handy for your iPhone at all times, or in every place you usually work from, is an ideal solution since many of us tend to forget that Apple proprietary MagSafe charging cable back home. Opting for multiple charging alternatives makes sure your iPhone stays charged at all times, especially if you travel a lot.

While the official MagSafe charging cable demands a premium price, RAEGR announces the best compatible cable for less than half as compared to Apple’s product. Announcing the RAEGR MagFix Arc M500 — an affordable 15W MagSafe compatible Wireless charger for your Apple iPhone. It’s equipped with all the bells and whistles of what the official Apple cable offers, the M500 is a perfect second charger for your bedroom, car, office, or travel kit.

The MagFix Arc M500 is a convenient wireless charger that incorporates superior built-in magnets to keep the charger in place and prevent slipping. It sports a premium build and design with an extremely slim and light profile (just 50g), making it an ideal travel accessory that you can easily carry along. It features an array of magnets around the wireless charging coil, optimised for alignment and efficiency, and improves wireless charging for a better, more efficient experience.

Being compatible with Apple’s older iPhones too, the charger can automatically detect and deliver the right amount of charging power between 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W.

All you need is a 20W QC2.0/3.0 PD charger to get the job well done. The RAEGR MagFix Arc M500 is highly optimised for wirelessly charging Apple’s fleet of iPhones. It can top up your iPhone’s battery at high speeds of up to 15 watts along with all the safety standards that include overheating, overcharging, overvoltage, and overcurrent protections. The M500 delivers a unique experience to the iPhone 15 / iPhone 15 Plus / iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Pro Max / iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Plus / iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 13 Series, and iPhone 12 Series.

xxx of RAEGR Ajesh George stated, “Since many tend to keep forgetting their iPhone charging cable back home when rushing out, having a spare in your car or bag is worth it. The RAEGR MagFix Arc M500 is an ideal spare wireless charging cable, highly compatible with Apple’s iPhones. Our R&D team ensures it meets all the compatibility and safety standards by Apple, offers a premium design, and makes sure it’s not heavy on your pocket. ”

The RAEGR MagFix Arc M500 is available for just INR 1,099 on Raegr.com and Amazon.in.

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