Now Elevate Your Home Entertainment with ViewSonic M2e Portable LED Projector

Now Elevate Your Home Entertainment with ViewSonic M2e Portable LED Projector

ViewSonic India introduces its latest M2e Instant Smart 1080p Portable LED Projector. The M2e projector is an addition to the company's M series-smart portable LED projector. ViewSonic M2e Projector uses Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology to achieve instant auto focus in an ultralight and its portable design. M2e's ToF technology enables it to autofocus in less than a second, which is 3-5 times faster than current technologies.

The projector provides crystal-clear visual in Full HD resolution and cinematic colors covering 125% Rec.709 supported by ViewSonic's industry-leading 2nd generation LED technology on an 80" large screen from only 2.1m away. The product delivers an impeccable optical precision along with its effortless setup, and the portability provides a flexible entertainment and work at home experience. 

Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India said "We are thrilled to launch M2e projector in India with an aim to provide our patrons with the best of home entertainment. Equipped with ToF technology, the new M2e projector delivers impressive display and intelligent performance. Our goal is to provide the finest products to our audience; the new projector is loaded with the most powerful smart technology, providing users with an outstanding and totally immersive visual-audio experience."

Instant Auto Focus with ToF Technology

The M2e projector is based on new ToF sensors, which are a type of scanner-less LIDAR (light detection and ranging) techniques that quantifies distance based on the time it takes photons to travel between the sensor's emitter and the target area, allowing for accurate radius ranging regardless of the object's surface characteristics. They also boast high-accuracy linearity and a detection range of up to 3m with a full field of vision.

Traditionally, when a projector is moved, it needs to be refocused by either a press on the remote control to trigger auto focus, or manual adjustments on the focus ring. With built-in G sensor design, the M2e can detect change of setup position and automatically trigger instant auto focus which utilizes ToF technology. 

An Easy-to-Use Portable LED Projector for the Home

The M2e is specifically designed for the comprehensive home entertainment and work from home experience. The device is extremely portable, effortless to set up, and easy to connect. M2e hardly weighs 1 kg, making it easy to carry in a handbag or backpack. The projector is embedded with features that allows it to be placed virtually anywhere in the house

The M2e is simple to set up with features such as fast on/off, instant auto focus, auto keystone, and a stepless stand for customised projection angles. M2e connects to your devices quickly and easily. The portable projector supports screen mirroring from smartphones to the large screen through Wi-Fi, input/output, audio via Bluetooth for flexibility, and direct single-cable streaming via USB Type-C.

The M2e is an entertainment package with various extraordinary features that bring consumers an unprecedented and immersive audiovisual experience. Combined with exceptional sound quality through integrated dual speakers customized by Harman Kardon, the M2e promises endless possibilities for home entertainment.

Additionally, ViewSonic is dedicated to helping consumers stay healthy while keeping them entertained. With their eye care in mind, the M2e is thoughtfully designed to deliver a visual experience that is virtually free of blue light in order to reduce eyestrain over prolonged viewing periods.

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