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Need More Storage? Here Are The Best Storage Devices for You

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For the last five years, consumers across the globe – on any operating system have relied on limited internal phone storage and the free cloud storage made available to them by the tech giants.  It was an interesting proposition for Indian customers but only till it was free. But now as the cloud is not free anymore, users are looking out for alternatives to get rid of monthly subscriptions. Brands such as WD and SanDisk offer a wide range of storage solutions for the smartphone users. The one-time investment against monthly subscription helps users save on their recurring expenses and allows them to travel with their data wherever they like, without the internet constraints or stressing over exceeding the budgeted GBs on the cloud.

If you too are looking out for storage solutions to transfer those photos from the cloud, here are a few quick and solid recommendations:

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe for Apple Devices

Smartphone users are in a constant conundrum when it comes to backing up their personal data. Given the number of high-quality videos and images captured, chances are high that your iPhone has reached its storage capacity in the first few months itself. A one stop hassle free solution to this is the recently launched SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe.

This is Western Digital’s first flash-drive with dual Lightning and USB Type-C connectors that allows users to save and back up their data without fuss. With an all-metal casing, it provides a sleek experience for users to seamlessly access and move files between iPhone, iPad and Mac. Furthermore, it works with USB Type-C devices, including Android smartphones. If you want to free up space and/or automatically back up your photographs, movies, documents, and contacts without the headache of a no or poor internet connection, this fresh new drive should be on your accessories list collection.

Price – The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage variants with MSRPs of Rs 4,449, Rs 5,919 and Rs 8,999 INR respectively on Amazon India.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe for Type C Android Smartphones

Like the iXpand Flash Drive, the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB is specifically built for Type-C Android smartphones. Content creators, especially those creating over their smartphones love to keep stock of the oldest of their pictures and videos. With premium type C smartphones floating in the market with high megapixel cameras and ultra HD experience, the content created requires huge storage capacities. This device is a perfect fit for you if you own a Type-C device and love clicking and creating content.

Basis a CMR Report for Smartphone Import Tracking for Q1’21, almost 55% of smartphones feature a USB Type-C interface, which allows for quicker data transfer. The high-capacity storage solution enables content transfer between USB Type-C smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops quickly and easily. The high-performance USB 3.1 Gen 1 drive comes in a sleek all-metal casing and has a read speed of up to 150MB/s. You can now capture even more images and simply view them on all your devices!

Price – The device comes in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities, with an introductory price of INR 856 for the 32GB version and INR 11,813 for the 1TB version.

WD My Cloud Home for Shared Storage

Hundreds or thousands of images, documents, songs, and/or videos are scattered throughout our phones, several pen drives, computers, and various other storage devices. Consolidating and backing up everything is a nuisance, as things are frequently forgotten or lost. With Cloud solutions getting paid, users will look for a one stop shop for all their data and for that, WD My Cloud Home has got your back (UP)!

If you want to automate all the above while also providing home users with a central, always-on repository for all their data and gadgets, WD My Cloud Home is the closest thing you can get. It’s a great personal cloud storage device that automatically backs up data from all your devices – not just the ones wired onto your home network, but also over the Internet. You can additionally give access to your family members and use it as shared storage space while maintaining privacy at the same time. It’s like a cloud storage service, only it’s a physical box that lives in your house. You buy it once and keep it for as long as you want instead of paying a monthly membership price. You can access, upload, and share your content from anywhere with an internet connection with the My Cloud Home app.  With storage capacities ranging from 2TB all the way upto 12TB, you can save all your photographs, videos and movie collections in one place, and yes don’t forget that you can access everything saved from anywhere at any point of time seamlessly using the My Cloud Home Mobile App.

Price – Starting from Rs 12,899 for the 2TB version and available up till 12TB.

SanDisk Extreme microSDXC™ UHS-I CARD

Compact in size yet massive in terms of benefits. SD cards are rather the underdogs among other storage solutions, which provide a huge storing space for both professional and personal consumption. And furthermore, the ease of transferability in different devices at much higher speed, surely makes MicroSD cards most apt in terms of choosing them as a preferred storage device within the affordable segment.

Such is the case with SanDisk Extreme MicroSD card series which ensures extreme speeds for fast transfer, app performance, and 4K UHD,  Ideal for your Android™ smartphone, action cameras or drones. This high-performance microSD from SanDisk is equipped to perform 4K UHD video recording, full HD video, and high-resolution photos. The super-fast SanDisk Extreme microSDXC™ memory card reads up to 160MB/s and writes up to 90MB/s. Plus, it’s A2-rated, so you can get fast application performance for exceptional smartphone experience.

Another interesting added benefit that is available to users of SanDisk storage devices (be it SanDisk iXpand, Dual Drives or MicroSD cards) is the Sandisk Memory Zone App. An easy and one stop solution to file and manage storage that makes backups and freeing up space much easier for the customers.

Price – The SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card is available on at Rs 1,590 for 64GB and is available up to 1TB capacity at Rs 18,702.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Portfolio

SSDs are rapidly bringing about paradigm changes in the future of storage as they prove to be a better alternative storage solution for those who need data on the go. They’re taking the place of clunky hard disc drives (HDDs) and pricey cloud storage packages that we’ve grown accustomed to in recent years. Moreover, it’s important that your data is protected from all types of hacking, ransomware, and other threats, and it’s accessible to you always, irrespective of whether you have access to the internet or not. Specially designed for travel enthusiasts and content creators such as photographers and videographers, the SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD is a must carry device for those who don’t like to slow down.

These SSDs comes with enhanced performance of read/write speed upto 2000MB/sec allowing users to move files faster and edit right from the drive. The SanDisk Extreme SSDs have a tough rubberized coating that can withstand impacts, as well as an IP55 rating that protects it from water and dust along with added protection from shocks. This device is known for its lightspeed data transfer that comes in an extremely portable body. With high-end efficiency and a rugged weather-resistant build, these storage devices are your perfect companion for the hustlers.

Prcie – The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is available in 500GB for Rs 7,999, 1TB at Rs 12,999 and 2TB for Rs 27,499, with a 4TB model as well. Meanwhile, the PRO version is available in 1TB for Rs 19,999 and 2TB for Rs 34,999.


Relive The Old Memories This Fathers’ Day with Saregama Carvaan

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Have you heard your dad singing “Kya Khoob lagti ho badi sundar dikhti ho…” for your mother or slowly humming “Rim Jhim Gire Saawan…” in rains or ‘Jahan Chaar yaar mil jaaye…” after meeting his childhood friends? Memories are precious and reliving them is always nostalgic. So this father’ day, don’t miss a chance to bring that nostalgic smile back on your dad’s face, gift him a Saregama Carvaan. With the pandemic taking over and restricting socialising, music has shown its healing powers yet again. So let your dad stay at home, relax and enjoy his favourite songs on Carvaan.

With its seamless, uninterrupted music listening experience on a push of a button, Carvaan, makes for an ideal present for your father, and takes one down a trip of nostalgia in a turn of a jog-dial.

Preloaded with 5000 retro songs, the device brings together evergreen melodies from renowned artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi to Kishore Kumar. One can switch to songs based on moods like happy, romantic, sad, etc., or categories like spiritual, Sufi, Film Instrumental, and more. Saregama Carvaan also offers an entire volume of iconic ‘Geetmala’ By Ameen Sayani while also allowing one to enjoy their personal collection of songs by plugging in a USB drive or phone via Bluetooth or simply listen to FM. That’s not all, Carvaan also boasts of an array of podcast offerings spread across a variety of genres like Meditation, Sleep Sounds, Sadguru, Ramayan, Bhagwad Geeta, and 280+ such podcasts. 

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pTron Launches New Smart Wearables, Starting at Rs. 899/-

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pTron announced the launch of its newest edition of smart wearables – the Pulsefit P261 Smartwatch and Pulsefit F121 Smartband. An exciting step up in this category, pTron continues to broaden its diverse portfolio, offering 2021’s trendiest smart accessories at eye-popping prices. Known for offering warranty-backed, quality lifestyle gadgets affordable by every Indian pocket, the newest offering from pTron is designed to make on-the-go personal health management easy and accessible to all. 

The fashion-forward wellness and fitness device coupled with the advantages of convenience, connectivity, and health monitoring, Pulsefit is everything that you need to track your well-being. Engineered on the inside for life outside, Pulsefit caters to people of all age groups seeking health-centric data daily to lead a healthier life.

Mr. Ameen Khwaja, Founder & CEO, pTron commented at the launch, “The smart wearables market has witnessed strong growth in the past year as holistic health management took the center stage amidst the COVID-19 scare. For years, pTron has created success by listening to its customers. We believe that good health belongs to all & realized that there was a demand for affordable options in the category that can cater to everyone’s health & wellness needs. With the mantra of #BeMoreDoMore, the Pulsefit series is made to allow everyone the access to devices and features that can help them improve their health without paying a premium. Our Pulsefit series delivers the same market-leading benefits of all of our pTron products at unbelievable price points. It is the result of pTron’s commitment to fostering consistent and cutting-edge innovation.” 

pTron Pulsefit P261 Smartwatch is the perfect fashion magnet to express your style, featuring an elegant 1.54-inch curved display with a metal casing and a 240 x 240 HD resolution. 

With a slim and light form factor, Pulsefit P261 is designed to provide maximum comfort for all-day wear.  Packed with advanced features like touch enabled Wireless calling with Smart Notifications, 8 sport modes for precise workout metrics, and customizable watch faces, the smartwatch is expected to be India’s new affordable destination of fashion, connectivity, and health tracking

Available in 2 sporty colorways- Steel Blue & Inferno Black, the customizable silicone band combined with anodized aluminium finish look dial of the Pulsefit P261 offers sophisticated & modern aesthetics to complement any style or look.

pTron Pulsefit F121 Smart Fitness Band boasts a modern and trendy design, perfectly befitting the new-age Indian youth. The smart band ensures high performance and adherence to uncompromising requirements in terms of extended battery life of 5 days on a single charge, resolute connectivity with BT v4.0, step count, heart rate & sleep monitoring, and ease of maintenance – at an attractive price of only INR 899. The smart fitness band also features an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance allowing protection from sweat & water during intense sessions. 

The band offers 5 active fitness modes, and a super convenient plug-to-charge USB charging feature. Available in 4 different colorwaysof the strap – Active Green, Tor Red, Racing Blue & Onyx Black, the Pulsefit is designed for all types of workouts or a sportier look.

The Pulsefit P261 & F121 comes with 1-yr standard brand warranty and will be available on sale on from 13th June 2021.

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RAEGR Launches ‘Vocalz 250’ Condenser Mic Kit

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RAEGR has announced a high-fidelity audio accessory for media, youtube and music professionals – the Vocalz 250 Mic Kit. The audio kit consists of a high-fidelity condenser microphone and is equipped with an adjustable suspension scissor arm, a metal shock mount and a double-layer pop filter for studio recordings and broadcasting needs.     

Ajesh George, MD for RAEGR, exclaimed, “The pandemic has forced many audio professionals to work from home, but most of them lack the required audio gear and environment that the studio provides. The RAEGR Vocalz 250 Mic Kit helps bring the studio home, almost. It comes in handy with studio-class audio processing performance with a condenser microphone, and is best suited for professionals who need a high-fidelity mic for talking, singing, podcasting , vlogging, youtube reviews, or broadcasting. ”

The RAEGR Vocalz 250 is not an ordinary microphone for the masses. It features a built-in high-fidelity audio processor that helps with studio-class audio performance and works with your laptop, tablet or smartphone too. The condenser mic has been designed to capture the details, nuances, and articulation with a high sampling rate, extended dynamic range, and a smooth frequency response. It offers richer and crystal-clear audios for live streams, podcast, YouTube videos, voice-over, meetings, gaming, singing and more. 

The RAEGR Vocalz 250 exhibits studio-class recording features wherein background noise is greatly eliminated due to the cardioid pickup pattern that only focuses sound sources directly in front of the microphone. Additionally, a pop filter with double mesh layering and a foam mic windscreen help reduce subtle plosive and wind sound for flawless recordings. And lastly, the metal shock mount helps eliminate those unwanted vibrations and accidental table disturbances that could ruin your recordings. 

Installing and setting up the RAEGR Vocalz 250 is child’s play. Simply unfold the tripod, secure the bottom knob to a table and attach the microphone to it. The 180-degree flexible design allows you the adjust the microphone to any angle as you want. The all-steel scissor arm stand is sufficient for holding the entire setup steady and is fully adjustable with tension knobs to keep it in place.  

The RAEGR Vocalz 250 Condenser Mic Kit will be available on and for a price of Rs 3,499 with a standard industrial warranty of 1 year and an additional 6-month extended warranty upon registration.

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