Matrix COSEC VEGA FAX Door Controller Launched

Matrix COSEC VEGA FAX Door Controller Launched

To adopt necessary updates to make overall security and working flexible, it is necessary to understand the changing worldwide standards. Matrix presents COSEC VEGA FAX – Door Controller that meets the functional needs of organizations of any size.  

With its precisive and modern built combining aesthetics, connectivity, and reliability, this piece of marvel is the answer to all your access control and time attendance needs. It boasts superior performance, modern connectivities, and multi-credential support.   

With all the functions that uplift organizational working and security, it brings a strong framework of security and productivity. Beyond this, with features such as IP65 certified, PoE, WiFi, touchscreen, this tech marvel integrates multiple solutions beyond access control and time attendance for modern organizations.   


  • Multiple User Credential – BLE, RFID, Pin, Finger, Face (with IP Camera integration)
  • Massive Storage Capacity – 50,000 Users Profiles, 5,00,000 Events
  • Multiple Connectivity Options – Ethernet, PoE, Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband
  • Auxiliary Ports for Integration with Alarms and Panels
  • Built-in APIs to Communicate with Third-party Software
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