Hohem Unveils ‘MT2 Kit’ 4-in-1 Camera Gimbal

Hohem Unveils ‘MT2 Kit’ 4-in-1 Camera Gimbal

Taking video stabilization to the next level is Hohem’s flagship MT2 Kit Camera Gimbal. Global-leading gimbal technology brand Hohem presents the latest in handheld video stabilization accessories that include an AI Tracker, is equipped with an RGB fill light, features the latest iSteady technology, and can accommodate almost any camera out there. A great camera accessory for beginners to professional videographers to ensure the best video angles while shooting in any environment.

The Hohem MT2 Kit is a must-have accessory for professional videographers who take their work seriously and need to save time by avoiding post-processing. The new 4-in-1 gimbal boasts a plethora of new features that can be extremely beneficial to beginners, content creators, and enthusiasts. The MT2 can be used with standard DSLR, compact, or action cameras, apart from smartphones. Here are some salient features that will revolutionize your filming experience.

Smart AI Tracker: Equipped with AI Tracking, the MT2 takes your video skills to a whole new level. It intelligently follows your movements while keeping you perfectly centered in the frame. Using simple gestures you can instantly take control of its tracking modes, and customize the composition within no time.

iSteady 7.0 onboard: No more shaky or blurry shots — embrace the next level of 3-axis stabilization from the moment you turn it on. With the latest iSteady 7.0 anti-shake algorithm, one can now enjoy a remarkable 30% increase in stability, resulting in unbelievably smooth and seamless footage.

Quick Install System Multi 4.0: the new Multi 4.0 installation system helps you get ready for your vertical or horizontal shots within just 3 seconds. The quick-release plate or the L-bracket (ARCA) can be instantly detached, flipped by 90°, and snapped back on before you even take the next breath. Multiple expansion ports on the stabilizer are available and compatible with other equipment to increase your creativity to a large extent.

No device limitations: Whether you own a mirrorless, pocket camera, action camera, or smartphone, the MT2 has got you covered. The gimbal can easily manage a total load capacity of up to 1.2 Kg with equipment support of a maximum size of 5.27x3.96 inches (width x height), and a lens length of up to 6.94 inches. Don't let equipment restrictions hold you back anymore.

Long battery life: With an ultra-long (2600mAh) battery life of up to 17 hours (6-8 hours with AI), the Hohem MT2 can easily run through an entire day of shootings. Additionally, with built-in reverse charging, you can also charge your cameras and smartphones, without the need to take charging breaks.

OLED Flipscreen: The gimbal's flexibility extends to vertical shooting. For cameras equipped with an OLED flip screen, taking selfies with a vertical angle is now effortless. Capture stunning self-portraits, vlogs, or engaging content in vertical mode within seconds.

So, whether you're a content creator or vlogger, The MT2 is your ultimate companion for capturing professional-grade footage. The Hohem MT2 Kit Camera Gimbal is available for an MRP of INR 35,990/-available on Originshop.in and Amazon.in.

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