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Here Are The Best GPS Smartwatches for Running Enthusiasts



Over the last two years, the world around us has witnessed a significant change in the way we think about our health. Concerns about our physical well-being and overall fitness have grown in recent years.  Many people have turned to running as a solution to help release anxiety, gain perspective, cope with cabin fever, and keep up their well-being. The same can be observed on the Global running day, an annual event to encourage people of all ages and abilities to go out and start running towards a healthier lifestyle. This day also serves as a reminder of the benefits that come with running while bringing people together. As simple as Running might seem, the sport does have its fair share of nuances and technicalities which often create the necessity for a companion to keep track of everything and offers important data. Modern smartwatches serve as an excellent coach to all who run and for whatever reason, they run, here are a few to help you get started.

Forerunner 945: This GPS smartwatch that’s designed for the driven, the qualifiers, and the elite. This watch is a perfect accessory for the runner and the conditioned-for-pain triathletes. The Forerunner 945 monitors your performance and offers personalized insight, so you can train smarter and not just harder. The smartwatch tracks your VO2 max and adjusts the value based on heat and altitude. Training status evaluates your recent exercise history and performance indicators to let you know if you’re training productively, peaking, or overreaching. The devices enables you to see how your workouts influence the development of your endurance, speed, and power with aerobic and anaerobic training effect feedback. Recovery time helps you maximize the benefit of your efforts by predicting when you will be ready for your next challenge. You can even view your overall training load, which measures your exercise volume from the last 7 days and compares it to the optimal range for your fitness and recent training history. Available on Amazon.   

Forerunner 245:  This GPS smartwatch doesn’t just tell you where you ran. It tracks your stats, crunches the numbers, and gets to know all about your performance from your running form, your training history to your goals. All you need to focus on is putting one foot in front of the other. How much do you need to train? Forerunner 245 offers personalized training and recovery insight for smarter training decisions, helping you prepare for your next race. It keeps tabs on your VO2 max and understands how heat and altitude impact your performance. And the higher your VO2 max, the higher you can expect to perform, which is exactly what is shown by the performance condition metric. Running is what you do, so train smarter with the tools available from our Garmin Connect online fitness community. Create your own custom workouts, or download free ones that sync right to your watch. Or, if you’ve got a specific goal in mind for your next 5K, check out Garmin Coach. Forerunner 245 also has activity profiles for cycling, pool swimming, indoor rowing, and even using the elliptical or stair-stepper. Available on Amazon.

Forerunner 55: This easy-to-use GPS smartwatch is designed for people of all skill levels to track their stats and chase their fitness goals. The Forerunner 55 will help you kickstart your running routine. Designed for new runners, the Forerunner 55 is lightweight and has a sleek look. With comprehensive running modes, tailored daily training tips, and enhanced health monitoring, it will help you improve your performance both on and off the track. Available on Amazon.

fēnix 7 Ultimate Multisport GPS Watch: Turn your exertion into exhilaration with the Garmin Fēnix 7 series. Fully equipped with a robust suite of rugged features, the Fenix 7 series comes with an ultra-tough athletic design and an inbuilt flashlight. The smartwatch supports four levels of brightness along with a red strobe light that displays an SOS signal when activated in critical situations. An ideal choice for the runners as the Real-Time Stamina feature allows users to adjust their speed and intensity in real-time based on their current physical strength. During long-distance races, athletes can activate the Up Ahead feature to set their strategy before the race. By using Garmin Connect, users can also create a route and mark waypoints. Once synced with the smartwatch, pre-set checkpoints, water stations, medical stations, and other route data will be displayed to the athlete. The Power Manager function has been upgraded, allowing the overall battery life of fēnix 7X to increase by nearly 300%, achieving up to 24 days of battery life under UltraTrac Mode, up to 122 hours in GPS mode with solar-charged, and up to 37 days in smartwatch mode.  The device features more than 40 advanced built-in outdoor and indoor sports modes suitable for mountaineering, running, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, golfing, surfing, indoor climbing, and more. It also comes with pre-loaded high-intensity interval training workouts, including AMRAP, EMOM, Tabata, etc. Available on Amazon.


HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Gaming Headset Launched at INR 4,690



HyperX has released its much-awaited HyperX Cloud StingerTM 2 gaming headset for PC gamers. Featuring HyperX’s signature durability and comfort with premium leatherette and soft memory form, the new headset comes packed with DTS® Headphone: X® Spatial Audio to boost localization accuracy and 3D audio spatialization. Along with impressive audio, the lightweight and comfortable design of Cloud Stinger 2 makes it a perfect fit for long gaming sessions and chatting with friends. 

Commenting on the announcement, HyperX said, “Bringing a new and improved addition to our popular selection of Stinger headsets, we are excited to expand the lineup with the Cloud Stinger 2. Offering another top-quality headset option packed with impressive features for both function and comfort, Cloud Stinger 2 stays true to its lightweight predecessors’ quality and comfort at a low price point, now with DTS Headphone:X audio for more enhanced in-game immersion.” 

The Cloud Stinger 2, an upgraded version of HyperX Cloud Stinger, is designed to cater to a wide range of gamers’ needs. Just weighing in under 300g, the headset promises to deliver a quality user experience by providing clearer audio via its large 50 mm drivers and a comfortable and adaptive fit around the neck through its 90-degree rotating earcups. The Cloud Stinger 2 also features a swivel-to-mute, noise-canceling flexible microphone, easy-access audio controls on the earcup, reduced background noise and clear voice quality, making it an ideal choice for gamers looking for a comfortable and quality headset at a budget-friendly price. 


The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 gaming headset is now available in India for INR 4,690. For more information, please visit HyperX Amazon Brand Store.

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OnePlus Nord Watch Launched, Know All Features Here



OnePlus has launched the OnePlus Nord Watch, the first wearable under the Nord category.  The OnePlus Nord category was launched to make the OnePlus fast and smooth experience more accessible to users at an affordable price. In line with that, Nord further expanded the category this year with the launch of Nord Buds and Nord Buds CE. Made from waterproof and weatherproof material, the OnePlus Nord Watch is equipped with a dedicated health and fitness tracker, and a battery that can last up to 10 days. 

Fast and Smooth Experience
Underneath a gorgeous exterior, the OnePlus Nord Watch comes with a 4.52cm (1.78-inch) AMOLED display. Its speedy refresh rate of 60 Hz and HD resolution complement your daily life with ample response time and a clear display with a brightness level of 500nits which reduces smear and blur even under the sun.  Staying connected is an easy feat as you can seamlessly link the OnePlus Nord Watch to your smartphone through the N Health app. This connected ecosystem allows you full remote access to features such as receiving message notifications and controlling music played on your phone. 

Stay Ahead of Your Health
With your fitness goals in mind, the OnePlus Nord Watch maximizes your movements by doubling as a fitness monitor. It pairs up with a customizable mobile app called N Health, which allows you to track your overall state of health and monitor daily activities such as step counting, calorie measurement, and sleep quality. This fitness companion immerses itself into your active life, recording your movement when you do exercises such as yoga or cycling. The Nord Watch is equipped with 105 fitness modes. It also automatically logs in to your steps when you go for a run or a walk. 

The OnePlus Nord Watch generates a personal health summary in less than two minutes, ably displaying your heart rate, stress levels, and oxygen saturation (SpO2). For women, the watch helps predict your monthly menstrual cycle with a built-in algorithm. 

Sleek and Sturdy Design
The OnePlus Nord Watch is fully equipped to handle whatever you throw its way by being waterproof and weatherproof with a high rating of IP68. The strap is created to take you further with a breathable and sweat-permeable material. In contrast, it comes with a sturdy metal frame which fortifies it against falls. You can match your daily style with over 100 wallpapers available through the N Health app. 

A Powerful Battery
The OnePlus Nord Watch cuts down charging times through a reliable long-lasting battery with 230 mAh that lasts you up to 10 days of usage or 30 days of standby time. As using a Bluetooth connection can take a toll on battery life, the OnePlus Nord Watch lowers power consumption when on Bluetooth. Its Bluetooth 5.2 doubles the transmission speed for quicker data transfers.

OnePlus Build Quality
There are smartwatches, and then there’s the OnePlus Nord Watch. Durability and quality are tied to the OnePlus name, and the OnePlus Nord Watch is no exception. The watch has passed 168 hours of burn-in testing and comes with buttons that have been tried over 200,000 times. There is also great power in its watch strap as it can take tension up to a weight of 8 kilograms.
It comes in Midnight Black and Deep Blue and is compatible with Android 6.0 and iOS 11 and above.

Price and availability
The OnePlus Nord Watch is available for INR 4,999 and will be on sale from October 3rd from 12noon on, OnePlus Store App and select OnePlus Experience Stores. The Nord Watch will be available on Amazon from October 4th from 12noon onwards. 

Axis Bank card holders can avail a special discount INR 500 discount on, OnePlus Store App and select OnePlus Experience Stores.

From October 4th, ICICI Bank card holders can avail an additional discount of INR 500 on, OnePlus Store App and select OnePlus Experience Stores

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GIGABYTE Launches Four GeForce RTX 4090 Series Graphics Cards



GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd launched four GeForce RTX 4090 series graphics cards that powered by NVIDIA® ADA Lovelace architecture. GIGABYTE launched three air-cooled graphics cards – AORUS GeForce RTX 4090 MASTER 24G, GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G and GeForce RTX 4090 WINDFORCE 24G, and one water-cooled graphics card – AORUS GeForce RTX 4090 XTREME WATERFORCE 24G. To fully unleash the unparalleled performance of this new architecture, GIGABYTE equipped its GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards with amped-up designs and improved features, giving hardcore gamers and content creators more of everything.

GIGABYTE has launched a variety of air-cooled solutions to meet the market’s demand. The AORUS MASTER is recommended for the enthusiasts who want the ultimate performance and colorful RGB appearance. The GAMING OC is the best choice of performance-minded gamers. The WINDFORCE is the best choice for those who desire a neat and elegant design, while maintaining both performance and durability. In addition, there is the AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE all-in-one water-cooled solution. It is the best choice for gamers who want the advantages of water-cooling and easy installation.


The AORUS MASTER graphics card features the new fan blades and a special surface design, WINDFORCE bionic shark fan increases the static pressure by up to 30% while reducing noise level by up to 3dB at the same time, compared to the regular fans at the same RPM. The larger heatsink module with the angular fins creates more surface area and cooling capacity than ever before. Paired with the vapor chamber in direct touch, multiple heat pipes, and the enlarged screen cooling vent at the back, the AORUS MASTER graphics card assures top-notch thermal performance, even at demanding loads.

AORUS is also bringing back an upgraded version of the signature triple-ring RGB lights, RGB Halo. This beloved feature, offering addressable lighting effects on the rotating fans, will definitely make every build glow in style. The LCD Edge View on the side of the AORUS MASTER graphics card gives users another option to personalize their cards with texts, images, or gifs. One can also monitor critical stats, like power consumption, temperatures, fan rpm, etc.

On top of the features above, the AORUS MASTER graphics card features aerospace-grade PCB coating, a Dual BIOS design with quiet operation mode and ULTRA DURABLE certified components. Due to the amazing 24+4 power phases design and precise power control, the graphics card has lower component temperature, less noise, and less signal interference. In addition to the upgraded metal back plate, the new anti-sag bracket is tailored to the graphics card to prevent the PCB from sagging. It provides the optimized reinforcement and enhances the overall visual appearance.


The GAMING OC graphics card uses the WINDFORCE cooling system. It features three unique blade fans, alternate spinning, large vapor chamber with direct touch to the GPU, composite copper heat pipes, 3D active fans, and screen cooling to maximize the heat dissipation. The WINDFORCE fans utilize graphene nano lubricant, which extends fan life by 2.1 times, delivering nearly the lifespan of the double ball bearing while providing quiet operation. Paired with the excellent power design and ULTRA DURABLE certified components, the graphics card can work at lower temperature and higher performance. The graphics card features Dual BIOS with silent mode to provide a quieter experience.

The GAMING OC graphics card also inherits the RGB Halo from AORUS. The triple-ring RGB lights offer addressable lighting effects on the rotating fans, will definitely make every build glow in style. In addition to the upgraded metal back plate, the graphics card also comes with a tailored anti-sag bracket that provides the optimized reinforcement and enhances the overall visual appearance.


The WINDFORCE graphics card also uses the WINDFORCE cooling system. It features three unique blade fans, alternate spinning, large vapor chamber with direct touch to the GPU, composite copper heat pipes, 3D active fans, and screen cooling that work together to provide efficient heat dissipation. The graphics card also features Dual BIOS to provide a quiet operation. The graphics card uses the metal plate with the brushed and mirror surface to express the art of texture, making the card more aesthetic and more suitable for the users who prefer the neat and elegant design. It also comes with a VGA holder.


The AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE all-in-one graphics card provides the best-in-class performance and quiet gaming experience through an easy-to-install solution. The large copper plate and heat pipes contact the GPU, VRAM and other critical parts, so that the heat can be transferred to the liquid cooling zone for achieving enhanced heat dissipation. The triple size 360mm aluminum radiator comes with three 120mm double ball bearing fans keeping the graphics card at low temperatures.

The sturdy FEP tube minimizes loss of water and has high thermal stability as well as high pressure tolerance to greatly enhance product life and durability. The 460mm tube length helps the radiator installation on the top and front panels of the PC case, the tubes are built on the rear of the card which can avoid the interference with the CPU cooler. In addition, the surface of the graphics card is visually highlighted with different material crafts, brushed, and mirrored textures, giving the card a high-end, professional, and luxurious appearance.

The AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE also features aerospace-grade PCB coating, ULTRA DURABLE certified components, amazing 24+4 power phases design and precise power control that makes it the best choice of water-cooled graphics card.

GIGABYTE offers the best power supply solutions

The GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards use the latest PCIe 5.0 16-pin power connector, which can draw over 450 watts of power. GIGABYTE offers the best PCIe 5.0 power supply solutions for GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards – the UD1000GM PCIE 5.0 power supply. The UD1000GM PCIE 5.0 power supply has a high-quality 16-pin cable, which can support up to 600 watts of power to the graphics card. It can replace the traditional power supply with the adapter, which greatly reduces installation inconvenience and provides better cable management. The power supply inherits the spirit of GIGABYTE Ultra Durable product design, introducing a variety of high-quality materials and technologies. It is the best choice for GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards.

To deliver a better user experience, AORUS and GAMING OC graphics cards provide customers with a 4-year warranty (requires online registration within 30 days of the purchase date) so that they can enjoy gaming and create content without any worry.

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