Experience Premium Home Entertainment with LG's Latest Soundbars

Experience Premium Home Entertainment with LG's Latest Soundbars

LG Electronics India continues to set new standards in Home Entertainment with the launch of its latest range of Soundbars. The 2024 line-up includes SQ75TR, SG10Y, SQ70TY, S77TY and S65TR models. Crafted to seamlessly complement LG TVs, these soundbars promise an elevated home cinema experience through their robust sound quality, well-rounded features and sophisticated designs.

Creating an enhanced synergy between the soundbar and TV, the elevated audio quality of LG’s newest soundbar models enriches the home entertainment experience with a heightened sense of immersion and greater convenience. Featuring WOW Synergy (Orchestra, Interface, Cast), the soundbar and LG TV harness the full potential of their audio channels, creating an unrivalled audio experience with an enlarged soundstage and improved depth and height. The ideal choice for a surround sound experience, LG’s new soundbars deliver the superior quality of Dolby Atmos®, driven by the advanced technology of DTS:X.

Commenting on the launch, Young Hwan Jung, Director-Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India, said, “Our new range of soundbars represents a significant leap forward in audio technology, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers. These soundbars embody our dedication to innovation and our promise to bring the best in audio technology to Indian homes. We're excited about bringing premium audio features to a wider range of consumers, ensuring that more consumers can enjoy theater-quality sound. This launch reaffirms LG's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in home entertainment, always with our customers' needs at the forefront.”

Key features

The new soundbar models feature the WOW interface, an intuitive and user-friendly method to effortlessly manage soundbar settings and share sound modes with the TV. LG Triple Level Spatial Sound technology applies channel analysis through a 3D engine to mesmerize listeners with lifelike sound and a compelling sense of space. What’s more, LG AI Room Calibration – a feature praised by both consumers and experts for its audio enhancement – rapidly analyses the environment of a room and adjusts the settings, enhancing the audio to harmonize with the room’s acoustics. New for 2024, the AI Room Calibration extends its capability to calibrate the audio of rear surround speakers, expanding audio immersion and offering more flexibility for installation.

WOWCAST takes audio excellence a step further, allowing the SG10TY to connect wirelessly to LG TVs, ensuring superior sound without any compromise, even when playing Dolby Atmos audio. It serves as the perfect audio and visual companion to LG’s premium OLED TVs. WOW Orchestra, WOW Interface, and WOWCAST enable the SG10TY model to seamlessly integrate with LG OLED TVs, completing the viewing experience for a greater sense of immersion. Remarkably, connecting WOWCAST to the SG10TY model and an LG premium OLED TV creates a wireless home entertainment experience with no visible cables between the screen and the soundbar. 

This Wi-Fi enabled soundbar provides a flawless listening experience with a high-fidelity audio quality for listeners to enjoy their favourite tracks on music streaming platforms including Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect. The thoughtful design of the SG10TY flawlessly aligns with the width and frame colours of LG OLED TVs, resulting in an impeccable visual match when paired with an ultra-thin OLED TV.

LG will also roll out the S70TY soundbar model, ideal for LG QNED TVs with its simple and compact design. This model also features the industry’s first centre up-firing speaker, providing sharpened voice clarity. The angled design ensures harmonious audio and visual in alignment with the TV screen's level. 

A dedicated bracket for the S70TY model allows users to place the soundbar directly beneath the QNED TV for a refined appearance. This bracket provides a convenient solution for direct attachment, eliminating the need to drill holes in the wall during installation. The bracket allows customizable wall-mounting of the S70TY soundbar at various heights or locations, guaranteeing an aesthetically ideal setup, great convenience and an optimal sound experience.

S65TR and SQ75TR models come with 600W output and feature rear speakers that do not require a separate receiver box, ensuring a clutter-free setup. The S65TR offers a 5.1 channel configuration, while the SQ75TR enhances the experience with a 5.1.1 channel setup, a QNED matching bracket, and center up-firing speakers for exceptional sound projection. Additionally, the SQ75TR is equipped with AI Sound Pro, which intelligently adjusts sound settings based on the content being viewed. 

Price and Availability:

The LG Soundbars will be available for sale in India around July onwards across retail and online platforms, including LG.com. The starting price will be INR 29990. Features may vary from model to model.

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