Casio's Edifice Nighttime Drive Series: Designed for the Modern Urban Explorer

Casio's Edifice Nighttime Drive Series: Designed for the Modern Urban Explorer

Casio proudly announces the latest evolution of its acclaimed Edifice series. Rooted in the dynamic realm of motorsports, the EDIFICE line epitomizes the brand's core ethos: "Speed and Intelligence". Each timepiece encapsulates the relentless pursuit of excellence, mirroring the adrenaline-charged essence of high-speed racing. From sleek designs to cutting-edge functionalities, the Edifice series embodies the perfect harmony between speed and intellect, symbolizing Casio's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining horological standards.

The latest range, Nighttime Drive series embodies a sleek design that mirrors the sleek lines of high-performance racing machines and cutting-edge features engineered to meet the demands of the modern urban adventurer. Tailored for the modern auto-enthusiast, the timepieces in this collection capture the essence of cruising through darkened roadways under the glow of streetlights, epitomizing the allure of nighttime driving.

The Nighttime Drive Series features two spectacular timepieces: ECB-2000NP-1A and ECB-40NP-1A that are inspired by the mesmerizing ambiance of nighttime city drives and offer a perfect blend of style, innovation, and functionality, making it a must-have accessory for every auto enthusiast. The two timepieces are crafted with blue ion plating and titanium carbide coating. The watch bezels exude a brilliant shine that perfectly complement the sleek silhouette of the watch and features a mesmerizing two-color gradation. This innovative design, a first for EDIFICE, exudes sophistication and elegance, perfectly complementing the modern urban lifestyle.

The ECB-2000NP-1A timepiece boasts a distinctive design that mirrors the captivating hues of the night sky and urban lights. The bezel features a unique two-color gradation process, transitioning from a deep blue ion plating to a mesmerizing yellow-gold, reminiscent of the city lights at dusk. Priced at INR 23,995/-, the ECB-2000NP-1A features Tough Solar technology, world time, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and multiple alarms, ensuring reliable performance.

Another stellar addition to the Nighttime Drive Series, the ECB-40NP-1A is crafted with blue ion plating and titanium carbide coating. The timepiece is modeled on the configuration of a formula car suspension and boasts a lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced resin case, ensuring optimal comfort and durability for everyday wear. The bezel features a mesmerizing two-color gradation, reminiscent of the night sky above and the glow of city lights below. Priced at INR 16,995/-, the ECB- 40NP makes for a stylish accessory off track.

The Edifice Nighttime Drive series is up for grabs across Casio India stores and Offline and Online Retail Partners across the country.

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