Canon Introduces imagePROGRAF TM Series: Redefining Large Format Printing

Canon Introduces imagePROGRAF TM Series: Redefining Large Format Printing

Canon announced the launch of the new imagePROGRAF TM Series in India , comprising of imagePROGRAF TM-5240, TM-5340, TM-5250, TM-5255, TM-5350, and TM-5355 models. The new line-up offers an extensive array of single function and multifunction printers tailored to meet a wide spectrum of large format printing requirements delivering high-speed and vibrant prints, making it an ideal choice for copy shops, photo studio segment, corporate offices, site engineering offices and print shops.

The all-new TM Series effectively addresses the ‘speed v/s quality’ paradox often faced by copy shops and the photo studio segment by delivering on both the fronts. The printers are engineered to be #FastandFlawless ensuring quick turnarounds on prints with uncompromised quality.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO, Canon India, said, “In light of the swift transformation and digitization being witnessed in the professional printing industry, Canon India is pivoting its cutting-edge technology towards developing specialized products tailored to contemporary needs of users. We are proud to expand our portfolio with the all-new imagePROGRAF TM, a series high on performance and innovation, enabling users to experience a new dimension in creativity, precision and streamline their printing processes. Along with continuing our strides in product innovation, we as a brand are taking a new step towards environmental

responsibility as the new TM series is Canon's first large format inkjet printer packaged in eco-friendly cardboard rather than Styrofoam. We are confident that the new products will help users immensely in their daily workflows, setting new standards in the industry.”

Along with an impressive performance, the series also boasts of an elegant sleek design with a flat top that makes roll paper setup convenient, enhancing both user convenience and aesthetics.

Commenting on the lineup, Mr. C Sukumaran, Senior Director, Products & Communication, Canon India said, “As we launch a new lineup of TM series today, we at Canon India are proud to be enabling businesses to unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency. This versatile and innovative lineup encompasses printers in both single and multifunction categories, effectively addressing the diverse printing requirements of copy shops and businesses. With an unparalleled combination of precision, print quality and speed, along with a breathtaking spectrum of colours, users can now have the best of both worlds making their print experience #FastandFlawless. Our endeavor of best-in-class innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and we look forward to helping businesses achieve greater heights with our latest offering.”

Superior Print Speed with Efficient Print Applications

Boasting the all-new 'L-COA PRO II' image processing engine, the TM Series is designed for rapid activation from sleep mode, ensuring remarkable productivity when producing drawings and posters. It speeds up data processing time for continuous printing. For TM-5350/5355, this engine significantly expedites data processing for continuous printing and  it achieves a remarkable printing rate of approximately 3.2 sheets1 of drawing prints per minute – an outstanding 28% improvement compared to its predecessors.

Powered by free print application “Direct Print Plus”, urgent print jobs can be sent in batches using different file formats with simple drag and drop functionality to the printers easily. Posters and flyers can be created using “PosterArtist”, a free web application, where new designs can be customised from a wide selection of templates.

High Quality Vivid Prints

The newly designed image processing reproduces the colour of the print in deep and vivid manner. Equipped with newly developed magenta ink for excellent red colour development, it helps to reproduce important details highlighted in lines and texts for CAD drawings and good quality posters even on plain paper. In addition, all-colour pigment ink is used to print posters and other layouts, which ensure that they do not fade easily over a long period of time. Borderless posters using roll papers can also be produced without the hassle of cutting the margins after printing. With colour calibration function enabled, variations in output colour will be corrected, leading to stable colour reproduction for optimum print quality.

Ease of Use with New Printer Design

All models come with new flat top design for easy daily operation in loading media by placing roll paper on top of the printer, attaching roll holders, and sliding along a guide, thus enabling smaller operational space without using another table. Added features such as paper type detection shortens operation time during loading of paper and reduces labor costs. Enhanced with wider printer panel, paper type with remaining roll paper estimation and ink levels are visible at one glance. There is a significant reduction in the operating noise during printing, especially for TM-5240/5340. With operating noise of about 39dB, it is about 1/3 of the conventional model.

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