Boost Joy in Your Parties with pTron’s Musicbot Evo Soundbar Audio System

Boost Joy in Your Parties with pTron’s Musicbot Evo Soundbar Audio System

pTron announced the launch of a sophisticated soundbar audio system the 'Musicbot Evo', that will bring the entire home cinema experience together like never before. With the rising popularity of OTT platforms and shows, the need for a sound system that turns the home audio system into a home theater is much in demand. 

The pTron Musicbot Evo Soundbar adds that extra punch and impact to movies, clarity to dialogue, and fidelity to music, delivering a perfectly balanced, realistic, and musical sound for a great home cinema experience.

Talking about the milestone, Ameen Khwaja CEO & Founder said, "Delivering the best in terms of powerful sound at a more accessible price point to more and more people is our core goal. Engineered to deliver a powerful cinematic experience, the Musicbot Evo soundbar is here to make home entertainment simple yet immersive. State-of-the-art technology blended with a sleek design, the Musicbot Evo redefines the soundbar, creating a totally immersive home cinema experience that's made for every type of user and listener, an perfectly suited with today's HDTV's, laptops, tablets etc."

Engineered to create an outstanding home entertainment experience, the pTron Musicbot Evo Soundbar boasts a number of breakthrough features:

l  Modernize Your Home: Sleek, modern, and versatile, the Musicbot Evo is merely 38.7cm long, 6.5 cm deep and 6.5 cm high. It features a cylindrical design with metallic front grills and smooth rounded edges. Designed to seamlessly fit any space and blend with the interiors, this super light-weight soundbar can be placed under the television or any flat surface for a convenient and elegant setup that provides a great and rocking sound experience.

l  Sound That Fills the Room: Powered with large 10W Speakers and 52mm drivers, the Musicbot Evo truly packs a punch in a premium and elegant design. Enjoy significantly better sound for up to 10hrs with deep punchy bass that amplifies the visuals and brings them alive with vivid sound exposure.

l  Wireless Audio Streaming – Connect your Musicbot Evo soundbar to your TV, laptop, or tablet with ease and without the clutter of wires via Bluetooth 5.0; also stream all your music wirelessly from your mobile device. You can also connect, sync, and play two Musicbot Evo's together via the wireless stereo pairing function for an amplified music & sound experience.

l  Seamless & Portable:  The device is fully operational from the unit itself with a smooth control panel, allowing to adjust the volume, select tracks, or play and pause music. You can choose from the 3.5mm AUX input, USB drive, TF Card, or Bluetooth to connect the soundbar with literally any TV or source.

Pricing and Availability

The pTron Musicbot Evo Soundbar is available on Flipkart India at a special launch price of ₹999/- only from 23rd August 2022.

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