ASUS IoT Introduces Next-Generation PE1100N, An Ultra-compact AI-inference System

ASUS IoT Introduces Next-Generation PE1100N, An Ultra-compact AI-inference System

ASUS IoT announced PE1100N, an unmatched, ultra-compact computer for AI inferencing at the edge, and based on the next-generation and world-leading NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ series. It features a fanless design for quiet operation, rich industrial connectivity for serious flexibility and supports a wide range of power inputs and operating temperatures for maximum versatility and durability.

With the powerful Jetson platform, featuring an efficient Arm® processor and embedded NVIDIA GPU, PE1100N delivers energy-efficient computing with powerful AI-inferencing capabilities, making it ideal for diverse, scalable edge AI applications in smart city, transportation, manufacturing and more — including traffic analysis, people-tracking, counting and surveillance. Also, PE1100N's compact size and anti-vibration design make it especially ideal for smart manufacturing solutions, such as automated guided vehicle (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), AI-powered automated optical inspection (AOI) and robotics applications — accelerating time to market for AI applications.

Powerful GPU

ASUS IoT developed PE1100N to directly serve the burgeoning smart-manufacturing market, collaborating closely with NVIDIA, a top-tier AI-solution provider. Embedded with NVIDIA Jetson Orin, the world's leading platform for AI at the edge, PE1100N provides up to 100-trillion operations per second (TOPS), low-power (10-25 W) computing for deep learning and computer-vision tasks — delivering up to 5X the performance of previous-generation devices. It also realizes up to 18X-better frames-per-watt efficiency than traditional x86-based platforms.

PE1100N also allows developers to run AI and machine-learning models by leveraging stock SDK and library tools, with minimal changes to the code — empowering the Jetson platform to be easily and seamlessly adopted, facilitating projects from development to deployment. The NVIDIA Isaac™ Robot Operating System (ROS) SDK is also supported by PE1100N, enabling the development of ROS 2 projects.

Industrial-grade design with high expandability and connectivity

The ultra-compact PE1100N has a fanless, rugged design that includes an exclusive metal heatsink, and an extruded-aluminum chassis for efficient and silent cooling — enabling stable, reliable operation across a wide -20° to 50°C wide temperature range.

PE1100N is equipped with an extensive collection of I/O ports for diverse industrial purposes, LAN, DIO, COM, USB 3.2 and Type-A, and, on some models, CAN bus. It also benefits from a Micro-USB debug port for easy system maintenance. An optional WiFi and Bluetooth® module ensures smooth, seamless wireless and cloud connectivity, while the M.2 B key is ready to accommodate a 4G/5G cellular module — including support for dual SIM slots. As well, support for GPS enables more precise device tracking and data recording for smart transportation solutions.

PE1100N is available in two distinct flavors — powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX, or Jetson Orin Nano — so there’s a model to suit all AI-performance requirements. ASUS IoT also offers board-level configuration to fulfill bespoke customer requests.

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