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Arrow Launches its Latest “A” Wireless In-Ear Neckband Series in India



Arrow has launched its new wireless in-ear neckband headset series- “A” in India. The newly launched neckband series delivers phenomenal surround sound with heavy bass. Now, one can enjoy uninterrupted music while jogging, cooking, or even while working.

The newly launched “A” Series comes packed with 90hours of backup and standby Time. Owing to their shape and unique design, the neckbands are extremely light-weight and sleek in design while sitting comfortably in your ears.

“A” series wireless neckbands have 6 different models – A21, A22, A23, A24, A25 and A26 in its range which come in different colour combinations for users to choose from.

Arrow “A” series wireless neckbands are stylish, light weight and easy to operate, allowing you to connect your dual devices with its advanced Bluetooth Version 5.0 and Dual Pairing feature. They can be paired easily with any smartphone and other devices; an uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity with a working distance of 32 feet (10 meters) ensures a smooth music experience without any hindrance. The new neckband series comes with 90mAh battery ensuring a playtime of 6 hours and have a charging time of 1.5 hours.

Equipped with Multi-Functional and Volume/Track Control Buttons, neckband series offers rich bass HD stereo sound. Possessed with passive noise cancellation, these neckbands ensure a blasting sound experience. It also boasts of an in-built microphone and also supports Voice Assistant features. 

Features of Arrow “A” Series Wireless Neckband:

·          Bluetooth Version: 5.0

·          Standby Time: 90 hours

·          Battery Capacity: 90mAh

·          Transmission Distance: 32 feet (10m)

·          Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

·          Magnetic Head to avoid tangling of cables

·          Voice Assistance 

·          Ultra Flexible Cables

·          Speaker: 10mm

·          Multiple Models and Multiple Colors

Pricing and Availability:

Arrow “A” Wireless Neckband Series start at a price point of INR 1,249 and can be purchased in the following colour combination – Black Silver, Black Gold, Black, Black Red, Black Grey from all the leading outlets across India.


HyperX Launches New Dynamic QuadCast S Microphone



HyperX expanded its standalone microphone line with the HyperX Quadcast S. Certified by TeamSpeak and Discord, the HyperX Quadcast S works well on top streaming platforms like XSplit, OBS Studio, and Streamlabs OBS and promises to deliver a quality sound when connected to Mac, PC, PS4 or PS5.

The all-new QuadCast S is a USB microphone featuring radiant RGB lighting effects, which can be customized with HyperX NGENUITY software to add flair and style to any setup. It comes equipped with a built-in anti-vibration shock mount that uses elastic rope suspension to isolate the mic and suppress the sound of bumps and accidental rumbles. HyperX Quadcast S also has a tap-to-mute sensor with an LED status indicator, which ensures clear and consistent sound during streams and video conference calls.

With four polar patterns in Quadcast S (bidirectional, stereo, cardioid, and omnidirectional), users can optimise the broadcast setup of their choice and regulate the mic sensitivity with the help of a dial at the bottom of the microphone. The gadget also comes with a built-in headphone jack, a versatile mount adapter fitting both 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch thread sizes, and an internal pop filter to smooth out the plosive noises for a clear speech.

Speaking on the momentous occasion, HyperX, said, “HyperX Quadcast S will be a perfect choice for those podcasters and streamers who require a USB condenser mic that looks great and comes with the best quality sound in the market. Loaded with best-in-class features, HyperX Quadcast S promises to top the charts for its performance, style, and reliability”.

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RAEGR Launches ‘MagFix MM60’ Wire Manager Cable Organizer Dock



RAEGR launches MagFix MM60, a Wire Manager Cable Organizer Dock for Apple iPhone 12 series Mag-Safe Chargers and Raegr MagFix M920 Charger. The MagFix MM60 helps keep your desk neat from cable mess while ensuring long life and stable performance when wirelessly charging your iPhone 12.  

Ajesh George, MD, RAEGR commented on the new product, “The RAEGR MagFix MM60 is an elegant desktop accessory for all Apple iPhone 12 users which helps prolong the life and efficiency of its original wireless-charging MagSafe charger and cable while also helping organize your desk. Also the wire manager  makes it super convenient to carry around.The MM60 is made using high-quality materials and converts the Apple original MagSafe charger and RAEGR’s MagFix M920 MagSafe charger into a desktop charging pad with silicone protection for longer periods.”

The RAEGR MagFix MM60 is a simple and elegant, yet robust Wire Manager Cable Organizer Dock for MagSafe chargers. It doubles up as a Cable Manager, Dock Holder and Organizer for the Apple iPhone 12 Series’ MagSafe chargers and is also compatible with RAEGR’s MagFix M920 MagSafe charger. 

The RAEGR MagFix MM60 built using a high-quality silicone material that helps protect your original MagSafe chargers for prolonged use. It helps enclose the original Apple MagSafe charger (not included) and converts it into a desktop charging pad. Since the magnets in the MagSafe charger/connector are very powerful, it becomes difficult to lift the iPhone 12 away as it strongly attaches itself to the phone. The MM60 helps easily separate the phone from the charger by simply prying it with a finger. 

Additionally, the RAEGR MagFix MM60’s silicone enclosure also helps as a cable manager/organizer, while offering additional grip when kept on a desk. Simply insert the MagSafe charging cable inside the silicone housing and wrap the extra cable around the edges to shorten it as much as needed. This helps avoid cable mess and knots and enhances the life of the cables by preventing tangles and tension. Also arrying around the Magsafe chargers is super convenient without the cable mess.

The RAEGR MagFix MM60 weighs just 36 grams, making it very lightweight and highly portable so that you can carry it around wherever you go. Lastly, the silicone housing is highly durable and washable so you can keep it clean whenever you need it. Simply detach the MagSafe charger and wash the MM60 with mild soap and water to make it look new once again.

The RAEGR MagFix MM60 will be available on and for a price of Rs 799 with a standard industrial warranty of 1 year. 

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PremiumAV Brings New Range of Friwol Webcam



Friwol India announced the launch of its range of webcams for video call and game streaming. These webcams are plug-and-play USB webcam that records at high quality and are specially crafted understanding the different pain points of today’s broadcasters, YouTubers, content creators as well as residential users, who demand high quality video recordings.

Mr. Sanjay Garg, CEO at PremiumAV said, “In today’s world, people are increasingly relying on video calling to maintain far flung connections. Even Companies and schools are adopting teleworking, remote classes, and live streaming to prevent a large number of people from gathering at a specific location. These webcams ensure sharp and high quality images without interruption and offer breathtaking quality, allowing friends and loved ones to see and hear the real you. Friwol’s video and audio products are used in a variety of ways and serve as a kind of quarantine tool”.

Friwol webcams deliver amazingly crisp and clear HD video capturing with faster, smoother and continuous transmission on all PCs and laptops. These devices have an easily adjustable body for both table and LED screen and the built-in microphone offers better frequency response and sensitivity. The Friwol webcams come with built-in microphones and a flexible swivel design. A well-thought privacy shutter provides users with a peace of mind against potential prying eyes of hackers; the flexible mounting clip with rubber pads enables the camera to be mounted firmly either on top of the monitor or on a tripod. These webcams perfectly work with 3rd party conference software, like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

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