Amazfit Active Smartwatches Received Zepp OS 3.5 Update

Amazfit Active Smartwatches Received Zepp OS 3.5 Update

Amazfit has launched the highly anticipated Zepp OS 3.5 update for its popular Amazfit Active smartwatches in India. This cutting-edge software update brings a wealth of exciting new features, including the ground-breaking Zepp Flow AI-powered voice assistant, enhanced sports modes, offline maps, and an expanded mini app ecosystem.

 Headlining the Zepp OS 3.5 update is the revolutionary Zepp Flow, an AI-driven natural language voice assistant that enables users to interact with their Amazfit Active in a truly conversational manner. Unlike traditional voice commands, Zepp Flow understands freeform speech, allowing users to effortlessly start workouts, check health data, and manage daily activities through natural conversations.

Amazfit Active smartwatch offers a multitude of fitness and health features along with built-in Alexa and navigation. The smartwatch features a vibrant 1.75" HD AMOLED display encased in an elegant stainless-steel frame, delivering an immersive visual experience with lasting comfort due to its lightweight design. It can keep tabs on over 120 different types of exercises, from running to yoga. With five satellite positioning systems, the watch can help you find your way around accurately, whether you're walking, cycling, or hiking. Existing sports modes have been improved in the Zepp OS 3.5 update and new modes for activities like climbing and hiking have been added, catering to a wider range of outdoor enthusiasts.

 In addition to Zepp Flow, the Zepp OS 3.5 update brings a host of other enhancements to the Amazfit Active. Users can now access a broader selection of mini apps through the Zepp App, including tools for monitoring body temperature, blood pressure, and environmental quality, enabling more comprehensive health and fitness tracking. The update also introduces offline maps, allowing users to navigate without needing an internet connection, and improves smart notifications, enabling users to receive and respond to messages directly from their smartwatch using voice commands.

The Zepp OS 3.5 update is now available for download via the Zepp App, and Amazfit Active users in India are encouraged to update their devices to experience the full range of new features and improvements. This update reinforces Amazfit's commitment to delivering cutting-edge smartwatch technology and a superior user experience.

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