Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Shaaimu’s SmartFit Pro 1 Smartwatch

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Shaaimu’s SmartFit Pro 1 Smartwatch

Shaaimu has launched its latest smartwatch, 'SmartFit Pro 1'. Built for the youngsters, who cannot afford to compromise on style or health, it serves both purposes. The 1.69" full touch screen with 240*280 display, is laced with all the features sought by health and fitness enthusiasts.

A professional health coach in itself, Shaaimu SmartFit Pro 1 has eight sports modes. It offers real-time health monitoring with blood oxygen monitor, heart rate tracking, meditative breathing feature as well as sleep monitoring. For females, it has one of the most needed features, a period tracker. Talking of battery, the smartwatch can function for 5-6 days with a full charge, and thus can be sported extensively for long durations.

"Our new SmartFit Pro 1 is our personal favorite as it has all the great features of a smartwatch like great touch response, monitoring many more body vitals than was previously possible, allowing access to music and calls (answer & reject) on the go along with-it being IP67 waterproof rating. The theater mode, camera control, music control, and weather updates right there on your wrist will get you hooked. With a feature of 'drink water' reminder it will be your personal guide to take you on the path of good health," said, Ashutosh Singh Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Shaaimu.

He further said that "users can use any of the 150+ cloud-based face watches, or change them every day according to their mood. This one is going to become the new favorite of all the fitness buffs, as post covid all of us are trying to get into perfect health."

It is available on Amazon e-commerce portals and is economically priced at Rs. 2,799. Shaaimu SmartFit Pro 1 comes in different colour variants, namely Pink, Black, and Grey.

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