“More Than 1M Users Have Downloaded Tamasha Live App”

“More Than 1M Users Have Downloaded Tamasha Live App”

In last few years, gaming platforms are gaining huge engagement due to increase in mobile gaming trend. These young gamers are even winning prizes as few gaming platforms have started to help the users with monetization which ultimately helps the gamers community to grow further. Tamasha Live is one such live gaming platform growing at a rapid pace. Jyoti Janda, Executive Editor, TelecomToday.in got a chance to have a conversation with Saurabh Gupta, Co-Founder, and CEO, Tamasha Live. Mr. Saurabh elaborated about the platform, growth plans, and much more. Read below the excerpts:

Jyoti: What was the motive behind establishing Tamasha? How has been the journey so far? 

Saurabh: Tamasha was founded in July 2020 and the first version was released in Nov 2020. The concept came from the fact that gaming communities and their owners didn't have a platform to play, engage and earn. They have to use multiple products to engage among each other. Money is transferred using payment platforms, engagement is done on WhatsApp or zoom and there is no way to discover new people. Tamasha is a gaming platform which is social 2.0 meaning there is a unique combination of community, engagement and transaction layer which blends naturally among each other.

Jyoti: Please tell us about the number of installs Tamasha has accumulated till date. How many active users do you have on your platform?

Saurabh: Tamasha has been operating in a stealth mode and would begin scaling up starting next year. We have more got than 1M users registered on the platforms with more than 3000 active clubs/communities on the platform. 1M+ users have downloaded the application; we have 3000 + monthly creators monetizing on the platform.

Jyoti: How are you helping this market/community to grow further? What all support you provide to content creators?

Saurabh: Creators are benefitting by focusing on engaging their audience and organize games for the community without having to deal with payments, communication and other logistic problems. Creators can also get access to new set of users who are looking for these gaming communities to play. Creators are the true owners of the platform and we incentivize them instead of Google ads since they bring the users and engage with the users. Creators are able to earn revenue from their engagement and Tamasha is planning to add interesting monetization tools for the creators.

Jyoti: What are your funding and expansion plans? Please share your future expansion plans

Saurabh: Current focus is to attract more communities to the platform and increase the user base. We are in early discussion phase of the funding and are keeping the conversation open. Will be moving forward in a couple of months down the line.

We plan to bring more community games like poker, rummy on the platform soon and are also partnering with big gaming studios to bring branded games to the platform. We are planning to bring 50 games in the next 5 months on the platform.

Jyoti: How many games are there on the platform and how many languages are there on the platform?

Saurabh: Currently, there are 5 games live on the platform and we are adding new games day by day. We are planning to bring 20 games in next 5 months on the platform which will cater to different age groups and their different tastes.

The interface of the platform is in English as of now, and we plan to add 15 languages by the end of this year to reach out to users across different markets.

Jyoti: What is your monetization model and the revenue strategy?

Saurabh: There are multiple ways of revenue and we are constantly working on opening new channels to make money for communities as well as for the platform. Rake in real money games, commission through virtual gifting, sponsorships and ads are some ways to make revenue. Our numbers are healthy and are growing at a very fast pace.

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