STL Radically Improves Customer Serviceability through Digital Transformation

STL Radically Improves Customer Serviceability through Digital Transformation

Sterlite Technologies Ltd (STL) has invested in an integrated system to radically shift global customer experiences by building robust planning and delivery processes.

With customers spanning across countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, manufacturing facilities in three continents, and a diverse data network solutions set, STL has a fairly complex demand-supply network. The Company also recognises that the speed of global serviceability is a priority when designing and orchestrating complex supply chains.

To help ensure a speedy and smooth implementation, STL designed an organic transformation recipe to enable rapid implementation of planning processes and tools. As a result, it selected SAP Integrated Business Planning solution and GitaCloud as the implementation partner for the solution. STL's unique selection framework for deep planning is based on several attributes such as product features, adaptiveness, configurability and domain knowledge.

"Well, this is just the beginning! STL's digital transformation roadmap has a lot more to offer –across its blocks of foundational, scalable and 'moon-shot' processes – to enrich customer experience and enable speed with our scale-up. We plan to inseminate a digital collaboration model with our growing customer and supplier base to enable near-real time planning and orchestration to delight customers with a very responsive supply chain," saidNischal Gupta, Chief Transformation Officer at STL.

"SAP is excited to support the ongoing digital transformation at STL. SAP Integrated Business Planning, part of the SAP Digital Supply Chain platform, enables global end-to-end planning, providing STL deep business insight and delivery excellence to meet their next phase of customer experience," said Paul Marriott, Senior Vice President, Digital Core Cloud, SAP Asia Pacific Japan.

"STL has an ambitious and holistic transformation vision. We are very pleased to have delivered the first phase of this transformation successfully, and look forward to rolling out the solution globally. We are committed to delivering optimal planning across demand, supply and scheduling to enable perfect order performance along with optimal cost to serve the demand," said Ashutosh Bansal, President and CEO, GitaCloud.

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