NetRack Showcased AcoustiRACK™ and NRSe Series to Addresses Airflow Management Strategies in BICSI Dubai

NetRack Showcased AcoustiRACK™ and NRSe Series to Addresses Airflow Management Strategies in BICSI Dubai

NetRack recently participated in BISCI Dubai. BICSI provides a platform to nurture partner, customer and vendor relationships. BICSI focuses on how to invest smartly in the future and offers gain (ICT) Information and communications technology insight firsthand along with like-minded professionals on most innovative topics.

In BICSI, NetRack showcased AcoustiRACK™, a soundproof cabinet that reduces noise and consumes extremely low energy, freeing companies from paying exorbitant energy bills thereby enabling 'Green IT infrastructure'. The other one was NRSe Series, ultra-rigid enhanced Racks for high density application in data centers & server room along with Intelligent locking & UL certified PDUs. Besides, NetRack also addressed the pain points of organizations regarding data center management and how to maximize data center efficiency, reducing recirculation overheating by adopting various 'Air Flow management' initiatives.

Speaking on the benefits of Airflow management, Mr. Krishnaraj U,Solution Architect at NetRack "Data is everywhere! The data center market is witnessing a huge growth in terms of server computing and data processing. Across the globe, there is a drastic increase in the number of data center setups. We have been in business for more than a decade and understand the pain points of organizations when it comes to storing voluminous data and heating issues."

"Considering the issues, we offer a variety of products that deals with the modern concerns of organizations, including cooling arrangements, heat dissipation, cable management and also effective power consumption. Our entire product portfolio can be customized based on customers' requirements."

NetRack has grown in stature since its inception and is synonymous with quality, innovation and service. The company is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, assembling and testing of network and server racks. Keeping the healthy environment on higher priority, NetRack manufactures its products by adopting environmentally friendly practices for data centers. The product range of NetRack is UL certified and follows all the international guidelines for product manufacturing.

"We work closely with our authorized distribution partner 'Malco Technologies' in Dubai, to render our services and products in UAE region. Keeping ourselves updated on the ever-evolving market demands has helped us to reach out to customers and address issues regarding data center efficiency in Middle East countries",added Mr Prabhu (GM – Sales & Marketing), Steering International Business

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