First Edition of IDEATE Technology Expo to be Held at New Delhi

First Edition of IDEATE Technology Expo to be Held at New Delhi

India is on the cusp of achieving its trillion dollar digital economy dream, as it witnesses unprecedented advancements that have accelerated the growth of digital technologies in the country and bearing a huge potential in content market. Digital consumption and creation is on a boom, and this will lead to the country seeing great innovation to cater to new Indian customer segments.

With an exponential growth in digital infrastructure, there is a huge potential in the Indian content market across creators, innovators and technology, representing the potential of over 627 million internet subscribers across India that is growing at an exponential rate. With the mission to become the bedrock of this digital revolution, BQrius Brand & Networks Pvt Ltd and Marquee One Events LLP announces the launch of India's Digital Entertainment and Technology Expo, IDEATE with the first edition being held in NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi, from 31 October to 3 November, 2019.

IDEATE will be a one of a kind, large format interactive exhibition in India. It aims to bring together international and Indian pioneers, and innovators to become the gateway to an exciting realm of digital technology for India's new age tech-savvy population. In fact, by 2020, Indian industries like AR is projected to be valued at $150 billion, while gaming and OTTs are projected to have an audience of 628 million and 100 million respectively as the focus shifts to specific content defined to audience segments. According to recent reports, online gaming has seen a rapid growth spurt of 52 per cent whereas Animation and VFX has gone up by 18 per cent. Digital Media too has seen a rise of 42 per cent with Digital ADs and subscriptions growing by 34 per cent. The exhibition will focus on bringing together content creators and technology including media solutions, Artificial Intelligence and robotics, Hardware, Software and app developers, AR/VR and gaming, VFX & animation, etc. representing the digital revolution that is underway across the country.

With a distinct multivalent approach, IDEATE will feature diverse product categories and marketplaces under one roof, and curate a thriving content driven premium platform for the business of digital entertainment and technology. This multifaceted fair aims to foster conversation and engagement amongst key stakeholders and visionaries within an interactive format to create a one of a kind platform that brings together consumers, innovators and the government. Look forward to peer to peer community interactions and introductions, strategic product showcases, and unique workshops and experiences at the first edition this year.

Commenting on this initiative, Srijon Bhattacharya, Director, BQrius Brand & Networks Pvt Ltd said, "We seek to build IDEATE into an exhibition that acts as a catalyst and consolidator of international and Indian digital entertainment and technology industries. The aim of the exhibition is to create a holistic ecosystem and further the marketplace for discoveries and discourse. The exhibition will also showcase the works of trendsetters from the realm of digital entertainment and technology, giving brands and audiences an opportunity to innovate, engage and inspire."

In order to promote conversation and be the epicenter for the exchange of ideas, IDEATE will also have a curated programming calendar that would feature a series of talks, interactive sessions and keynotes.

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