Wings Lifestyle Launches India’s First Touch Enabled Truly Wireless Earbuds for Rs.3999

Wings Lifestyle Launches India’s First Touch Enabled Truly Wireless Earbuds for Rs.3999

Lovers of music and technology get best of both from the Wings Touch; the first truly wireless earphones under 4,000 INR in India operated using intuitive touch control. Wings Lifestyle recently introduced these premium earbuds in India and they can be purchased from Amazon and Myntra. The intuitive earbuds are sleek, elegant and when inserted into the ear can be operated just by touch. Each earbud has sensors allowing users to adjust volume, change songs, answer calls, and use Siri and Google using touch. All these actions can be completed without ever having to hold your smartphone.

The Wings Touch's sound output is specially designed keeping in mind the preferences of Indian audiences who like music that has a heavy base.

Consumers today struggle using true wireless earbuds because they all either have no controls at all or have buttons which dig into the user's ear when pressed. Those using Wings Touch earbuds need only double touch on the right earbud to raise the volume and double touch on the left earbud to lower it. A long touch on the right earbud will skip to the next song in a playlist while a long touch on the left bud will play the previous song in a playlist. A single touch on the right or left earbud will pause or play a song. The Wings Touch is a huge step forward because it is intuitive and ideal for trendy consumers who love listening to music and lead active lifestyles.

Speaking about the launch Nishit Sharma , founder of Wings Lifestyle said "Hands down the Wings Touch is superior to all its competitors. It gives Indian consumers the opportunity to own the highest quality, truly wireless earbuds with touch control, at a relatively affordable price. Unlike its competitors, who charge a massive premium yet sell a less feature-rich product, Wings Lifestyle products are loaded with exceptional features and priced significantly lower than competitor's products. While its competitor's products are gaudy and heavy, the Wings Touch is set apart by its lightweight and aesthetic design making it a lifestyle product that complements the lives of trendy individuals"

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