Synology DiskStation is Now Available On Flipkart

Synology DiskStation is Now Available On Flipkart

Synology® announces that DiskStation, its award-winning NAS server dedicated to data sharing and backup, is now available at India's biggest online store – Flipkart. This announcement comes with a grand opening special offer of up to 46% off.

Synology DiskStation is an intelligent storage device connected to the home or office network. It helps users to store, secure, sync, share and manage their ever-growing amount of data. In more than 100 countries, Synology products have become an essential device for power users and businesses.

"We're excited to make this step forward into the Indian market," said Danny Wang, South Asia sales manager of Synology Inc. With this cooperation with Flipkart India, Synology is going to share the full-featured Synology NAS servers with more Indian users. "We are excited for Indian customers to get their hands on Synology NAS and enjoy a myriad of functions provided, including robust features on smartphone/ PC backups, data protection, file serving, and multimedia"


The following Synology DiskStations are now available at Flipkart India: 

  • For entry-level users: DS220j, DS420j,
  • For Power-users: DS220+, DS420+, DS720+, DS920+
  • For ultimate/ SMBs: DS1520+
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