Sony Introduces Its First 8K TV ‘Z8H’ in India

Sony Introduces Its First 8K TV ‘Z8H’ in India

Sony India launched the first 8K television in India, Z8H for the best at-home cinema experience. The new Z8H offers premium viewing experience and represents the pinnacle of picture quality, exceptional colour, contrast, and clarity with Full Array LED. With 8K, step into the breath-taking world of big screen where images come to life with absolute blacks and a super-wide viewing angle detail with X-Wide Angle. A minimalist one-slate design and thin bezel, this 8K LED TV brings home the big-screen 8K experience with most powerful Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate that promises intense depth and details of the 8K TV. This Smart Android TV is PS5 ready.

Super-high 8K detail and lifelike picture quality for incredibly realistic and immersive experience

Available in 216 cm (85), new Z8H brings out the intense depth and details in extraordinary resolution and reproduces virtually real-world textures with 4 times more pixels than in a 4K TV. Experience lifelike image and unparalleled realism in 8K with Z8H. Upconvert any kind of content to lifelike 8K resolution with Sony's unique features. 

Sony's most powerful Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate provides crisp images with high contrast

With Sony's powerful processor any kind of content can be upconverted close to lifelike 8K resolution no matter what you are watching. The X1™ Ultimate, picture processor, precisely analyses and processes data to power 8K pictures with four times the resolution of 4K for scenes rich in depth, texture and detail. Even images filmed in 4K and 2K are upscaled close to 8K by 8K X-Reality™ PRO using a unique 8K database. Resolution of each subject is then optimised by Object-based Super Resolution to reproduce greater depth, textures, and more realistic pictures textures. With Object-based HDR remaster, the colour in individual objects on screen is analysed and the contrast adjusted, unlike most TVs where contrast is only adjusted along one black-to-white contrast curve. 

Full Array LED and 8K X-tended Dynamic Range Pro with 14X XDR contrast brings out the peaks of brightness and deeper blacks for dynamic and cinematic experience

The new Z8H TV precisely balances light output across the screen to ensure scenes are full of breath-taking contrast. With zones of LEDs lit independently, Full Array LED provides more realistic contrast by making light areas lighter and dark areas darker. The 8K X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO with 14X XDR contrast, further enhances the contrast by adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadow. The X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO precisely balances the light output across the screen by dimming some areas and boosting others, revealing a brightness range several times that of a conventional LED-backlit TV.

With 'Ready for PlayStation 5' TV enjoy responsive and effortless gaming at super-smooth 120 fps

The 'Ready for PlayStation 5' TV Z8H can display incredibly detailed 8K resolution images while also showcasing 4K resolution gameplay images at super-smooth 120 fps. Equipped with Sony's cutting-edge proprietary technologies, Z8H provides extremely smooth gaming experiences which will fully immerse the users in the true next-generation level of transformative play offered by PS5. It has an in-built BRAVIA Game Mode, which allows users to automatically play games on the PS5 console with low latency and you can even control your PlayStation with your TV remote.

TRILUMINOS™ display reproduces a wider and more precise range of colours

In Z8H, by widening the colour spectrum, TRILUMINOS powered by our X1 processors reproduces more colours than a conventional television. It analyses and processes data in every image to make colours even more natural and precise, so pictures are closer than ever to real life.

Smart Android TV and Hands-Free Voice Search powered by Google Assistant for endless entertainment; works seamlessly with Alexa smart devices, Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

The Z8H features Sony's Android TV which supports more than 5000 apps and game from Google Play™, including YouTube™, Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+ Hotstar. For deeper smart home integration, the Z8H also has built-in voice assistant. The built-in microphones on the TV will allow viewers to have a truly hands-free experience. Viewers can simply talk to the TV to find what they want quickly, or to play TV shows, movies, and more without using the TV remote. 

Z8H is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. AirPlay 2 lets you effortlessly stream content from your iPhone, iPad and Mac right to your Sony TV. HomeKit lets you easily and securely control smart home products using the Home app or by asking Siri on your Apple devices. The TV can also work with popular smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Echo, which allow viewers to control the TV and stream content on it just by asking smart speakers.

Vibrant shades of colours at an ultra-wide-viewing angle with X-Wide Angle

With Z8H, watching TV from the sides is now as satisfying as from the centre. X-Wide Angle technology offers an ultra-wide- viewing angle for the TV that minimises the colour change when seen from the side. You can view the screen from any angle and be assured to enjoy the faithful shades and hues of the TRILUMINOS™ display.

Acoustic Multi Audio sound-from-picture reality is faithfully reproduced for best audio experience

Acoustic Multi-Audio™ in Z8H includes a vibrating frame tweeter, a speaker that enables sound to follow the action for a truly immersive experience. It gives viewers the feeling that sound is coming directly from the screen and not from a speaker at the bottom. Independent amps are controlled separately to precisely manage sound positioning in high tone areas, enhancing sound pressure and stability for absolute realism. 

Multidimensional sound with S-Force Front Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos® built-in

With the new Z8H, you can hear sound as you would from a separate multi surround speaker. By upconverting inputs, S-Force Front Surround virtually reproduces a multi surround speaker system within your TV, so you can enjoy all the thrills of more immersive sound. With Dolby Atmos, sound comes from above as well as from the sides, so you can hear objects moving overhead for a truly multi-dimensional experience.

With ambient optimisation technology experience the best picture and sound in any environment

Z8H boasts of unique ambient optimisation technology automatically adjusting picture and sound to your environment. On conventional TVs, brightness stays the same regardless of light in a room, resulting in pictures that are too dark or bright. This 8K TV includes an embedded light sensor that optimises picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones, so you get the perfect view. Similarly, sound experience can also change depending on your room environment. Curtains, for example, absorb sound while objects in front of the TV can disturb the passage of sound, compromising the quality of what you hear. This TV detects objects and reproduces sound that's enhanced and optimised as per the setting in your room.

BRAVIA Z8H TV, recipient of the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best is specially designed for most immersive viewing experience

The BRAVIA Z8H 8K LED TV received the exceptional Red Dot: Best of the Best award 2020. The Red Dot Award is one of the world's largest design competitions that is referred to as an international label of outstanding design quality. With its minimalist one slate design and thin bezel, this TV brings home the big screen 8K experience offering a totally immersive entertainment without distraction. The narrow aluminium bezel keeps you focused on the picture, not the television. The stand with dual position sits discretely on a shelf and won't compromise your viewing experience. You can minimise you clutter with cable holders which keep wires neatly hidden, so your television stays free of clutter and looks good from the front, the sides and the back.

New Backlit Remote with voice assistance

The new Z8H come with a new backlit and a very premium looking remote control for a user-friendly experience. The lights in buttons turn on automatically when picked up in dark. Also, with built-in voice control microphone and enhanced button layout it is easy to use. The newly developed user interface brings seamless and quick access to your favourite apps and settings without any hassle.

Price and Availability

The new Z8H will be available across Sony retail stores (Sony Center and Sony Exclusive), portal, major electronic stores and other e-commerce website in India from 5th October 2020 onwards.

Model Best Buy Availability
KD-85Z8H 8KRs. 1,399,990/-5th October 2020 onwards
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