IP-COM Launched 8-Port Managed Gigabit PoE Switch, G3210P in India

IP-COM Launched 8-Port Managed Gigabit PoE Switch, G3210P in India

IP-COM launched the G3210P, an 8-Port Gigabit Managed PoE Switch with 2-Port SFP. The G3210P has been developed independently to fulfill the requirement of building a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet network. It is good for remote Gigabit wireless cabling and HD monitoring network.

With 8 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports and 2 extra independent 1000Base-X Gigabit SFP ports, the G3210P makes users networking more flexible. RJ45 ports 1~8 support IEEE 802.3af PoE (15.4W) or 802.3at PoE+ (30W) standard. It can supply electricity to high-power PDs such as dual band/11AC devices and also can supply electricity and transmit data at the same time to AP, IP Camera or IP Phone via Cat.5e twisted-pair cables.

In addition to these, it provides stronger safety protection system, improved QoS policy, multiple VLAN features and higher availability of maintenance. As an enhanced safety feature, all of the products of this series support IP-MAC-Port-VLAN binding, IP/MAC/ARP filtering, can filter related data which assist to build reliable and high-performance network to meet the requirement of Gigabit wireless cabling and HD monitor network for large and medium enterprise, star hotel and large shopping mall.

Enhanced Ethernet PoE+ function
All  RJ45 ports support IEEE 802.3af PoE (15.4W) or 802.3at PoE+ (30W) power supply, auto detects and recognize IEEE802.3af PoE device to the power supply; support PoE power intelligent management, based on the power consumption, priority and PoE power period.

Hardware security protection  
It supports ARP intrusion detection to prevent Hacker or "man in the middle" attack caused by ARP spoof, discarding the illegal ARP spoofing message which is in conformity with DHCP Snooping dynamic-binding-table or manual static-binding-table. It also supports IP Source Check, preventing Invalid address from MAC deceive, IP deceives, MAC/IP deceive and the deuterogenicDoS attack. Plus, DHCP Snooping function can completely eradicate the private DHCP servers to ensure the authenticity and consistency of DHCP environment.

Service Security
It can effectively prevent MAC-base attacks. It can permit or restrict flow based on MAC address, or set up the maximum number of MAC address by port-permitted, allow static allocation by the administrator for MAC address on the appointed port or switch dynamic learning.

User Security
It supports the user authentication by 802.1X and MAC authentication, permitting the access from a legal user and refusing access from an illegal user. It reduces harm to networking security by checking and controlling the user legality.

Enterprise high-reliability design
Quality: Mean Time Before Failure of system, MTBF>100,000hours Stability: 64-bit packet, time delay<10us, packet loss rate: 0 Restorability: network shaking or device breakdown, restart (recovery) time <10s.

The MRP of the G3210P is 20,000INR.

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