GIGABYTE Unveils Three Stylish White Motherboards on AMD AM5 Platform

GIGABYTE Unveils Three Stylish White Motherboards on AMD AM5 Platform

GIGABYTE Technology is proud to unveil three Stylish White motherboards on the AMD AM5 platform: the X670E AORUS PRO X, B650 AORUS ELITE AX ICE, and the B650M AORUS ELITE AX ICE. These offerings provide gamers with an expanded array of options for crafting White Gaming Builds.

Prepare to be captivated by the alluring all-white aesthetics of these motherboards. The PCB boards feature the latest color-matched solder mask, accentuated by mesmerizing lighting effects. The new UC BIOS also introduces a white version, meticulously designed with a user-centered approach, offering an intuitive operational interface with an aesthetically pleasing design. Moreover, the Quick Access function and nine customizable option slots in Easy Mode are now at your fingertips. With the addition of the sleek white antenna, creating the most immersive and visually striking white-themed rig on the market has never been more effortless.

In addition, the X670E PRO X boasts cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 support, a reinforced Ultra Durable™ feature, and innovative DIY-friendly elements:

Ultra Durable PCIe UD Slot X:
The PCIe UD Slot X stands as a remarkable achievement. Its seamless, one-piece design securely fastened to a dedicated backplate increases load-bearing capacity by an impressive tenfold. Paired with the Inner Lining Rubber Strip that shields your graphics card’s PCB from potential scratches, this feature provides an unwavering foundation for graphics cards, ensuring enhanced durability and performance.

Sensor Panel Link:
Custom-tailored for today's trendiest case designs, it comes with built-in screens, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience without the need for cable routing. This empowers you to display essential system statistics or customize the screen with animations, calendars, schedules, and more. Additionally, explore a wide range of specially designed official system information skins.


M.2 EZ-Latch Click:
The screwless heatsink design is complemented by the M.2 EZ-Latch Plus, engineered for effortless M.2 SSD installations.

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