ASUS Introduces Three Exciting Products Focused on Lifestyle and Gaming for India

ASUS Introduces Three Exciting Products Focused on Lifestyle and Gaming for India

ASUS announced three exciting products specially focused on the Lifestyle, Smart home and Gaming Market in India. Lyra Voice, an all-in-one home network solution featuring an integrated 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) Triband Wi-Fi router, Amazon Alexa and Bluetooth stereo speakers. The Rapture GT-AC2900 is an 802.11ac RGB Wi-Fi gaming router designed to meet the distinct needs of PC, console and mobile gamers.

"At ROG, gaming has been our forte for over 12 years. With technology constantly evolving, we try to map intricate details that will give every PC gamer the edge while using our products. Lyra voice is yet another example of this technological evolution that will become a part of ASUS's smart home portfolio alongside AI and Robotics. 2019 will see many such launches in India thus reinforcing our position as an industry leader in the Gaming and Lifestyle segment." – Mr. Vinay Shetty, Regional Director – Components Business – India & South Asia.


Lyra Voice

Whole home WiFi Coverage with AiMesh support

Lyra Voice supports operation in three types of WiFi modes: as an AiMesh router or node, as a stand-alone router and as a universal WiFi repeater. ASUS AiMesh technology lets users create a seamless, whole-home WiFi system with any combination of compatible ASUS routers. As an AiMesh router, Lyra Voice enables users to easily create a powerful, seamless and flexible whole-home WiFi system.

As an AiMesh node, Lyra Voice extends a current AiMesh WiFi network, so users can place it anywhere they need additional stable WiFi coverage and a smart speaker, such as in the kitchen or family room. When used as an AiMesh node, Lyra Voice inherits all of the current settings and powerful features available on the primary AiMesh router, such as Game Boost and screen-time management tools.

Lyra Voice also works as a stand-alone router and makes a great choice for the hub of a smart-home network if a smart assistant is needed in the same location where the internet connection enters the home. As a smart-home hub, Lyra Voice provides fast and stable WiFi to all connected smart devices and makes it easy to add more AiMesh nodes to the network in future.

As a WiFi repeater, Lyra Voice lets users extend their current WiFi network to eliminate WiFi dead zones and provide better WiFi coverage within the home. Lyra Voice works perfectly with almost any other router on the market, still making it an ideal choice for users who do no own other AiMesh routers.

Integrated Amazon Alexa

Lyra Voice integrates Amazon Alexa, enabling users to enjoy all the convenient benefits of the voice service, such as asking questions, listening to the news and traffic information, playing music and controlling smart-home devices, without the need for a separate smart speaker. Integrating Alexa in Lyra Voice also eliminates connection issues between traditional WiFi routers and separate smart speakers, while keeping surfaces free from the clutter of multiple devices. Lyra Voice features a pair of microphones with 360°, far-field voice detection to easily pick-up commands and questions for Alexa, even when spoken at low volume or from across the room. Additionally, a Synaptics audio chip provides enhanced noise cancellation and background-noise filtering to ensure Lyra Voice can always hear users' voices, even when music is playing at high volume.

Immersive surround sound with stereo speakers

Lyra Voice also features two built-in stereo speakers with passive radiators and bass reflex ports to extend resonance of low-frequency sound. The speakers have been tuned by expert audio engineers on the ASUS Golden Ear team to ensure they deliver maximum audio fidelity. This sophisticated speaker design and tuning combined with DTS surround-sound technology enables Lyra Voice to deliver natural, full-sounding audio that's incredibly spacious and immersive. With Lyra Voice, users can play music from their favorite streaming service or stream audio from their smart device via Bluetooth.

A safer internet experience for families and all connected devices

Lyra Voice not only enables users to connect all of their smart devices to fast, stable WiFi and enjoy the convenient benefits of Amazon Alexa, it also incorporates AiProtection Pro, commercial-grade security for home networks. Powered by Trend Micro™, AiProtection Pro keeps every connected smart device on the network, including IoT devices, safe from Internet threats. It also comes with free updates for the life of the product to ensure protection stays current and effective.

Lyra Voice also comes with state-of-the-art parental controls that let parents keep a watchful eye on how much time children are spending online and set time limits and schedules. Parents can also block specific categories of mobile apps and websites and then apply them to all devices belonging to a particular family member, while allowing free access to the rest of the internet.


Lyra Voice – INR 24990


Amazon India. This models will also be available offline.


ROG Rapture GT-AC2900

The Rapture GT-AC2900 is an 802.11ac Wi-Fi gaming router designed to meet the distinct needs of PC, console and mobile gamers. ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 comes with multiple features, including triple-level game acceleration, that give PC gamers full control over their network, from their PC to the game server, to reduce ping times and deliver low-latency gameplay. It is also recommended by NVIDIA for use with GeForce NOW to provide the best cloud-gaming experience.

For console gamers, ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 provides simple three-step port forwarding and network management from the intuitive ASUS Router smartphone app to make configuring the network for lag-free online gameplay fast and easy.

For mobile gamers, ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 supports exclusive AiMesh technology for seamless, whole-home Wi-Fi coverage to ensure fast and smooth gameplay anywhere and also features MU-MIMO technology that provides a great online gaming experience for everyone in multi-gamer households.

Featuring bold new ROG styling with a unique "slash-cut" design and Aura RGB lighting that provides a colorful accent and also provides a convenient indicator of Game Boost, GeForce NOW and DFS channel status, ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 makes a welcome addition to any gaming setup.

Triple-level game acceleration and NVIDIA GeForce NOW recommended

ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 has a wealth of gaming-focused features aimed to provide the best PC gaming experiences and give gamers full control over their network. Triple-level game acceleration prioritizes gaming packets from the gaming device to the game server. The first step of triple-level game acceleration is a dedicated gaming port on ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 that gives priority on the network to any device that plugs into it.

The second level of triple-level gaming acceleration, Game Boost, is adaptive QoS for gaming that prioritizes gaming packets within the local network, ensuring smooth gaming performance even if other network users are streaming video or performing other high-bandwidth activities.

The third step of triple-level gaming acceleration is built-in support for wtfast®, a service that optimizes connections to ensure the shortest path to game servers around the world. When using all three steps — the dedicated gaming port, Game Boost and wtfast — of triple-level game acceleration, ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 provides up to 75% lower ping times for dramatically smoother online gaming experiences.

As an NVIDIA GeForce NOW recommended router, ASUS worked closely with NVIDIA to tune ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 to deliver a seamless experience with the GeForce NOW cloud-gaming service. When paired with a GeForce NOW client device, ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 automatically configures QoS when the device connects to the network, ensuring up to 90% of Wi-Fi bandwidth is dedicated to GeForce NOW gaming to provide an unrivaled cloud-gaming experience with minimal latency.

Easy three-step port forwarding for console gamers

Console gamers may sometimes encounter network address translation (NAT) issues that prevent teaming up with other players or being able to host a match. While most routers provide NAT configuration abilities via port forwarding, it is often a complicated process. ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 gets around this and makes it easy for console gamers to enjoy lag-free online gaming with Open NAT, a feature that provides NAT configuration in three simple, guided steps.

The comprehensive yet intuitive ASUS Router smartphone app provides the ability to configure Open NAT as well as manage all the router functions gamers need most, including port forwarding, bandwidth limiting and network diagnostics, without having to use a web interface on their PC.

Mobile gaming without limits

ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 features support for ASUS AiMesh, which enables gamers to create a mesh Wi-Fi system by connecting other supported ASUS and ROG AiMesh to their network, letting them enjoy whole-home coverage with seamless roaming, synchronized features and centralized control. With an AiMesh network, gamers on mobile devices can enjoy the best gameplay experiences anywhere in the home and can move around freely without fear of dropouts.

ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 also features dynamic frequency selection (DFS) and MU-MIMO to further improve the gaming experience when connected via Wi-Fi. DFS unlocks the least congested channels within the 5GHz band, ensuring minimal interference for smooth and fast gaming. When multiple compatible devices are connected to the network, MU-MIMO ensures peak performance for each device, ideal when there are multiple gamers in one household or when inviting friends over to game together.


Rapture GT-AC 2900 – INR 23900


Amazon India. This models will also be available offline.


ASUS is currently the only company subjecting monitors to a two-stage certification process that entails in-house testing and subsequent validation by NVIDIA to guarantee compatibility with thousands of graphics cards. Eight ASUS monitors spanning a variety of screen sizes and resolutions have achieved full compliance, giving consumers more freedom to upgrade existing systems or team components for new builds. Both the monitors are compatible with AMD's FreeSync technology as well.

Designed for intense, fast-paced games, the 27-inch VG278QR, 24.5-inch VG258QR gaming monitors feature Full HD resolution coupled with an ultrafast 0.5ms response time and blazing 165Hz refresh rate to provide super-smooth gameplay. They also feature ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology to make objects in motion look even sharper, so gameplay is more fluid and responsive.

ASUS VG258QR and VG278QR all support gamer-centric features, such as ASUS GamePlus to enhance the in-game experience and GameVisual to provide various pre-set display modes that optimize visuals for different types of games.


VG258QR – INR 26500

VG278QR – INR 31500


Amazon India, Flipkart and MD Computers in Week 4 – July 2019. These models will also be available offline.

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