Anker Unveils Portable Charger with Power Delivery ‘PowerCore Speed 20000 PD’ for Rs. 6999/-

Anker Unveils Portable Charger with Power Delivery ‘PowerCore Speed 20000 PD’ for Rs. 6999/-

Anker announces its first Portable Charger to support Power Delivery output with 'Powercore Speed 20000mah PD'. The ultra-high capacity that brings faster and safer charging with signature Anker Technology.

Unlike a lot of USB-C portable chargers, PowerCore Speed PD series delivers unprecedented output for optimized charging. The Type C Power Bank Supports and Charges USB-C MacBooks and all other Power Delivery devices (USB-C to lightning cable required for iPhone 8).

The Ultra High capacity offers two-way fast charging & a conversion rate of more than 90% & packs almost 6 phone charges, 1 MacBook Charge and 2 IPad charges in your bag. That's a whole week of charging without needing to plug into the wall. The compatibility extends to 5V – 3A/9V, 2.6A/15V – 1.6A charging which allows you to connect & charge most laptops, smartphones, tablets and more.

The Speed series remains cool even under pressure, with its exclusive technology that controls the temperature when charging. If high temperatures are detected, then it automatically modifies power output to reduce heat. Supporting multi – protect Technology, the Power pack, assures maximum user and device safety at all times.

Fabricated with A-Grade li-polymer battery and the compact build, the monster capacity with no-frills design, is the right combination of being portable and powered. Built with ABS body, its sturdy design, makes it easy to carry during outdoor activities.

Available in shades of Black & White, the product is available with leading retail and ecommerce stores in India.

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