ADCTA Appeals Government to Take Notice on Challenges Faced by Traditional Partners

ADCTA Appeals Government to Take Notice on Challenges Faced by Traditional Partners

The Government has allowed various types of financial activities in the country from April 20 despite the lockdown. Government has exempted the e-commerce companies to continue their business operations. But due to this decision, offline retailers are feeling shattered as even they expect the government to listen to their issues faced by traditional partners. All Delhi Computer Trade Association (ADCTA) has requested the government to take urgent notice of their problems and announce some relief for the entire channel community.

Raising their concerns, Swaran Singh, Chief Secretary, ADCTA released a voice note to the media in which he mentioned all his grievances from the government. He said, "The Government of India has taken a decision that from April 20, E-commerce platforms will be able to sell the IT products and also can do home delivery. We at All Delhi Computer Trade Association (ADCTA) oppose this decision. A few days ago on April 14, Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has extended the Lockdown till 3rd May due to severe impact of Coronavirus. In a recent case in Delhi where a delivery boy who was tested positive in corona test, delivered the pizza to large number of home. And now around 70 families have been quarantined by the authorities."

"But even in this situation, the government has allowed the E-commerce companies to do home deliveries. So why did the government specially allowed the e-commerce companies to function in lockdown and deliver the orders to homes. This is extremely serious matter of concern. If the government wanted to do all this, then they should have tried to gradually open the retail market too in non-containment zones. Only giving this exemption to online companies is a wrong policy of the government. Retail shopkeepers are already suffering a lot of damage in this lockdown. At present, there is a big problem regarding rent, employees' salary and stock" stated Swaran Singh.

He also said that "No attention has been paid to this problem by the government and the government is endangering the safety of people by taking such a decision. We want the government to pay attention to our problems and listen to us."

All Delhi Computer Traders Association (ADCTA), Delhi is a registered Society, formed for the purpose of protecting and defending the legal and commercial rights of its member traders. The association keeps on working towards well-being of channel community especially at Asia's Biggest IT market, Nehru Place, Delhi. Currently Mahinder Aggarwal is president of ADCTA who are leading the association agenda through its thousands of members along with all office bearers.

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