WhatsApp Introduces Biometric Login Options For Android Users, Know More

WhatsApp Introduces Biometric Login Options For Android Users, Know More

WhatsApp, the biggest free messaging platform, has announced that very soon it is going to allow Android users to access WhatsApp accounts using biometrics passcodes like face unlock or fingerprint scanning, replacing SMS 2-factor authentication. The messaging platform disclosed on 16 Oct, that Android users can leverage passkeys to unlock their accounts. WhatsApp was experimenting with the Passkeys feature in its beta version.

Notably, the Meta-owned messaging app has not yet clarified whether the latest attribute is up for iPhone users or they have to wait. For Android users, the biometric unlock facility will be rolled out during the coming weeks or months.

On the social media app X, previously popular as Twitter, WhatsApp released a statement, “Android users can easily and securely log back in with passkeys only your face, fingerprint, or pin unlocks your WhatsApp account.”

Creating Passkeys On WhatsApp

Create a passkey on your WhatsApp account, by using these simple steps:

  • Take your Android phone, open your WhatsApp account

  • Go to Settings, then find Passkeys

  • Now open up “Create Passkeys”

  • Follow as suggested on the screen

Requirements For Enabling Passkeys On WhatsApp

To set the passkeys on WhatsApp, make sure your device is supported by Android 9 or newer and the app is updated. Also, you are required to have your Google account with a lock screen already enabled on your phone.

Another Feature Soon To Be Launched

WhatsApp is also expected to launch another feature to search for a particular message sent or received on a particular date. Well, the X announcement of the Passkey feature on WhatsApp indicates that, take a look:

For now, the Android users can cherish the additional security feature enabled on their devices. Now the wait continues to see how WhatsApp is going to help its users find a specific message from the ocean of messages on their accounts. Stay tuned…

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