Launches MySTENO App for Lawyers Launches MySTENO App for Lawyers

Taking its technological edge in the legal arena to the next level, the leading legal tech, tax and compliance services company, Vakilsearch has launched 'MySTENO', India's first speech-to-text web app for lawyers. With the aim to bring about refreshing ease, comfort and convenience in the busy lives of the lawyers, Vakilsearch has launched 'MySTENO' that can seamlessly convert a lawyer's voice into text at a blisteringly fast pace.

In MySTENO, it's a matter of minutes what it takes hours to type at a typical speed. 'MySTENO', a hands-free typist that can seamlessly convert a lawyer's voice into text simply types as you talk. Traditionally a 10-page document should take around 15-20 minutes to "MySTENO", as opposed to 1-2 hours to type at typical speeds. One can also voice command punctuations i.e, when you say comma it specifically inserts a comma and when you say jump to the next line it starts a new paragraph. Moreover, the App also lets one share the drafted legal document to friends & colleagues in seconds. It quickly converts voice drafts to word, or PDF and gives the lawyers a 100% keyboard free experience.  With such state-of-the-art usability, MySTENO is all set to bring about a sizeable difference in the way legal documents are drafted and transcribed in the country.

Mr. HrishikeshDatar, CEO, Vakilsearch said, "Nobody else understands the technological gaps in legal sector better than 'Vakilsearch', which remains committed to harnessing technology to empower the entire legal ecosystem with one-of-a-kind digital revolution. In line with our commitment to organise the professional service industries in India, we have unveiled MySTENO-the virtual stenographer, meant exclusively to help the lawyers make legal drafting quicker than ever before. STENO will now join LIBRA- The Advocate's App [Practice Management tool used by 20k+ lawyers] as a staple diet of every lawyer in India. It re-affirms our commitment to 'Legal is now Simple' for both lawyers and their clients."

Top of the line features of MySTENO by Vakilsearch:

  • Excellent voice-to-text software for lawyers
  • 100% keyboard free experience
  • It types as you talk and the tool is inbuilt with shortcuts
  • It allows the users to draft documents in minutes thus it saves tons of time
  • One can Voice command Punctuations as well
  • It's AI is deposited with 2000+ Legal abbreviation and Legal maxims for better legal drafting
  • It allows the userto convert the voice typed documents to Word or PDF
  • It also lets one share the drafted legal document to friends and colleagues in seconds
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