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Use This Top Safety Features to Make Your WhatsApp Experience Better



WhatsApp groups are a blessing for all. From buzzing family groups to coordinating with colleagues or planning a birthday party for a friend, WhatsApp groups make everything seamless and secure. On certain days though, we may have to deal with instances like being added to groups that aren’t relevant to us or receiving unverified forwards. Challenging as might be, users can take control of their experience by using various safety features available on WhatsApp to ensure they remain protected while communicating with friends and family.

Here are the top safety features you should start using now:

1. Block and Report: Unlike traditional SMS, WhatsApp provides a simple way for users to block accounts and make reports to WhatsApp if they encounter problematic messages in individual or group chats. We encourage users to report problematic contacts to us. In addition, we now provide the option for people to keep reported messages on their phones if they want to share them with fact-checkers or law enforcement officials.

2. Forward Limits: In addition to limiting highly-forwarded messages to one chat at a time, which has resulted in a 70% reduction in this type of content across WhatsApp, we have also introduced new group forwarding limits where messages that have the “forwarded label” can only be forwarded to one group at a time, rather than five. If you are not sure of the source of a message, don’t forward it.

3. Group Privacy Settings: On Whatsapp, only people with your phone number can add you to a group. WhatsApp’s group privacy settings and group invite system allow users to decide who can add them to groups. Don’t let anyone add you to any group without your permission. The three options let you choose – everyone can add you to a group, your contacts, or those you choose from your contacts.

4. Leave Group SilentlyWhen you choose to exit a group silently, it will not notify everyone in the chat thread but only the group admins. This feature aims to help users feel more comfortable about leaving groups they no longer wish to be in.

5. Admin control: By default, any group participants can send messages and change the group information including, the group subject, icon, or description. However, WhatsApp settings enable administrators to decide who can send messages within groups.

6. Fact checking on WhatsApp: In India, there are 10 independent fact-checking organizations on WhatsApp that help users to identify, review, and verify the information and help prevent the spread of misinformation on its platform. Additionally, WhatsApp enables its users to verify the information by texting The Poynter Institute’s IFCN WhatsApp chatbot to validate a message or information. WhatsApp encourages users to verify news that sounds suspicious or fake.

WhatsApp is an industry leader among end-to-end encrypted messaging services in preventing abuse and promoting online security. Committed to keeping you and your private messages safe, WhatsApp believes in empowering users with tools, features, and resources that help them make informed decisions and keep your communication safe and secure.

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Gizmore Introduces Unified App for Its Smartwatches and IoT Devices



Gizmore announced the launch of a unified app for all its smartwatches and IoT products. For this app, the company has joined hands with Tres Care. Tres Care is an AI-Based Health Tracking Solution and is on a mission to provide real-time access to health monitoring. 

At the onset, Tres Connect app will be available with Gizmore’s bestselling smartwatches – GizFit Slate and GizFit Ultra and will be available for all Gizmore smartwatches in the next few months. The app is now already available on Apple and Android App Store.

The smartwatch segment in India has been growing at an exponential rate. Gizmore is leading the pack with its top-of-the-line smartwatches that are priced for the masses. With its association with Tres Care, Gizmore aims to elevate the smartwatch experience for users and offer even more comprehensive data relating to their health and fitness. 

Commenting on the partnership, Nishant Goel, Director – Marketing, Gizmore, said, It has now become imperative for consumers to track their health. The new-age apps enable them to get real-time updates and make more informed decisions regarding their fitness. Our strategic partnership with TRES care will help us expand even faster in this segment and provide our users with better insights. We will soon make this app available for all our smartwatches and IoT devices. Along with providing expansive data and proactive health alerts, we have also ensured that this data is completely secure and not shared with any third-party apps”.

Gaurav Chiripal, Founder and CEO of Tres Care, said, “We are happy to collaborate with Gizmore, one of the fastest-growing smartwatch brands in India. Through our proactive health alerts, users can unlock the full potential of their smartwatch and lead a fitter life. Our endeavour is to enrich the users’ lives and switch to a healthy lifestyle”. 

Gizmore smartwatch, through the Tres Connect app, will also integrate DigiLocker enabling users to store all their health records and vaccination certificates in one place. To motivate people to stay committed to their fitness goals, Tres Connect also allows smartwatch users to share their vital health data with their trusted group of friends, colleagues or family members. Sharing milestones, achievements, and other data on popular social platforms is also available. 

Tres Care app is purely Made In India and the biggest USP is that all the consumer data is stored in Indian boundaries. This data is encrypted and segregated while stored on separate servers. Users can even ask the records to be deleted which given them the privacy rights. Separate user groups can be created for example you can monitor the health of entire family with this application. This application has proactive health alerts and you can monitor the changing patterns along through vital activity graphs. Basic hygiene features of sleep monitoring, call alerts and notifications, menstrual cycle tracker and sedentary reminder are also there.

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Koo App Rolls Out New Features, Know All Details Here



Koo App announced the launch of four unique new features. It now enables users to upload up to 10 profile pictures, save a Koo, schedule Koos and save drafts. Koo recently clocked 50 million downloads making it the second largest micro-blog available to the world. Present in 10 languages, Koo is currently being used by users in 100+ countries while it looks to invite a larger global audience to its platform.

Being an inclusive platform that is built around a language-first approach, Koo’s mission is to connect like-minded users in the language of their choice. Koo has been the innovator of language-based micro-blogging, helping connect 80% of the world that speaks a native language. Features like Multi-Language Kooing (MLK), translation ability, a language-enabled keyboard, topics in 10 languages, language translations, edit functionality, multiple profile pictures, up to 10 image uploads, longer video uploads and voluntary self-verification, makes the platform unique and provides its users the freedom to engage in meaningful and healthy conversations. In the near future, the platform aims to further announce a slew of features as part of its continuous effort to enhance the user experience.

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-founder, Koo, said, “We are very happy to announce new features to millions of our users. Some of these are a first in the social space. We are the first ones to enable users to upload up to 10 profile pictures. We’ve made it extremely easy for power creators to now save a draft and schedule Koos for a future date and time. Saving a Koo functionality is not available in any other micro-blog. Users have taken really well to these features. We are happy to have crossed the 50 million user mark on the back of these enriching features. We have a very user-focused culture internally and with our ears close to the ground, we will keep building best-in-class features that users need to express themselves and connect with each other.”

Feature details

10 Profile Pictures:

Users can now upload up to 10 profile pictures. These pictures auto-play when someone visits the user’s profile. It’s easy to change the sequence of these pictures with a drag and drop functionality.

Schedule a Koo:

Power creators can now schedule a Koo to a future date and time. This makes it easy for creators who like to pen down multiple thoughts in one go but schedule it for different times to avoid crowding the feed of their followers. Users can also edit or re-schedule a scheduled Koo.

Save Drafts:

Creators that want to keep working on a draft before posting it can use the save drafts functionality. It gives them the freedom to keep making edits before posting.

Save a Koo:

Users can now save a Koo instead of the usual reactions such a Like, Comment, Re-Koo or Share. Saved Koos are visible to the user only and available in their profile page. This is useful for users who want to refer back to their favorite or important Koos without having to react to the Koo. This feature is unavailable on any other micro-blog.

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Telegram Adds New Features in Its Latest Update



Telegram Messenger in its latest update has rolled-out Topics in GroupsCollectible Usernames, new interfaces for operating systems and more to enhance the user chat experience. Moreover, the platform brings some unique features for its premium users such as Voice-to-text for Video messages. Earlier, the premium users were only able to transcribe voice messages. A bunch of 12 new emoji packs have also been added to Telegram Premium.  The app has also released several interface-driven updates for Android, iOS and desktop apps.

In the latest blog by Telegram’s CEO & Founder, Pavel Durov wrote, “I
 feel particularly excited about today’s Telegram update. It adds topics to large groups, transforming these linear chats into slick mobile-friendly versions of good old Internet Forums.

Ironically, the very first popular internet service I built around 20 years ago was also an Internet Forum – a message board for students of my university, which eventually grew into the biggest student portal in the region.

16 years ago I again incorporated forums into the Communities section of VK, a social network I founded. Since VK was the most popular communication platform in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, tens of millions of people used the forum feature there.

I feel nostalgic about those times: I had yet to learn the skill of hiring engineers and designers back then, so I programmed and designed everything on my own, working 20 hours per day.

Today I am fortunate to have the best coding team in the world to recreate the forum experience for hundreds of millions across all platforms in a more modern, fast and accessible form. Telegram will now support organized conversations where thousands of people can concurrently discuss different subjects in the same group.

Topics today come packed with lots of features including the ability to close and pin topics, flexible notification options and lots of fun animated emoji to be used as topic icons. But this is just the start. Taking advantage of the two-week delay caused by Apple’s review, we have begun to expand these new threaded groups into something even more powerful.”

Topics in Groups

Telegram groups can support huge communities with hundreds of thousands of users. To keep these chats easy to read, groups with over 200 members can now enable topics and create separate spaces for any subject. Topics function as individual chats within the group – supporting their own shared media and notification settings. Members are free to chat on any topic of their interest, using all their favourite features like polls, pinned messages and bots.

This feature is intended specifically for large groups, adding new ways to customize their chats and promote discussion. Later this year, Telegram expect to introduce a different set of tools, tailored to small groups. If users want to give topics a test drive, try them out in this public group.

Group admins can enable topics in their Group Settings, and can control who is allowed to create and manage topics in Permissions. Telegram plans to release further updates that will bring more powerful tools for both admins and users of this feature.

Collectible Usernames

Telegram users can make it easy for others to contact them or find their public groups and channels via usernames. In addition to one basic username, users can now assign multiple collectible usernames to each of their accounts and public chats. The ownership of collectible usernames is secured by TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network. They can be bought and sold through a new platform called Fragment, enabling a simple and secure way to acquire and exchange valuable Telegram domains.

Collectible usernames work just like basic @usernames, they appear in Global Search results and have their own links that can be used outside of Telegram: and

Unlike basic usernames, collectible usernames can be less than 5 characters long – making it possible to get unique names like @news or @game. Once acquired, a user has full control over their collectible username, able to trade it or retain it for later use. Users can deactivate any of their collectible usernames by making them invisible in search results without losing the name.

Voice-to-Text for Video Messages

Since the launch of Telegram Premium, subscribers have been able to convert any voice message to text – for times when it’s more convenient to read than listen along. This update adds the same functionality to video messages, allowing Premium users to get an instant text transcript

New Emoji Packs

While thousands of users experiment with uploading custom emoji sets, Telegram artists have completed 12 new emoji packs. Premium users can use these emoji in any messages and captions – or set them as statuses for Halloween.

Redesigned Night Mode for iOS

Dark themes have been updated for users on iOS, making colours more balanced with better blurring effects as they scroll in chats and the chat list.

Resizing Text on Android

Changing the text size in Chat Settings on Android now increases the size of all chat text – including link previews, reply headers and more.

New Interactive Emoji and Reactions

For those times when our users are studying, sleeping or being suspicious, this update brings 4 new interactive emoji  that play full-screen effects in 1-on-1 chats and can also be used as reactions. Additionally, all users can celebrate the spooky season with 3 more reactions  in any chat.

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