Top 5 Companies Making Payment Systems Smooth

Top 5 Companies Making Payment Systems Smooth

The world is changing, and so is the way in which we spend our money. Instead of dealing in bulky cash, and then waiting for tendered change, we are doing online transactions. From the roadside hawker selling street food to the local kirana shop selling everyday necessities, to distant market shops that accept online transactions, it has truly become a digital world. However there is another aspect, the recurring payment system by business owners that is a boon to users. Ensuring steady sales every month, and disbursing salaries on time, it helps in timely payments, without human intervention. Have a look at the best companies that are making payment systems smooth at different spectrums.
The smart solution for recurring payments like bills, salaries, EMIs etc, is the answer to all those who forget to pay on time due to hectic schedules. As the payment is processed the same day, this B2B recurring auto debit solutions save time, money and effort and ensures there will be no late payment arrears charged to the business ever. With choices between ACH, UPI and cards, it enables payment through different gateways. The several digital touchpoints including Whatsapp, link push and portal enable this process. The direct interface with six banks is an added bonus.

Razorpay provides safe and secure payment gateways to the customers of e commerce businesses. In this era, it is not very difficult for scammers to create payment pages and con customers as well as businesses. Thus Razorpay ensures that such anti social elements are unable to get a foothold. This Indian founded company enables a business to accept payments from customers, process the transaction and automate payment to vendors and employees. This ensures that the money flow is always good and the business never runs out of working capital.

PayPal is a global brand with 400 million active users. It is the trusted name when it comes to payment service providers. Offering all the resources one needs in one convenient location, it has a variety of tools to run and expand the business. Connected with the business account, it enables easy payment. The best bit about PayPal is the fact that it accepts payment through online means, through the app and also by email. The wide number of users mean that it is acceptable easily, all across the globe.

A business needs capital from time to time, especially when the founders decide to scale it up. And there is a need for loans, and going to traditional banks for loan needs lots of documents and is a cumbersome process. Lending kart offers instant loans, which are processed in as little as 3 days. The collateral free loans need minimum documents, and a processing fee of 2-3% is levied. LendingKart has special offers for women entrepreneurs, and it is an added advantage for MSME, online business as well as capital loans.

Zest Money
Zest Money is for the salaried class, who get a fixed amount every month, and cannot afford to buy expensive necessities in one go. Zest Money allows the user to pay at the time of purchase and pay back in 3-4 easy installments. There is zero interest, no hidden charges, and no processing fee either. The quick approvals ensure that you don't wait for that new television that you have been eyeing. There are more than 85000 online and offline store partners, enabling one to shop as much as the user wants.

Consumers have a plethora of choices as they can choose the app and mode of payment according to the needs. There is a customised solution for businesses that need recurring payment, for small and big transactions as a consumer, for instant loans or a gateway for e commerce. And this is the reason why digital trade is flourishing and is the future as well.

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