Synergita Launches New App Feature ‘Core Values Rating’ to measure employees value adherence

Synergita Launches New App Feature ‘Core Values Rating’ to measure employees value adherence

Synergita recently announced the launch of 'Core Values Rating' – A first of its kind Mobile-app feature to track the health of the work culture.

This particular feature will help organisations to understand if its employees are aligned with the company's core values. Understanding and analysing these behavioral aspects will help the organizations to focus and build customised employee development and engagement programs. Insights received from the app will help the Human Resources team to design a core value orientation program focusing on specific segments. The app can also help determine how successful these programs are, through continuous feedback system and regulate the programs accordingly.

Performance of an employee can usually be measured by definitive targets. However, measuring the adherence towards the core values of an organization, which is an equally important aspect of performance measurement remains majorly untapped. Largely organisations portray honesty, integrity, customer commitment, open door policy, etc. as their core company values. This newly added "Core Values Rating" feature is an innovative mechanism to measure how employees demonstrate the core values.

Synergita's simple mobile app feature makes it an easy task. The core values of the company are to be listed and the peers will provide feedback and rating on the employee's adherence level for each core value. The rating can be given either in open or anonymous manner. It is secured and unbiased as it is a collective view.  There is no set limit on the frequency at which the peers can rate an employee. This allows organisations to capture any behavioral change with the most recent peer feedback. The aggregated rating shows the employee's core values rating – his/her adherence level of the company's core values.

"Organizational values define the work culture. Organizations should track both performance and personality of the employees.  We have combined the concept of 360-degree feedback and continuous paradigm for measuring the CORE Values.  This will greatly benefit the organizations to nurture employees", says Shankar Krishnamoorthy, CEO of Synergita.

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