Saving App magicpin Gets 1.6 Lakh New Users

Saving App magicpin Gets 1.6 Lakh New Users

magicpin recently launched a new campaign in a bid to acquire new users. The proposition was simple: Install the magicpin app, pay ₹1 with a credit card never used before on magicpin, and get a cash voucher worth ₹100 for India's top consumer brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Uber, Cafe Coffee Day, Wow! Momo, Titan and many more. The voucher could be redeemed at the websites of any of these brands via a coupon code. This simple proposition has netted magicpin 1.6 lakh new users in only six days. 

The objective of the campaign was to encourage new users to try the magicpin app by offering them a flat discount. The company aimed at acquiring at least 1 lakh new credit card users through the campaign, and overshot the target within days. The campaign turned out to be a resounding success as the brand acquired 50,000+ new users in the first two days alone, almost ten times the number of daily sign-ups. 

"As Indians, we love a good deal. magicpin is India's #1 savings app that gives #AsliSavings to users for buying from Bharat's local retailers that we have all grown up shopping at. Our goal is to give the whole country the benefit of saving on and discovering local retail with magicpin," said Anshoo Sharma, CEO & co-founder of magicpin.

magicpin's offer is open to all new users with only three main conditions. New users will need to use a credit card to buy the voucher, the credit card should never have been used on magicpin before, and it shouldn't be a prepaid/virtual credit card.

magicpin, India's #1 savings app has transformed the lives of over 1.5 lakh merchants by providing them with an online presence on while giving more than 5 million consumers the best shopping deals in their vicinity, notching up US$ 1 billion in sales.

It is India's best hyperlocal intelligence discovery app and provides customers with all the information about the best deals in their vicinity and rewarding them for their purchases. At the same time, it has helped offline retailers to create an omnichannel presence, critical for their survival in these challenging times.

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