Now Contact Social Media Influencers Directly with HashFame App

Now Contact Social Media Influencers Directly with HashFame App

In a bold move for the creator ecosystem, HashFame, the new exclusive app on the block allows agencies and brands to connect directly with over 70,000+ social media creators across 80+ categories. Say goodbye to crowded DMs and hello to streamlined collaboration.

HashFame: Bridging the Gap in Influencer Outreach

Navigating the complicated world of influencer marketing just got simpler with HashFame. No more struggling with the frustration of Googling for lists, only to end up in the void of Instagram DMs with no responses. HashFame eliminates this hassle.

With just a tap on your screen, you can effortlessly explore categories, sift through thousands of quality creators, and you're directly in touch with the creator or their designated manager. It's a clean and brilliantly simple solution that transforms the complex process of influencer outreach into a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Breaking the Norm: Direct Connections without Gimmicks

Most "Influencer Collaboration" platforms or apps, around 99% of them, tend to follow a similar gimmicky approach. After installing or signing up, you expect to engage with a creator and start working right away. However, more often than not, you're met with a message saying, "Our sales guy will call you back," introducing an unexpected hurdle.

HashFame asserts the ability to directly connect with 70,000+ vetted creators across 80+ categories. It's all about direct connections—tap to call or message on WhatsApp.

It's old-school, like the Yellow-Pages that used to exist,  but with a refreshing twist. Everything neatly organized, right on your phone.

The Exclusive-Club Vibe: Quality Over Quantity

With invite-only-access, HashFame is serious about the quality of agencies or brands it wants to allow inside. This isn't an app for everyone; Instead, it promises to deliver what niche influencer marketers desire: genuine, undiscovered creators who leave a lasting impact, fostering unfiltered connections. More like a secret club where all the good guys hangout, and being there is a noteworthy perk. The platform is particular about forming a focused network, bringing together professionals, both creators and marketers who value meaningful one-on-one interactions, away from the usual.

The Future of Influencer Marketing: No Pay-walls for Conversations

HashFame's approach to influencer marketing takes a different route, free from the frustrations of pay-walled conversations. Anirudh Sridharan, Head of Product & Growth at HashFame, explains, "We're dedicated to being a helpful friend to both marketers and creators. Our goal is to create a welcoming space for all marketers, irrespective of their brand or agency affiliations. HashFame prioritizes direct contacts, no tricks, just simple and honest connections. We're here to make things easier and bring everyone in the creator world a little closer together."

HashFame is paving a different route as compared to the existing solutions, tech or non-tech. It's a subtle nod to the frustrations of a brand custodian who just wants good relations and value from good creators.

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