Instagram Adds New Creative Tools For GenZ Consumers

Instagram Adds New Creative Tools For GenZ Consumers

At a product education session in Gurgaon today, Meta previewed several product features that would soon begin testing. This includes Birthday’s, Audio Notes, Selfie Video Notes, and Multiple Lists in Stories. These creative tools are meant to help GenZ consumers creatively express themselves on the platform. 

October 6th is Instagram’s birthday, and so the platform just turned 13 years old. In this context, the platform showcased 4 new features that would appeal to the GenZ audiences, and would soon start testing. 


Wishing people on their birthday is a common behaviour for young people on Instagram. So, this new feature will help people let their friends and followers know when it’s their birthday, and helps their friends celebrate them in fun ways, like stickers and confetti!

Audio Notes and Selfie Video Notes

Notes has become a favorite among young people, to easily share updates with each other. It’s one of the top ways teens communicate with their friends, right up there with DMs. Now, a couple of improvements will be added into the experience. 

·  Audio Notes - This will help you leave a voice recording as a Note. 

·  Selfie Video notes - This will allow you to  capture a short video that will loop in your Note for 24 hours. 

Multiple Lists in Stories 

This is a much requested feature. Now, you will be able to create more lists beyond just Close Friends. Soon you’ll be able to make lists for your different groups of friends, your family – whoever you want. 

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