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Indian Smartphone Users Spend over 1 Hour on Entertainment Content Everyday



Indian smartphone users spend 1.1 hours on an average on content related to entertainment every day. According to the total rate of content consumption on UC News Feed platform in India, Entertainment is the largest category in mobile content consumption for Indian users,accounting for 27.4%,followed by Sports and Lifestyle,which accounts for 18.6% and 13.8% respectively.

The report, jointly issued by Cheetah Lab from Cheetah Mobile and UC Media Lab from UCWeb,Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group, looks to throw light on consumption habits of Indian mobile users during the time span from January to September 2018, along with latest trends in the mobile entertainment industry.

Entertainment is the most consumed category on UC News FeedPriyanka Chopra ranks first in female celebrity popularity list

According to UC News Feed,Entertainment remained the most consumed category,followed by Sports and Lifestyle. Articles(texts and images) remain the main form of creation for Indian content producers, accounting for 88% of all entertainment content, whereas video accounts for over 11% of all content consumed. Looking at in-app consumption of UC Browser and UC News, articles retain the top spot with overall consumption accounting for 83.59%; and video consumption at 16.41%.According to Cheetah Data, gender ratio of Indian entertainment users is identical to that of Indian internet users, where men account for the majority with a ratio of 67.89%. And 80.36% of all entertainment users are young people under the age of 30.

According to consumption data as provided by UC Media Lab, King Khan ranks No. 1 on the male celebrity ranking, followed by Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh. The well-recognized Aamir Khan, a household name in China,has ranked 5th in the popularity list. Priyanka Chopra, who recently got engaged to Nick Jonas, ranks first in the female celebrity popularity list, followed by recently-married Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

Video Apps more popular than Social Media Apps with 1.2 times higher penetration rate; India has become the key battlefield for both Long Video and Short Video business

In a range of categories for Apps in India, active penetration rate of Video Apps ranks 3rd,only after Tools and Communication apps, with a much higher rate than that of Social Media Apps,which stands at 67.3%. With increasing popularity of smart devices and acceleration of network speeds, Indian users are fast shifting from traditional media to digital media for content consumption. Relatively speaking, Indian users prefer to consume online entertainment products than users in China and in the United States. India’s growing middle class, a large population of millennials, increased economic growth prospects, as well as rapid digitization are some of the factors leading this trend.

Movies and TV shows account for majority of content consumption in long videos. YouTube has a daily usage of more than one hour, and Hotstar of 55 minutes. Apart from video integration platform YouTube, which dominates the online video consumption, platforms with homemade content capabilities such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have also made India their key market, with number of Indian users gradually expanding in 2018.According to Cheetah Data, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have seen a significant rate of increase in user weekly active user penetration from September 2017 to September 2018, where Amazon Prime Video has tripled, and Netflix has increased by 6.8 times.Hindi remains the main language, accounting for 69.02% of content; English content accounting only for 6.37%; and the remaining 24.61% are users of vernacular languages.

2018 is a year where India’s short video products have massively appeared and flourished. According to Cheetah Data, there were only 5 short video Apps of an adequate scale in India last year. This year, there are 17 of them with a market penetration rate of 0.1% and above respectively. Majority of these App publishers are from China. The top four Apps, namely TikTok, Vigo, Vivavideo, and LIKE are Chinese distributors, and the fifth Clip has investments from China’s ShunWei Capital. Others such as KuaiShou and UC’s Vmate have also been developing well in India.

China’s short video distributors have highly valued the promising Indian market. 2017 was the first year when short videos were a major trend in China. The outbreak of short video consumption has spawned significant developments within apps, which has led to a hugely competitive environment. With the hidden potential in India’s market of 1 billion dollars, there is an opportunity for investors to seize the market, providing opportunities and room for future development. The rise of the short video content platform has also led to higher ranking of short video editing tools. Among them, five Apps including Vivavideo are short video tools, which means that user-generated short video content is gradually becoming more refined and professional.

The popularity of Football is second only to Cricket, beating the traditional sport KabaddiMS Dhoni more popular than Virat Kohli while the latter makes headlines more with Anushka Sharma

In view of video content consumption, by referencing to the data provided by UC News Feed, possibly due to male-dominated Indian netizens, cricket and sports-related content are at the forefront in terms of click-through rate; in which social events, music and cricket-related videos are all hot topics. Cricket is India’s most popular sport, which is reflected in the level of consumption of online cricket content.  Amongst India’s tier 1 sports apps, 6 of them are related to cricket, from which Cricket live stream and news product CricBuzz is the most popular among Cricket fans. Football comes in second as being the most favoured sports in India. Among the popular cricketers, MS Dhoni retains the top spot, followed by Virat Kohli. However, ViratKohli wins on another “battlefield” as the video of Anushka celebrating his 2nd Test Century topped the list of most viewed news with over 4 million page views, according to UC News Feed.

Note: The range of mobile entertainment for this report includes Long videos, Short videos, Sports, News, and other products and content excluding games.

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Paytm Offering Payment Gateway Services at Zero Transaction Fees to NGOs



Paytm announced that it is offering its Payment Gateway services at 0% transaction fees to all registered NGOs across the country, in an effort to help them secure maximum resources for swift, seamless, and smooth Covid Relief work. This service would be applicable on donations of up to Rs. 10 lakh. This move will help NGOs save lakhs of rupees in transaction fees, which they would be able to use for providing more aid and relief to those affected by the pandemic.
To help NGOs immediately start accepting all forms of digital payments, the company is offering instant account activation and same-day settlement facility along with zero charges on setup and maintenance. During these unprecedented times, the company wants to ensure that NGOs that are tirelessly working to help those affected by the pandemic by providing food, medicines, oxygen cylinders do not have to wait for 2-3 days to receive contributions made to them by aware citizens and companies. With the Paytm Payment Gateway NGOs are able to get the funds the same day so that they can immediately put the resources to good use.
The company is already offering its payment gateway services to few of the largest NGOs in the country who are doing commendable work in helping people during the pandemic. It is aiding several small NGOs in tier-II, tier-III and beyond cities to start accepting contributions digitally so that they have adequate funds. Over the last several weeks, the Paytm Payment Gateway has seen a 400% increase in donations to NGOs via its payment gateway.
Paytm Spokesperson said, “NGOs have always been an integral part of social welfare in India. During this ongoing pandemic, they have played an important role in helping millions of citizens get access to food, healthcare, monetary support among other things. We want to do our part in helping them perform their services better by ensuring that they are able to seamlessly, smoothly and immediately get access to funds. Our aim is to help NGOs serve millions of more people and contribute in saving many more lives.”

Paytm recently announced that Paytm Foundation will be setting up oxygen plants in 12-13 cities as hospitals across pan-India face oxygen shortage amid the tumultuous second Covid-19 wave.  These oxygen plants would be directly installed at hospitals, which would serve the oxygen needs for the entire hospital. Paytm Foundation, in association with AIF, Act foundation and Elevation Capital  is sourcing Oxygen Concentrators that would be sent to government hospitals, COVID care facilities, private hospitals, nursing homes among others.

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Top Google Play Store Alternatives for Android Users



World over individuals, institutions, and Governments are more aware of the role that technology plays in their lives. One aspect that we tend to overlook with our smartphone usage is our choice of store for apps. Here are the best options for Android users for other stores that ought to explore. 

Google Play Store

One of the first mobile app stores, Google Play Store was introduced in 2008 with a vision to target the Android market. We all know how successful and popular this app store is across the globe. On average, this store comprises 2,714,499 apps, with 3739 new apps being added regularly.  

Samsung Galaxy Store

Available to Samsung app users, the Galaxy Store comes with a minimalistic interface with two tabs on the home screen: games and apps. The store which previously contained themes, wallpapers, games, etc. has recently reshaped itself with more focus on app and content delivery in local languages. As a result, it now also provides a curated list of app, game recommendations, better gaming perks, and app-exclusive features and offers.

Indus App Bazaar 

Designed to help users discover new and trending apps in their preferred language, Indus App Bazaar houses over 400,000 apps in English as well as 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil and Bengali. Driven to support ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ initiatives, this app store aims to address the needs of Indian consumers using local and linguistic content. Indus App Bazaar has delivered 1 billion installs+ updates to over 100 million users.

Amazon App Store

Available on all Amazon Fire devices, the Amazon App Store is not just limited to these devices but is accessible to more. To make it more rewarding, Amazon has recently redesigned the store by introducing Amazon Coins, which is a virtual currency to buy apps on discount or for free. This is what sets this store apart from others.

OPPO App Market

Created for ColorOS devices, the OPPO App Market enables users to download all types of Android apps and games for free. The app market offers a wide array of apps that span across categories such as music, social, office, books, photography, health, etc. Both Oppo and Vivo, top Chinese players joined forces to launch this app store to allow developers to market their creations in overseas markets.

Xiaomi GetApps

Started as an online marketplace of apps for Xiaomi smartphone users, Xiaomi GetApps now supports devices from other manufacturers as well. The best part about this app store is that it offers all popular applications, including PUBG, VSCO, and more than that, it also has a section called ‘Today’, which comprises various useful and interesting apps that are updated regularly. 

Huawei App Gallery 

A perfect place to discover your next favorite apps and games, Huawei App Gallery offers a wide array of exclusive content, coupled with free welcome gifts, special in-game events, competitions, and prize draws to make app shopping more rewarding for users. Although it doesn’t have common apps like Zoom, Netflix, Facebook, and even WhatsApp, users don’t have to fret because the store has these apps in APK formats. So, nothing can stop you from using these apps anyway. 

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Times Music Signs Global Licensing Deal with Video Sharing App Triller



Times Music and viral music video sharing app, Triller – announce their global licensing partnership. Times Music is a dominant market shareholder in Punjabi, Bollywood, regional and independent music and this deal would result in making Times Music’s diverse repertoire being available for users of the Triller app, across the world. 

All of Times Music’s catalog, with over 56,000 songs is now available on the Triller app, for its massive user base to use the music to create short-form content. 

“Times Music’s diverse catalog and its dominating position in the Punjabi and regional marketplaces, gives Triller a significant advantage to navigate the length and breadth of the country. We are very thrilled to have our entire library on Triller,” said Mandar Thakur, COO, Times Music.

“Times Music, one of India’s leading record music labels represents cultural diversity of Indian Music covering prime languages, among many others. As always our goal is to ease creations and move forward to offer our users with an even larger pannier of music to create and share content with freedom” said Raj Mishra, GM, Triller India

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