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Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Bullying on Tiktok




The online space is a complex universe where excessive amounts of information packaged in various formats is exchanged at any given point in time. Expressing oneself creatively, connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing an array of posts that enlighten and educate people on diverse topics is what makes social media platforms a lively and vibrant place. There is, however, the bane of online bullying, which comes in various forms. From an unwanted derogatory comment to massive trolling filled with jibes, users have been at the receiving end of some serious threats across cyberspace. Practicing caution while using the app, and using appropriate restrictions is therefore a safe and smart thing to do.

Here are five ways in which users can handle unwanted interaction in the TikTok community.

  • Privacy is bliss: This is true for both your offline and online existence. Filtering out your followers empowers you to keep things clean and avoid any form of bullying. Choosing to make your account private gives you the opportunity to approve or deny followers and restrict your uploaded content to the ones you want to interact and connect with.
  • Duet it right:We know you love your duets! But practicing caution with creativity can shield you from unwanted company and reactions to your video. The app has an option that lets you decide who you want to make duets with. This can be further filtered with either choosing one setting for all your videos or make that decision for each video individually. Most importantly, TikTok empowers its users with letting them take the control of who can react to their videos.
  • Hit the delete button:While you do have an option to control who can comment on your videos in general by adjusting your privacy settings, there is always a chance of someone from your follower universe turning into a bully. In such a case, you can delete the comment posted on your videos by simply tapping and holding the comment and choosing “delete.” Furthermore, you also have the option to delete a fan at any time, or permanently block a user from being able to view your content or send you messages.
  • Support system:You must remember that you are not alone in the online world. If someone continues to harass you or is otherwise being inappropriate, even after you have modified your app settings, then you have the option of reporting them to our moderation team. The comment or situation will be reviewed, and appropriate action will be taken in case of a violation. Extending the support to the larger TikTok community, you can also help another user, who is being bullied. Parents can sit with their teens to help them manage their account settings and navigate their online experience holistically. Additionally, when all else fails and someone continues to pose a real threat to you or another user, immediately call the police or local law enforcement for help.
  • Disabling the download video: As a part of the “Privacy and Safety” settings in TikTok, there is a “Who can Download my Video” option. Here you can set the download options for your video which range from everyone, to nobody. This feature avoids any misuse of content.

As a part of TikTok’s ongoing commitment to online safety in India, it has also launched a video on its safety features that you can view here- TikTok’s industry leading safety features in India

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Toppr Adds Google’s Voice Command Feature for a Great Online Learning

NDM Network



Toppr is partnering with Google Assistant to resolve students’ doubts instantly and learn subjects’ concepts through voice search. This launch, pioneered by Toppr, is a first-of-its-kind in the Indian EdTech space. 

With this initiative, Toppr aims to leverage the Google’s voice command feature and provide easy access to Toppr Answr’s 1.6 million verified question answers to students. Toppr Answr, India’s best doubt solving platform, also comprises topic-wise videos, stories, concept cards, short 5-minute learning posts and much more. 

The Google Assistant feature has already been rolled out across 1 Billion+ Google Assistant compatible devices in India. Students can now instantly initiate a voice search with a simple “OK google” command followed by “Talk to Toppr Answr/ Ask Toppr Answr/ Speak with Toppr Answr” and find relevant answers from Toppr Answr’s repository. Toppr Answr is already accessible across 1 Billion+ Google Assistant compatible devices globally.

Elaborating on the rollout of the new feature, Rahul Shetty – VP Product Toppr adds, “Asking doubts is more natural than typing them out or taking pictures and uploading (them). Kids today are tech-savvy and it will be interesting to see them interact with voice assistants for their learning needs. Considering that the Google Assistant is on most Android devices, it was a natural fit for us. Toppr Answr already has 90+ million sessions/month on app & web. With Google Assistant, it has become more accessible”

Currently, Toppr Answr has upto 35 Million monthly active user base who can access answers to questions, short guides, learning content like videos, concept stories, shortcuts & tricks as 5 min posts. The future goal is to integrate these features on Google Assistant and make voice channel an integral part of every student’s learning journey.

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Chingari to Offer Indian Cultural Content on Its App in Partnership with OMTV

NDM Network



Chingari has partnered with OMTV, a newly launched OTT channel and the brainchild Blackboard Films. This will cater to the rising demands of the niche audiences to connect with Indian cultural programmes. Chingari will be able to provide its users with the OMTV programmes through their app. These varied programmes offered range from mythology & culture to food & history.  

Chingari’s collaboration is an opportunity to further engage with their users’ shifting tastes. The competitive Indian digital platform scenario is pushing Chingari to think out-of-the-box. This tie-up is their venture to be both Indian & original. OMTV has been launched online with the concept to make available knowledge that is Indian in every possible manner. It plans to showcase the diverse & rooted Indian philosophy. Chingari plans to give the programmes their own platform to its users. The collaboration is seen a natural progress to the evolving thought process of both the Indian apps. 

For Mr Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App, this exclusive collaboration is another way for Chingari to give its astute users a wholesome experience. “Chingari’s reach amongst young users, in particular, is big. And the extension methods in promoting talent & entertainment makes it a popular option amongst the users & collaborative brands. We always look forward to offering quality in terms of content. This partnership with OMTV is keeping this in mind.” 

“At Chingari, we are always creative in terms of our unusual offerings that resonate with our users. The OMTV content perfectly matches our beliefs. The Indian connection here revolves around India’s cultural heritage. And it connects to our users who are modern yet want to connect to their roots. This alliance will be a refreshing change for Chingari, OMTV and our users,” remarks Mr Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App. 

Nitin Jai Shukla, Founder & Managing Director, OMTV app, said, “OMTV is a humble attempt to showcase the diversity & deep-rooted philosophy present in the traditions of our nation. With “GYAAN BHI, GARV BHI” as the platform’s philosophy, we intend to offer varied content, from knowledge to culture and heritage to historical and mythological shows. Our partnership with one of India’s fastest growing short format video platforms Chingari in the first month of our launch is indeed exciting. Chingari is popular not only amongst youth but also in regions where people are rooted in culture. With our offering of an insight into our nation’s culture, this collaboration promises to be a distinct step towards making a positive impact by piquing on people’s curiosity to know more about Indian culture.” 

OMTV plans to capture the extent of India’s Sanatan Dharma and inform about it through storytelling & programmes in fiction or non-fiction format. It is evolving itself to spread its roots & introduce Indians to their heritage. Blackboard films, the parent company, have worked as producer & co-producer on mega shows shown on premium OTT platform & GEC channels.  

The partnership with OMTV will be another feather in the cap of Chingari’s attempt to be a global app with an Indian touch. 

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Koo Becomes #1 Hindi Microblogging Platform

NDM Network



Koo has become the place for conversations in Indian regional languages. Out of the 1 crore users on Koo, almost 50% (50 lakh) users interact in Hindi. Further, of the 52+ million Koos on the platform, nearly half are Hindi. By making available a microblogging platform in non-English languages, Koo has created the opportunity for people fluent in their native languages to participate and engage in online conversations. 

A Koo spokesperson said, “The majority of the Indian people communicate in native languages, leaving them out of the social media discussion, which is largely in English. As we aspire to bring the next billion users to the internet and remove the bias against non-English speaking audiences, Koo is on a mission to democratize the voice of India. Koo has created a space where Indians who are comfortable speaking their mother tongues can express their thoughts and ideas freely. The platform enables users to Koo in their preferred language and rest assured that a large part of their community will understand the context without explanation. Koo seeks to bring people and communities together using language as a uniting factor.” 

Conversations on Koo-Hindi range from social causes, political views, Bollywood, sports, current affairs, festivities, days of national importance, remembrance of National leaders, and other such campaigns. Based on a study of Hindi content on various microblogging platforms performed over a number of days and at various times, it was found that, on average, the number of Hindi posts on Koo is nearly double the number of Hindi posts on any other microblogging site. Further, the number of Hindi users on Koo has grown by 80% in the last 4 months, and the number of Koos in Hindi has doubled in the same period. 

As per various studies, the Indian internet user base is expected to reach the billion mark in the next 5-6 years. The Indian language internet users are expected to grow at a significantly faster rate than English users.  

Some Chief Ministers communicate only in Hindi

A few Chief Ministers of Indian states communicate only in Hindi on social media platforms. For example, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath (@myogiadityanath), and Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot (@gehlotashok) post only in Hindi. Seeking to reach out to their Hindi-speaking users, both Chief Ministers post in Hindi on the Koo App. In addition, Chief Ministers of other states also post in Hindi on Koo.

Politicians and celebrities are joining Koo to connect with the Hindi users

Prominent leaders and celebrities from India who now use Koo have seen an uptick in their follower base. Recently, West Bengal’s All India Trinamool Congress (@AITC) – the party of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee – created its official account on Koo. Shortly after, Tej Pratap Yadav of RJD also joined Koo. Similarly, Bollywood actors Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, and Shraddha Kapoor are among the large number of Bollywood stars who have recently created official accounts on Koo.

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