Chingari App and Boogle Bollywood Come Together to Entertain Cinema Lovers

Chingari App and Boogle Bollywood Come Together to Entertain Cinema Lovers

Chingari recently announced its partnership with Boogle Bollywood- a complete Bollywood and Pollywood entertainment channel for cinema and music lovers. The association was a strategic move by both the parties, taken to attract the Moviebuffs on Chingari app, with premium Bollywood music and content shared by Boogle Bollywood Entertainment. With an aim to entertain Chingari users with the latest Bollywood and Pollywood music, news and celebrity interviews, this association will surely be an instant hit amongst the users on Chingari App. 

The association will also focus on strategically developing branding strategies that maximize the growth for both brands. Boogle Bollywood is one of India's largest Digital Network music channels. With best info-entertainment, exclusive and latest Punjabi and Hindi content, the channel is all set to entertain the 130M+ users on Chingari App. Boogle Bollywood will share premium content like new song releases, music videos, trailers of upcoming movie and song releases, live Bollywood events, fashion and top celebrity interviews to attract Cinema lovers from all over India.

Mr. Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App said, "With an aim to always keep our users entertained, we believe our association with Boogle Bollywood would receive a great response from the users on our app, especially the cinema lovers. By bringing Boogle Bollywood on Chingari app, we are offering the users on our platform first-hand access to the latest bollywood and Punjabi news, music videos as well as interesting celebrity interviews that is sure to keep the love for Cinema and Chingari high at all times."

Mr. Gaurav Rana Sukhija, Founder and Director, Boogle Bollywood remarked, "We are very excited to join the Chingari family and entertain their users with our premium content. We are known for our Bollywood and Pollywood music and exclusive celebrity interviews that we are hoping will be a great hit for the Chingari users as well. With our collaboration with Chingari, we hope our music and Bollywood content will get a wider reach amongst the right target audience." 

Chingari has constantly been partnering with authentic brands that cater to the entertainment and creative needs of the Indian audience. It's a genuine effort to not just stay as the country's most loved social media app, but also be among the most valued platforms that caters to the user's entertainment needs.

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