A23 Launches New A23 Poker App, Flags Off New Brand Campaign

A23 Launches New A23 Poker App, Flags Off New Brand Campaign

A23 (Head Digital Works) announced the launch of its highly anticipated A23 Poker application. Designed to provide a skill-based and exhilarating poker experience, A23 Poker combines the thrill of real-money gameplay with innovative features never seen before in the industry. Upholding A23's commitment to security and player protection, this cutting-edge app incorporates the robust security measures and protocols that have become synonymous with the brand.

Poker enthusiasts can now dive into a virtual world where skill and strategy reign supreme, creating a dynamic and immersive environment unlike any other. All this while still playing responsibly with robust AI-driven features.

With the online real-money gaming industry in India experiencing remarkable growth, the launch of A23 Poker comes at an opportune moment. The Indian online gaming market has witnessed a surge in the number of online poker players, driven by the increasing popularity of the game and the accessibility provided by deep internet penetration. Recognizing this trend, A23 Poker aims to cater specifically to the Indian poker fans, offering a platform tailored to their preferences and requirements. As more and more players in India embrace online poker as a source of entertainment, A23 Poker stands ready to provide an engaging experience that meets their expectations. Standing firm on the company’s ‘Responsible Gaming’ initiative, the platform comes inclusive of best in class checks and balances to ensure a safe, healthy and secure gaming experience.

Vasu Merugu, VP - Product & Analytics, Head Digital Works said, “The new A23 Poker combines innovative features with robust security measures. With a seamless user interface, immersive graphics, a wide range of game variations and exciting tournament formats, A23 Poker offers an unmatched gaming experience. The product is aimed at users across India and offers unparalleled features that run seamlessly even on low bandwidth and budget mobile devices.  We prioritize the security and privacy of our players by implementing industry recognised encryption protocols to ensure their personal and financial information remains safe."

Speaking about the launch, Siddharth Sharma, SVP- Business Strategy, Head Digital Works said, "We are thrilled to bring another flagship product to the Indian skill-gaming eco-system. With this launch, our aim is to redefine the way Indians experience online poker. I am optimistic that our learnings from building and operating rummy profitably on the back of strong data analytics and responsible gaming features, will enable us to make A23 Poker our next big successful growth lever.”

In conjunction with the A23 Poker launch, the brand also released a new campaign featuring its brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan. The ad delves into the heart of poker, emphasizing the unique challenge, excitement and intensity that arises when players are truly tested on their skills and strategic prowess, showcasing the unparalleled experience offered by A23 Poker. The ‘responsible gaming’ film highlights the importance of setting budgets while playing real money online games. A23 Poker and Responsible Gaming films are live across all major OTT and OLV channels in Hindi.

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