Urban Company Collaborates with Blinkit for Quick Delivery of Native RO Water Purifiers

Urban Company Collaborates with Blinkit for Quick Delivery of Native RO Water Purifiers

Urban Company has partnered with Blinkit to deliver its newly launched water purifiers - Native M1 and M2 within 30 minutes to consumers. The two brands are together challenging the status quo of how consumers buy home appliances. UC believes its smart water purifiers, which need no servicing for at least 2 years, are disrupting an age-old industry which hasn’t seen much innovation in years. Similarly, Blinkit is confident that customers are ready to go beyond groceries and home essentials, and order home appliances from their app.

With the primary value proposition of "Delivery in 30 mins and installation in 3 hours," UC and Blinkit want to reimagine the cumbersome purchase and installation process associated with home appliances. Customers can now enjoy clean drinking water almost immediately after making their purchase decision. 

“The Native water purifier, launched by Urban Company in Oct 2023, is off to a good start with over 15,000 units sold in the past 4 months. Customers have come to see it as a stress-free product, needing no servicing for at least 2 years and offering 12000 liters of pure water without filter changes. They have also appreciated the smart integration of the water purifier with the UC app, which helps them track water quality and consumption. We are now excited to take the proposition to the next level by partnering with Blinkit and delivering the Native water purifier within 30 mins. With a superior product, Blinkit’s lightning-fast delivery network and expert installation by Urban Company technicians in 3 hours, we are confident of making a meaningful dent in the market.”, said Varun Khaitan, Co-founder and COO, Urban Company.

"We at Blinkit are thrilled to partner with Urban Company to introduce the Native water purifiers to our customers. We believe that customers want great products delivered to them rapidly. They are no longer willing to wait for 1-2 days for the product to arrive, and another 2-3 days for the installation to take place. The promise of a 30-minute delivery and 3 hour installation is powerful, and will set a new precedent for how consumers buy home appliances." said Albinder Dhindsa, Cofounder and CEO, BlinkIt.

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