Personalize Your Kitchen with Haier India's Vibrant Vogue Series of Glass Door Refrigerators

Personalize Your Kitchen with Haier India's Vibrant Vogue Series of Glass Door Refrigerators

Haier Appliances India announced the launch of its latest Vogue series, a colorful range of glass door refrigerators. This exciting addition to Haier India’s extensive product lineup offers consumers the opportunity to personalize their kitchen with a range of colorful Glass Door refrigerators. With a focus on aesthetics, design and versatility, the new series features a wide array of options, including 2-door convertible Side by Side, 3-door convertible side-by-side, top and bottom-mounted refrigerators.

The new Vogue Series revolutionizes refrigeration by offering homeowners the opportunity to express their style while enjoying Haier India's renowned performance and reliability. The new series stands out with its diverse range of colors and designs, allowing customers to select the perfect match for their unique preferences. These premium refrigerators feature a sleek glass finish in various color options like Black White, Grey Onyx, Black Yellow, Cream Pink, and Yellow Grey, Peach Nyanza, Parrot Green, Russet Grey, Rose Blue and many more. This series ensures that homeowners can find a refrigerator that complements their kitchen decor and living room ambience.

Commenting on the launch of the new Haier Vogue series, Mr. NS Satish, President, Haier Appliances India said, "In line with the market trends, Haier India has always been committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance our customers' lives. We focus on bringing the best-in-segment products across categories driven by well-researched methodology, latest technologies and efficient manufacturing capabilities. With our presence in the Indian market for over two decades and the introduction of our Vogue Series, we are taking personalization to a whole new level. We understand that our customers want appliances that not only perform exceptionally well but also reflect their individual style. Thus, we are confident that the feature-packed and versatile series will offer customers a truly personalized refrigerator experience combined with cutting-edge technology."

Premium Aesthetics, Attractive colorful Glassdoor, Futuristic Design 

The refrigerators come with a premium glass finish to complement the Indian kitchen space and have multiple aesthetic appearances – Grey Onyx Glass and Black white glass, Black Yellow Glass, Yellow Grey, Cream Pink and many more. These designs have been selected to innovate the contemporary Indian kitchen space.  In addition to the aesthetics, the new series boasts advanced features and technologies that redefine convenience and efficiency.

Magic Convertible Zone

With the convertible feature, customers get more storage capacity as they can convert a portion of the freezer space into extra refrigerator space. Vogue side-by-side convertible refrigerators have a Magic Convertible Zone which enables you to set different temperatures for different cooling zones.  The new range of refrigerators keeps in mind that different foods have different temperature requirements for storage. And even though the ideal temperatures for different foods may vary by only a few degrees, those differences can make a huge impact on flavor, freshness, and texture. Designed to smartly cater to versatile storage requirements of different food items, the magic convertible technology helps in setting optimum temperature basis your requirements.

Triple Inverter and Dual Fan technology

Haier's advanced Triple Inverter Technology allows more energy savings and reduces noise. The innovative Dual Fan Technology allows multiple air flow in the refrigerator to keep different food items stored in the refrigerator fresh for a longer period, while also retaining their original flavors, smells, and textures. The new range of refrigerators come fitted with a smart display that operates easily to set temperature and different modes. Moreover, the ‘connect home inverter’ feature sets up a connection with the home inverter automatically during power cuts to ensure continuous cooling.

Digital Display Panel

The digital display panel helps to optimize temperature and freezer settings from outside without opening the door. With the help of the digital display panel, the freezer will automatically maintain the selected temperature level.

Deo Fresh Technology

Moreover, Haier refrigerators are equipped with Deo Fresh Technology, which gives consumers 360° cooling, absorbs odors & impurities and can maintain freshness for up to 21 days.  It keeps veggies clean and green, and fruits cool and crunchy, amongst other things.

Price, availability, and Warranty

  • Haier’s Vogue Series refrigerators come with an assured warranty of 10 years on the compressor and fan motor & up to 2 Year warranty on the product

  • The new series will be available at a starting MRP of INR 51,890 for the bottom-mount range, INR 58,990 for the top-mount range, INR 1,24,490 for 2- door convertible side by side and INR 1,51,290 for 3-door convertible side by side

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