Haier Introduces Super Heavy-Duty Air Conditioners with Hexa Inverter Technology

Haier Introduces Super Heavy-Duty Air Conditioners with Hexa Inverter Technology

Haier Appliances India, the No.1 global major appliances brand for 15 consecutive years, launched its latest range of Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners. Featuring Hexa Inverter and Supersonic cooling technology the new range is equipped to deliver a 20 X faster cooling experience and enables 65% energy savings.

Haier India continues its dedication to crafting customer-inspired innovations while adapting to their evolving needs. The new range sets a high standard in the industry as it pivots on advanced features like HEXA Inverter Technology, Supersonic Cooling in just 10 seconds, Frost Self-Clean Technology and Intelli Convertible 7-in-1. Catering to the demand for rapid cooling in the summer and prioritizing the customer's comfort, the new range seamlessly integrates innovation, design, and energy efficiency. 

Commenting on the launch, Mr. NS Satish, President, Haier Appliances India said, “At Haier, we believe in designing products powered with innovative technologies that make our customer's life smarter, convenient and comfortable. India experiences extreme weather conditions, especially the harsh summer season. Keeping these conditions in mind, we have designed the new range of Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners to ensure optimum cooling in extreme temperatures and even take care of energy efficiency with Hexa Inverter technology to maximize comfort, reliability, and performance. We are geared up to cater to the evolving consumer demand and aiming for a double-digit growth trajectory in 2024."

“Over the years, Haier's air conditioner category has witnessed significant growth, owing to its innovative features and reliable performance. With the introduction of its new range, Haier aims to strengthen its position and drive growth in the air conditioner category in India, Mr. Satish said.” 

HEXA Inverter Technology 

The new range air conditioners feature Full DC inverter technology, known as HEXA Inverter Technology, offering powerful performance and improved efficiency across a wide operating range. With enhanced cooling capabilities and long-lasting durability, the air conditioners are designed to withstand India's harsh summers. The new range delivers efficient performance even in extreme temperatures, ensuring comfort while saving energy. Compared to conventional air conditioners, these consume significantly less power, saving up to 65% energy. This technology is a boon for Indian consumers during the scorching summer months, providing reliable cooling without breaking the bank on electricity bills. 

Supersonic cooling in 10 seconds 

One of the key highlights of the new air conditioner range is the Supersonic Cooling feature which delivers a 20X faster cooling experience than conventional air conditioners. The new range is engineered to provide efficient cooling even in the intense heat of Indian summers, reaching temperatures of up to 60 degrees celsius.

Frost Self-Clean Technology  

The new air conditioners deliver healthy and clean air, in line with Haier's commitment to Indian customers' well-being. The Frost Self-Clean Technology in the entire inverter air conditioner range ensures 99.9% sterilization, and clean air circulation within just 21 minutes.

20-metre-long airflow 

Haier’s new range of air conditioners ensure powerful cooling for Indian households. With an efficient 20-meter-long airflow, cooling swiftly reaches every corner of the room.

Intelli Convertible 7 in 1 

The Intelli Convertible 7 in 1 smart convertible feature enables users to adjust the cooling capacity of the air conditioners according to their needs. Additionally, the Intelli Pro Sensor offers self-adjustment for optimal performance, empowering users to select the tonnage of the air conditioner based on their requirements, leading to increased energy savings.


The new range features high ambient performance, with a special design and effective conformal coating that shields appliance components from external elements, ensuring long-term performance. The Super Anti Corrosion feature guarantees durability, while the inclusion of a Hyper Printed Circuit Board (PCB) ensures stable operations, enhancing the longevity of the air conditioners.

Price and availability 

  • The Haier Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners will be available at all leading electronic stores at a starting price of INR 49,990

  • As part of the launch offer, Haier is providing a 5-year comprehensive warranty including gas charging worth INR.15,990, cashback offers up to INR. 8,000, free standard installation worth INR 1500 and compressor warranty for 12 year

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