Experience Perfect Cooling with Whirlpool's New 2024 AC Range Featuring 6th Sense IntelliCool Technology

Experience Perfect Cooling with Whirlpool's New 2024 AC Range Featuring 6th Sense IntelliCool Technology

Whirlpool of India has launched its new 2024 AC range, powered by 6th Sense IntelliCool Technology, for the perfect cooling experience at the press of a single button. This technology intuitively senses and adapts to consumers' needs to make their everyday moments truly delightful.

The unique 6th Sense IntelliCool Technology provides premium personalised cooling experience using smart sensors & advanced algorithms that intuitively sense changes in the environment & weather conditions to dynamically adjust temperature, humidity, airflow and direction of air. Thus delivering optimal comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency

Mr. Kumar Gaurav Singh, Vice President-Marketing, Whirlpool of India said "Understanding the consumer’s demand for a new-age technology that enhances their cooling experience, we at Whirlpool are proud to introduce the new 2024 AC range, designed to provide unique and smart technology for everyone’s specific needs and preference. This launch will set a new benchmark in the air conditioning industry in India for its efficiency, advanced technology, and product features.Our goal is to continuously innovate to provide an unparalleled comfort and convenience to our customers making them brand loyalists.”

The Whirlpool 2024 Air Conditioner Range stands out with the following features:

Unparalleled Personalised Comfort

  • 3D Air modes:  Featuring personalised air modes like Focused Air Mode for quick and intense cooling, Diffused Air Mode for a gentle breeze that cools the room without harshness on the skin, and Sweep Air Mode for uniform cooling across the room with a 4-way swing.

  • 3D Cool technology: Designed with unique 3D air vents that facilitate rapid removal of hot air from the room. Resulting in quick and powerful cooling even in extreme temperatures as high as 55°C*.

  • Xpand* technology: Enables you to instantly convert the cooling capacity of your AC according to your changing cooling requirements. Convert the capacity of your AC in 5 different steps starting from as low as 47% that saves maximum energy to as high as 110% when you need it the most.

  • Intellisense Inverter Technology: The latest compressor technology ensures powerful optimised cooling with maximum energy efficiency, thus providing an unmatched performance.

Advanced Cooling through 6th Sense IntelliCool Technology:

  • Optimal Comfort: With the unique 6th Sense IntelliCool technology, it intuitively senses and manages the temperature, humidity & air circulation to give you perfect comfort at the press of a single button.

Whirlpool, with its vision of delivering everyday care through its household appliances, has once again introduced a premium product to enhance the user experience. The brand has consistently adhered to industry safety standards, providing efficient and durable products, thereby establishing trust amongst its customers. Whirlpool, through its innovative appliances, makes partnerships with homemakers around the world by helping them take care of the people they love. 

Availability: The Air Conditioner Range 2024 is available at https://www.whirlpoolindia.com/ at a capacity available from 1 ton to 2 ton in 3 star and 5 star energy rating respectively.

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