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“We Want to be The Statement Gadget for People From Every Walk of Life”

In Year 2019, we saw AVITA entering into the Indian market with an eye on to tap young customers by offering them excellent designed and high performing laptops. Within a year, brand has already made their presence felt in the Indian PC market. Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director (South-Asia), Nexstgo revealed their overall journey and future plans for the Indian market in a recent interaction with Telecom Today. 

Q: How has been growth journey of AVITA so far in the Indian market?

A: The journey has been pretty exceptional. We have been stepping on from one milestone to another. We have begun to settle in a groove here, and we have made some great inroads into the market. We are being noticed and we are already making a name for ourselves. In terms of giving importance to Indian market, I would say, a lot! The sheer size of the market is staggering. The largest population of youth in the world and still growing. I would say India is, right now, the place to be for any business in the world.

Q: How are you expanding into the IoT product segment?

A: Currently we have two distinct innovative products in the market, Smart Scale and Smart Mirror. The IoT segment is still a little circumspect in India, so we are a tad cautious but also pressing for innovation. The awareness and acceptance for such products is still in works in the market. We are trying to ensure not only the availability of high end, game changing IOT products but also educate the market about them.

Q: How do you the importance of channel partners for your business growth?

A: I think the offline channels are as important as online channels. We Indians still enjoy our shopping trips. Like everything it is an event for us a festival. We want to look, touch, feel and assess the product. And, AVITA is working every day to provide every possible option to make the customer experience assuasive. We are expanding our reach every day. We are reaching the customers whether it is offline or online and we are adding value to the experience at all times whatever the platform maybe. And, then there is that old desi adage, ‘if the thirsty can’t go the well, the well must go to the thirsty.’

Q: What is your target for the brand to achieve by 2020?

A: We are launching new models. We want to be “the’’ luxury laptop of India. We want to be the statement gadget for people from every walk of life. The young, the old, the business people, basically everyone who wants or needs a gadget. AVITA was conceived as a bold experiment in the world of technology. We want to gift this boldness to everyone. We want to get our IOT products in every home and enable people to personalize their gadgets and technology experience. We are not just selling isolated products. We are selling complete technology ecosystems. We are selling experience. We will be working on better brand awareness and recognition both offline and online. We strive to be in the very nook and cranny of the country.

Q: How do you assure to provide best service support experience to your loyal customer base across India?

A: Our 165 service centers are in every nook and corner of India providing exemplary services to our customers. We provide on- site support for our consumer laptop range along with 2 years warranty. We have a dedicated toll-free hotline as well as WhatsApp chat support in order to stay in touch with our customers all the time. We are also active on all major social media handles where we continually interact with our customers. We believe in total customer satisfaction. And, we have ensured every measure on every possible channel that the customers get a great experience. We strive not only to provide just a service but a holistic familial experience to our customers.

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